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MNOLG The Legend of Mata Nui.png Timeline


BIONICLEsector01 has recorded the chronology of the BIONICLE storyline in a comprehensive and accessible way presented in a Timeline.
Pre-Shattering Spherus Magna Aqua Magna and the Matoran Universe Post-Reformation Spherus Magna
History of Spherus Magna History of the Matoran Universe Legends of Metru Nui The Great Rescue The Dark Time Quest for the Masks The Bohrok Swarms The Bohrok-Kal Strike The Mask of Light Voya Nui Mahri Nui Karda Nui Teridax's Reign Spherus Magna
Bara Magna
History of Bara Magna Bara Magna Journey's End

How the Timeline is Organized

The Timeline is relative to the final, Reformed Spherus Magna chapter. Under each chapter are the events known to happened during that span of time, listed in chronological order. The Timeline employs the color-coded RefSquare system to indicate the storyline year and source from which a piece of information is derived. Each RefSquare can be moused-over to view the year and source.