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"In the Guard, we have a saying: Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged."
Jaller, Mata Nui Online Animations

Ta-Koro Guard
Headquarters Ta-Koro (formerly)
Ta-Metru (formerly)
Leader Jaller (formerly)
Goals Protect Ta-Metru (formerly)
Allies Toa Nuva
other Metru Nui Military forces
Enemies Teridax
infected Rahi
Status Active
Pronunciation TAH-koar-OH[1]

The Ta-Koro Guard, and later Ta-Metru Guard,[2][3] was a military organization led by the Ta-Matoran Jaller (given the title of "Captain of the Guard") that defended the village of Ta-Koro during the Great War, and later defended Metru Nui after the Matoran returned there.


The Guard announcing a state of emergency in Ta-Koro

The Ta-Koro Guard was formed to defend the village from Rahi that were under the control of Makuta Teridax's infected masks.

The Guard's main objectives were defending the Koro, exploring Mata Nui, and fighting Rahi in various locations across the island. A few Matoran patrolled the entrance of the village while others maintained an outpost at the North March which was accessible by a Cable Car defended by another member of the Guard. The members of the Guard at the North March were incapacitated by Teridax's forces towards the end of the war.

The other active military forces on Mata Nui at the time were the Ussalry, the Gukko Bird Force, the Sanctum Guard, the Ga-Koro Guard, and the Po-Koro Guard. The Ta-Koro Guard kept in touch with these other Military factions, helping the Po-Koro Guard during the Po-Koro Epidemic by searching for Toa Pohatu, trying to persuade the Ussalry to spare a regiment to Kini-Nui to protect the Toa Mata, and sending Takua to find what had happened to the Sanctum Guard. The Guard often carried out scouting missions for other Koro as well.

During the thousand years of the Great War, the guard participated in several battles, including a battle in which the Charred Jungle was destroyed, one in which the guard took two days to fend off a Muaka threatening Ta-Koro, a costly exchange where many guard members and the Tren Krom Break were lost to battle with Infected Rahi, a Rahi hunt shortly after the arrival of the Toa Mata, in which Toa Tahu was captured by accident, and the Battle for Kini-Nui.

A guard's Ensign

During the Bohrok attack on Mata Nui, Vakama instructed the Guard to help protect Ga-Koro which was beset by Pahrak swarms, in whatever circumstances there were. They later returned to Ta-Koro after the Bohrok were defeated.

The Ta-Matoran were unable to protect their village's Suva against the invasion of Tahnok-Kal to steal Tahu's Nuva Symbol, despite their effort to do so.

A guard's weapon

In spite of its great history of victories the Guard was unsuccessful in defending Ta-Koro against the destructive power of the Rahkshi, and was scattered after Ta-Koro was destroyed. The Guard was reformed on Metru Nui as the Ta-Metru Guard,[2][3] where it was led by Jaller until his departure for Voya Nui. A new Captain of the Guard was later appointed.

Vakama set several members of the Guard to watch over the Kanohi Vahi beneath the Coliseum. Shortly before the Siege of Metru Nui, however, Voporak stormed the city and incapacitated these Ta-Matoran before making off with the Vahi.

After Teridax took command of the Great Spirit Robot containing the entire Matoran Universe, a troop of Ta-Matoran evaded capture by Rahkshi and tried to escape back to the island of Mata Nui via the Maze of Shadows. The troop of Ta-Matoran eventually died.

Despite the destruction of Ta-Metru in the Battle of Bara Magna, the Ta-Metru Guard remains active.


The main weapons of the guard were bidents, shields, and disks, which were used to attack enemies from a distance. While defending Ta-Koro from the Bohrok swarms, they used Boxors made in Onu-Koro. Guards wore badges called Ensigns to indicate their membership. They also used horns to signal arms.

Known Members


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