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Toa Mata Kopaka using a Noble Mahiki
Associated Kanohi Mahiki

Illusion is a power allowing users to distort targets' perception of reality. Some users can construct false stimuli in their environment, while others can directly project false sensations into targets' minds.

Types of Illusion

Species Wielders

Spherus Magna

Annona's species - through their Psionics-based abilities.


  • Sisters of the Skrall were given psionics-based powers by Annona, which included illusion. After Annona was forced to leave the planet, their powers were taken with her as well.

Matoran Universe



  • Toa of Light can create optical illusions as solified light holograms.
  • Toa of Psionics can cast illusions that can fool all five senses, but not technological systems, and induce dreams and nightmares.


  • The Bahrag can cast illusions.

Gate Guardians - Projects a smaller image of themselves which mimics their movements while their real bodies remains invisible.



All of the following beings have/had the power of Illusion:

All of the following objects have/had the power of Illusion:

  • The Kanohi Mahiki and any user of one
  • The Kanohi Ignika - created a physical manifestation of itself to test Matoro and gave visions to Dekar
  • The Kanohi Olisi - projected a vision of an alternate future into the opponent's mind(formerly; now destroyed)[1]

All of the following locations are/were affiliated with Illusion:


  • The Kanohi Rode can be used to counter illusions.[2]
  • Although illusion is most commonly associated with Psionics, it is not necessarily a sub-power of Psionics.


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