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Journey's End
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Retrieval of the Power Source

Mata Nui had struggled through the Valley of the Maze to locate an entrance to the Great Beings' main fortress, and voiced his frustrations aloud before hearing a recorded voice that asked him three riddles. Mata Nui pondered the answer. After a few hours of reflection, he used the Three Virtues as replies to the recording, and a section of the wall unfolded to reveal an entrance. Despite Click's protests, Mata Nui entered, intending to find a way to restore himself to power and defeat his old enemy, Makuta Teridax.

Far to the south, the Agori were living in relative peace and security in the Mega-Village. Sahmad attacked Kiina and Ackar, only to be repelled by their new Elemental Powers. Ackar and Kiina worried about Mata Nui, and decided to go north and find him, against his wishes. Meanwhile, Gresh found superior armor and blades in the wastelands, and replaced his old armor and Jungle Shield.

Journeying down the stairway into the fortress, Mata Nui came upon a chamber filled with lava and spotted Tarduk suspended above the lava in chains. He quickly saved the Agori, before the room's temperature began to increase and the walls started to melt. The two escaped the tower, even as a volcano arose in its place. Knowing firsthand about the Great Beings' fake landscape creations, Mata Nui dug into the rock until he uncovered a hatch, which led him inside once more. He then ordered Tarduk to stay outside before going in.

Mata Nui and Tarduk locate the Power Source

Accessing a computer stationed within the mechanized volcano, which began flashing pictures of information, Mata Nui was able to recollect his mission assigned for him by the Great Beings. His objective had been to study other cultures and civilizations throughout the galaxy to understand the reason for war and how to prevent it from arising on Spherus Magna again. Completing his mission, Mata Nui had flown past Aqua Magna when he was struck with Teridax's virus and fell towards the planet. The impact threw him into a deep slumber and caused damage to his memories. However, Mata Nui also discovered that a second robot was needed in order to reform Spherus Magna, which the Great Beings never built. Tarduk entered, against Mata Nui's wishes, and Mata Nui related his findings. Tarduk theorized that if the Great Beings planned to create a second robot, then the intended power source might still be in the maze. After some searching, Tarduk and Mata Nui located the Power Source and exited the maze.

Awakening of the Prototype Robot

Mata Nui and Tarduk returned to the Mega-Village with the retrieved Power Source, intending to use it to control the Prototype Robot now comprising the Mega-Village. However, Raanu denied Mata Nui's request, not wanting to give up the Agori's shelter and not trusting him with that amount of power. That night, Gresh showed a similar distrust when he learned of Mata Nui's origins, suggesting that Mata Nui wanted the robot body simply to have greater power. Mata Nui handed Gresh his sword and offered to be imprisoned if Gresh truly did not trust him; however, Gresh decided against it.

Meanwhile, Raanu recalled seeing the construction of the Great Spirit Robot shortly before the Shattering, and realized this must have been Mata Nui's old body. The Agori elder sought out Mata Nui later that night, and reluctantly allowed him to use the Mega-Village. However, he warned Mata Nui that if he betrayed the Agori, Raanu would find some way to make him pay.

The Agori and Glatorian of the four tribes then left the Mega-Village, taking shelter in mountainous caves, and Mata Nui prepared to enter the Prototype Robot. He entrusted Click's care and wellbeing to Kiina, who bid him a tearful farewell. Mata Nui's spirit then exited his body and traveled into the Prototype Robot, awakening it after over 150,000 years.

Arrival of Teridax

With his new body's gravitic powers, Mata Nui began pulling the fragments of Aqua Magna and Bota Magna closer to Bara Magna. However, Teridax soon arrived, in control of the Great Spirit Robot, and addressed Mata Nui as his brother. Teridax vaporized a peak in the Black Spike Mountains, killing several Skrall, and proposed an alliance with Mata Nui to conquer the universe. Mata Nui refused; in response, the Makuta used his gravity power to tear off the mountain above the cave where the Agori and Glatorian were hiding and drop it on them. Mata Nui managed to destroy the mountain, but was attacked by Teridax, and they began to duel.

Teridax overpowering Mata Nui

Mata Nui was already starting to lose, as Teridax's body had considerably more power than the unstable Prototype Robot. Gresh devised a plan to aid Mata Nui, and the Glatorian and Agori attempted to distract Teridax by concentrating their Thornax shots on a single spot. Teridax became annoyed and fired at them, scattering the Glatorian across the desert. Meanwhile, Gresh located a hatch leading into the Matoran Universe inside Teridax. However, the hatch opened and released an army of Rahkshi of Heat Vision, who beset Ackar, Kiina, and the other Glatorian. While the Rahkshi and Glatorian fought, Gresh noticed Takanuva emerging from the opening and attacked, thinking them to be more servitors of Teridax. Takanuva briefly fought back before realizing the misunderstanding, and the Toa joined forces with the Glatorian.

At that time, Sahmad was traveling through the wastelands, seeking to find the cause of the Dreaming Plague and avenge the Iron Tribe. He came across Telluris and the Skopio XV-1, the latter of which had been sabotaged by Kiina. As Telluris could not fix the machine, Sahmad offered to take him north to find the right parts to do so. On the way, they encountered Metus, who revealed that he could not dream. Realizing the Dreaming Plague was starting once more, Sahmad ordered Metus to retrace his path to discover when he was infected.

Nektann led his Skakdi army onto the battlefield, and several Rahkshi with powers other than Heat Vision emerged as well. They began to join the fight, but Kiina and Ackar defeated a Rahkshi of Heat Vision, realizing Kraata controlled the Rahkshi from within. Stronius watched the proceedings and, seeking revenge for the Rock Tribe's earlier defeat, led a band of Skrall into the battle, which had now begun in earnest.

Search for the Golden Armor

Tahu stumbled out of the Matoran Universe and found himself in a vision of Ta-Wahi, where he met the Mask of Life, which purposely devolved him into his Toa Mata form. The Ignika then explained that he would need to don the Golden Armor in order to stop Teridax, and began to create the Golden Armor for him. Takanuva found Tahu and questioned his appearance as the mask finished its creation. Teridax noticed this event, and fired a beam of energy that scattered the pieces across Bara Magna. Tahu and Takanuva survived, and separated to retrieve the weapon. At around the same time, several other Toa emerged from the hatch with the Toa Nuva.

Gresh, who joined the two Toa's search, retrieved a piece of the Golden Armor, and found another possessed by a group of Skrall, which he defeated by using his air powers. Takanuva located a portion of the armor claimed by two Rahkshi of Heat Vision, and tried overpowering them with light from his Twin Light Staffs. When that failed, he created a holographic Takanuva to confuse the Rahkshi into using heat vision to attack each other, and retrieved their piece of the armor.

Tahu using the Golden Armor

Meanwhile, the two robots continued to duel in the sky, and Teridax noted that Gali and Pohatu had devastated a large sum of his Skakdi. Mata Nui declared that the Agori and Glatorian would never submit to Teridax, which drove Teridax to crush Bara Magna with his gravitic powers. In desperation, Mata Nui shoved Teridax and redirected the blast towards the two moons of Aqua and Bota Magna, accelerating their descent towards the planet. Mata Nui then redoubled his efforts, forcing Teridax backwards, towards a falling fragment of Aqua Magna.

Tahu and Nektann fought for the Golden Armor's shield, and Nektann attempted to taunt Tahu into making careless mistakes. Tahu resisted his efforts, then sliced through Nektann's Crescent Scythe and grabbed Nektann, using his power over heat to melt Nektann's armor. He then dispatched Nektann with a blow.

Rejoining Gresh and Takanuva, the Toa of Fire acquired all six pieces and donned the Golden Armor, unleashing a brilliant energy blast that incinerated the Kraata of every Rahkshi on the battlefield. With the Rahkshi gone, most Skakdi and Skrall either surrendered or fled into the wastelands.

The Aqua Magna fragment impacting Teridax

Teridax stumbled, shocked by the sudden deaths of his Rahkshi. Mata Nui pushed him back once more, and Teridax was struck in the head by the fragment of Aqua Magna. The blow destroyed the Core Processor, incinerating Teridax's energies and finally killing him. Aqua Magna and Bota Magna joined with Bara Magna, restoring Spherus Magna. The Great Spirit Robot fell, crippling the Matoran Universe, and its inhabitants began to emerge onto Spherus Magna.

Mata Nui's Final Deeds

Mata Nui briefly reflected on Teridax's life and watched the people of the Matoran Universe and Bara Magna begin to mingle. He then used his fading energies, combined with the energies of the Ignika, to restore and rejuvenate all environments on Spherus Magna, covering the wastelands in lush flora and healing the worst of the damages. He also partially cured the victims of the Pit Mutagen, restoring them to their original forms and making them amphibious. Having used up its energies, the Prototype Robot then crumbled to dust.

Kiina, Ackar, Tahu, and many other Toa and Glatorian rushed to the site of Mata Nui's fall, and Ackar retrieved the Ignika from the wreckage. Mata Nui then arose, speaking through the mask, and told the assembled crowd to rebuild Spherus Magna. Tahu asked him if he would make a new body for himself, and Mata Nui declared it was not the time for him to walk among the people of Spherus Magna. Ackar asked him what they can do, and Mata Nui asked them to locate the Great Beings to tell them he had completed his destiny. He then became dormant inside the mask, and Tahu led the crowd in beginning to carry out the Great Spirit's final wishes.