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"If you are truly about to face great trouble-danger on behalf of Mahri Nui ... we would be honored to call you Toa Mahri."
Defilak, Prisoners of the Pit

Toa Mahri
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Toa team
Headquarters Mahri Nui (formerly)
Metru Nui (formerly)
Leader Jaller
Hewkii (deputy)
Goals Retrieve the Ignika to save Mata Nui (formerly)
Protect Metru Nui (formerly)
Remove Teridax from power (formerly)
Serve the Skakdi (formerly)
Allies Matoran
Toa Nuva
Toa Hagah
Order of Mata Nui
Enemies Gadunka (formerly)
Piraka (formerly)
Nocturn (formerly)
Teridax (formerly)
The new Hydraxon (formerly)
Golden-Skinned Being
Status Active
Matoro: deceased
Others: alive
Pronunciation TOE-ah MAH-ree

The Toa Mahri are the former Toa Inika, transformed into sea-dwelling heroes by the Kanohi Ignika. After being changed into amphibious beings by Matoro using the Mask of Life, they became guardians of Metru Nui and later took part in the resistance against Teridax. They were temporarily entranced by the Golden-Skinned Being and made to serve the Skakdi, but have since been freed.


Mahri Nui

The Toa Inika being transformed into the Toa Mahri

After their conflict with Vezon, Axonn opened a secret passage for the Toa Inika to descend through the Cord to pursue the Mask of Life.[1] While the Toa Inika journeyed down the Cord, an enormous Venom Eel began to squeeze and fracture the Cord. The Toa Inika exited through a crack and into the Black Water of the Pit, where they were met with an explosion of light and energy from the Kanohi Ignika that transformed them into aquatic forms. Their Kanohi and Toa Tools were likewise transformed into new forms with different abilities. The Toa in their new forms later fought the mutant Venom Eel, which Hewkii defeated by using his new Kanohi to send the eel crashing down to the seafloor.

The newly transformed Toa reached the underwater city of Mahri Nui, where they encountered the city's Matoran. At first, the Matoran of Mahri Nui were skeptical of these Toa due to their goal of obtaining the Ignika, a goal the Barraki had in common, and refused to let them into their underwater city. In order to gain their trust, the Toa agreed to defeat thousands of Keras crabs swarming in the Fields of Air. Matoro was left to negotiate with Defilak. After Hahli negotiated with Carapar to withdraw his Keras crabs, Idris reported to Defilak that the Toa Mahri appeared to be partners with the Barraki. The Matoran turned on Matoro, who fled the city.

At the Fields of Air, the other Toa were captured by the Barraki. The Barraki imprisoned the Toa in caves and stationed Rahi from their armies to guard them. The Toa each managed to escape their caves and began looking around. Hewkii and Nuparu discovered an artillery room of the Barraki and stole the Cordak Blasters held there to arm the team. The Toa then returned to Mahri Nui, where Hahli threatened Defilak's life to prove that the Toa did not want to kill the Matoran. Defilak, convinced that the Toa Mahri were going to fight the Barraki and defend the sunken city, gave them the name "Toa Mahri."

Matoro was quickly captured by Hydraxon, who was convinced that he was a former prisoner of the Pit. Hydraxon imprisoned him in the Pit under the care of Maxilos, secretly controlled by Makuta Teridax. Once Hydraxon had left, Teridax revealed himself to Matoro and freed him.[2] In the ruins of the inner Pit, Teridax blackmailed Matoro into assisting him with a scheme to recreate the Nui Stone.[ItD, Ch. 2]

The Toa Mahri split up to search for the Mask of Life. Each encountered the Barraki, who believed that the Toa had stolen the mask, and turned them against one another. After a series of skirmishes, all the Toa except Hahli returned to Mahri Nui, where a Matoran reported that Hahli had been seen leading Mantax's army of rays. The Toa Mahri left the city to try and track down Hahli.[2]

The Toa Mahri in BIONICLE: Toa Mahri

The team found Hahli weakened after a battle with Hydraxon and Mantax, and she informed them that Mantax had stolen the Kanohi Ignika. Matoro also informed the Toa that in order to save Mata Nui's life, they had to return Voya Nui to its original position by destroying the Cord, destroying Mahri Nui in the process. The Toa evacuated the Matoran from Mahri Nui and took them to the caves under Voya Nui for protection. On their way to the caves, they were ambushed by the mutated Piraka, who threatened to kill all of the Matoran. Suddenly, both the Toa and Piraka were knocked unconscious by a blast of electricity from Axonn.

Matoro departs the team to use the Ignika.

After they awoke, the Toa met Axonn, who then led them to a cave that contained the Toa Terrain Crawler, which they used to quickly travel down the Cord. After a ferocious battle with the Barraki and Hydraxon, the Toa obtained the Kanohi Ignika and destroyed the Cord with their Cordak Blasters. Pursued by the Barraki's armies, the team rushed to reach the destination of Voya Nui in order to use the mask, only to sense the death of Mata Nui. Matoro decided to use the Ignika to revive Mata Nui, while the others risked their lives to try and buy Matoro time. While Jaller prepared a Nova Blast to destroy the Barraki's armies, Matoro reached Karda Nui and used the Ignika to revive Mata Nui, sacrificing his life in the process. During his last moments as an individual, he teleported the other Toa Mahri back to Metru Nui and rendered them amphibious. After his sacrifice, they took up duties as protectors of the city.[3]

Metru Nui

The Toa Mahri in Metru Nui

The Kardas Dragon eventually reached Metru Nui, and the Toa Mahri defeated and captured the dragon, storing the beast safely within the Archives. Concerned about the disappearance of Takanuva, Hahli, Nuparu, Hewkii and Kongu left to search for him, though they were unable to locate him.[DW, Ch. 3]

When they returned, they encountered the Toa Hagah, who told them that they had come to destroy the Coliseum.[DW, Ch. 3] The Mahri refused to allow them to do so, and conflict broke out. During a pitched battle, a enormous Rahi began a rampage through the city, and the two teams of Toa joined forces to stop it. Afterwards, they worked together to lift the Coliseum so that the Hagah could descend below and locate Teridax. The Mahri offered to go with them, but Toa Norik asked them to remain behind in case Teridax escaped. Once the Hagah had descended and sealed the tunnel behind them, Hewkii and Nuparu returned the Coliseum to its resting place.[DID, Ch. 3]

Soon after, Johmak appeared and told the Toa Mahri to bring the Heart of the Visorak to the volcanic island of Artidax. The team split up, leaving Hewkii and Kongu behind in Metru Nui while Jaller, Hahli and Nuparu headed to Artidax. As the two Toa remaining in Metru Nui walked back toward the Coliseum, Johmak rematerialized behind them and knocked them unconscious.[DID, Ch. 4] When they awoke, Hewkii and Kongu learned of the Order of Mata Nui's plan to lure the Brotherhood of Makuta into a final battle in Metru Nui.[DID, Ch. 8]

On Artidax, Jaller, Hahli and Nuparu encountered Takadox, who hypnotized them to remain on the island while he escaped on their ship.[DID, Ch. 4] As the Visorak set foot on the island, Jaller was telepathically awoken from his trance by Teridax, and he quickly woke up Nuparu and Hahli. The trio fled into the ocean as Artidax's volcano began to erupt, destroying the Visorak, and began to make their way back to Metru Nui.[DID, Ch. 6]

Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu traveled for a long time to reach Metru Nui, and arrived during the planned battle, where they fought with Hewkii and Kongu to drive off the Brotherhood of Makuta.[DW, Ch. 9] Soon after, the Toa Mahri joined in the celebration of Mata Nui's awakening, but were interrupted by Teridax, who had taken over Mata Nui's body.[4]

Teridax's Reign

Hahli, Hewkii, and Nuparu fighting Rahkshi

With Teridax's announcement of his domination of the universe, the Toa Mahri joined with other Toa in combating the Makuta's forces, seeking to destabilize his regime. At one point, they faced off against the Skakdi warlord Nektann and an army of Rahkshi of Heat Vision.[MNS, Ch. 12][OGDi: Feb 12 2010, 11:08 AM]

The Order of Mata Nui sent the Toa Mahri to Zakaz to investigate the disappearance of the Piraka and whether other Skakdi tribes would ally with Teridax, as Nektann had. The Mahri infiltrated the base of one warlord and watched an assembly of Skakdi, who proclaimed their superiority as a race and rejected Teridax as a leader, drop a Vortixx, a Zyglak, a Steltian laborer, and the Piraka into a cylinder of Energized Protodermis.[RoS, Ch. 10] The Golden-Skinned Being then emerged from the vat. As the Mahri prepared to act, the being granted the wishes of the Skakdi, which placed the Toa Mahri in an obedient trance. Believing the Skakdi to be a superior race, the Mahri emerged from hiding and offered their services to the Skakdi.[RoS, Ch. 11]

Spherus Magna

After Teridax was defeated, the Toa Mahri emerged from the Matoran Universe with the Skakdi and the Golden-Skinned Being. The procession traveled through Spherus Magna, eventually arriving on the shores of Aqua Magna, where the being created a vast fortress out of thin air on the nearby cliffs. The Skakdi and Toa Mahri took up residence in this fortress. Toa Nuva Kopaka noticed the Toa Mahri's odd behavior and resolved to save them.[RoS, Ch. 12] He assigned the Toa Hagah to investigate the fortress.[TPTB, Ch. 1]

Shortly afterwards, Annona attacked the fortress and consumed the dreams of every Skakdi in the fortress, driving them mad. The Golden-Skinned Being's power automatically granted the maddened Skakdi's wishes, causing the fortress to dissolve and aberrations to appear in the region.[ST, Ch. 7] During the confusion, the fusion's hold on the Toa Mahri was broken, and they were released from their trance.[5]

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

After the Toa Mahri destroyed the Cord, Matoro hesitated before using the Ignika, and the Toa Mahri failed to accomplish their mission to save Mata Nui. As a result, the Great Spirit died and the Matoran Universe became uninhabitable. The Toa Mahri joined the evacuation to the Kingdom of the Great Spirit. During the evacuation, Hewkii died while fighting off Rahkshi. For their failure, the Toa Mahri were treated with much disdain, particularly Matoro, who became known as the "Disgraced One." 10,000 years later, Matoro gave his life to prevent Teridax from reaching the Kingdom.[TK]


The Toa Mahri as sets

The Toa Mahri include:

Toa Mahri
Toa Kanohi Tools
Jaller, Toa of Fire (leader) Arthron, the Great Mask of Sonar Aquatic Power Blade
Cordak Blaster
Hewkii, Toa of Stone (deputy leader) Garai, the Great Mask of Gravity Aqua Warblade
Electrified Chains
Cordak Blaster
Hahli, Toa of Water Faxon, the Great Mask of Kindred Protosteel Talons
Cordak Blaster
Kongu, Toa of Air Zatth, the Great Mask of Summoning A melee weapon (discarded)
Two Cordak Blasters
A weapon acquired on Metru Nui[OGDi: Jun 13 2010, 02:45 PM]
Nuparu, Toa of Earth Volitak, the Great Mask of Stealth Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield
Aqua Blaster Blade
Cordak Blaster

Former Members

Toa Kanohi Tools
Matoro, Toa of Ice (deceased) Tryna, the Great Mask of Reanimation Twin Cutter
Cordak Blaster

Set Information

The Toa Mahri were released as canister sets in 2007. They had tubes connected to their bodies and masks, meant to simulate a breathing apparatus to show they breathed water. Each Toa Mahri carried a Cordak Blaster in addition to their own Toa Tool, with Kongu having two blasters instead of a Toa Tool.


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