Ignalu Lava Surfing

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Ignalu Lava Surfing
Matoran Game
Equipment Lavaboard
Location Tren Krom Break (formerly)
Pronunciation igg-NAH-loo

Ignalu Lava surfing is the name used to refer to lava surfing popular in Ta-Koro. Participants used Lavaboards to travel rapidly across the flows. Winners of this competition received a Copper Mask of Victory. The Tren Krom Break was the site of numerous Ignalu competitions.

Storyline Information

When traveling through Ta-Koro on his quest for the Toa Stones, Takua had to face the champions in a game of Ignalu Lava surfing.

When the Matoran of Mata Nui moved to Metru Nui, it is unknown what became of Ignalu as there were no natural lava flows there; it is similarly unknown whether the sport has been resumed on Spherus Magna.



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