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"May your Crab ride swift and true!"
Onepu, Mata Nui Online Game

Headquarters Onu-Koro (formerly), Onu-Metru (formerly)
Leader Onepu
Goals Protect Onu-Metru (formerly)
Allies Toa Nuva, other Mata Nui Military forces
Enemies Teridax, infected Rahi
Status Active
Pronunciation uss-SUL-ree

The Ussalry was an Onu-Matoran-run Military force that formerly defended Onu-Koro, and later Onu-Metru.


The Ussalry was founded during the Great War to defend Onu-Koro against the threat of Teridax's Infected Rahi. The organization was commanded by Onepu, who had the title as "Captain of the Ussalry". Prior to the arrival of the Toa Mata, the Ussalry found itself battling Kofo-Jaga. When Onu-Koro was stricken by a Lightstone shortage, the resulting darkness encouraged Rahi attacks, forcing the Ussalry to become more vigilant.[MNOG, Ch. 5]

After Lightstones were mined once more, the Rahi began attacking in greater numbers, and Onepu was unable to spare a single Ussalry regiment to assist the Ta-Koro Guard.[MNOG, Ch. 7] Infected Rahi amassed beneath Onu-Koro in caves, and the Ussalry defended their village[MNOG, Ch. 8] until the Rahi retreated. The Ussalry then headed toward Kini-Nui to assist in the battle. They arrived in time to save the Chronicler's Company from Infected Rahi,[MNOG, Ch. 9] whom the Ussalry defeated with Bamboo Disks.[citation needed]

The Ussal Crab Stables

The Ussalry faced Kofo-Jaga and Makika that were driven from their habitats during the Bohrok Invasion.[WoH, Ch. 6] Later, they used the newly invented Boxor to defeat a group of Nuhvok in Le-Wahi and liberate Turaga Matau and the Le-Matoran who were under the control of Krana.[BOA, Ep. 4]

The Ussalry was ultimately unable to save Onu-Koro from Teridax's Rahkshi, who destroyed the village. This forced the Ussalry and the other Onu-Matoran to evacuate.[B:MoL] The Matoran of Mata Nui then relocated to Metru Nui, where the Ussalry guarded Onu-Metru.[citation needed]

Despite the destruction of Metru Nui in the Battle of Bara Magna, the Ussalry remains active on Spherus Magna.[citation needed]


A Bamboo Disk

Ussalry members used Ussal Crabs as mounts[MNOG, Ch. 9] and later the Boxor.[BOA, Ep. 4] They wield Bamboo Disks for defense, which they strap to their backs when not in use. The Ussalry also held torches or Lightstones while they patrolled Onu-Koro.[MNOG, Ch. 5]

Known Members