Battle for Kini-Nui

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"Chronicler, it is your doom to remain here, and guard the Kini-Nui at all costs. This deed will be remembered as long as any remain to sing of it!"
Toa Mata Tahu, Mata Nui Online Game

Battle for Kini-Nui
Conflict The Matoran tried to protect Kini-Nui from the Rahi
Combatants Matoran
Location Kini-Nui
Result Matoran victory

The Battle for Kini-Nui was a large battle that took place near the end of the Great War. Seven Matoran guarded the entrance of Mangaia from Rahi, while the Toa Mata confronted Teridax.



  • Guard the Toa Mata by protecting the Kini-Nui.


  • Overrun the Kini-Nui to trap the Toa inside Mangaia.


Swarms of Rahi attack Kini-Nui

The battle began when the Chronicler's Company, led by Takua, promised to protect the Kini-Nui while the Toa Mata fought Teridax below in Mangaia. Before leaving, Gali formed a telepathic link with Takua which allowed him to view the struggle down below.

The Company was able to defend themselves and the Temple at first. Using Bamboo Disks as their weapons they together defeated the Infected Rahi including numerous Nui-Rama, Nui-Jaga, Tarakava, and Muaka. After a few battles though, hundreds of Rahi began to come at once, causing the team to stand their ground in defeat. Reinforcements however, suddenly arrived from other villages to assist the Chronicler's Company, including the Gukko Bird Force, the Ussalry and the Ta-Koro Guard. The overwhelming forces quickly defeated the Rahi causing their retreat.


The Ta-Koro Guard joining the battle near its end

There were no Matoran casualties, and the infected Rahi were successfully driven off. At the end of the battle, an Onu-Matoran, riding Pewku, asked Takua to go and visit Onu-Koro at the request of Turaga Whenua, where he would unknowingly travel down through the Sundial Entrance into Mangaia and witness the Toa facing Teridax himself. The rest of the Matoran later returned to their own villages, just in time to protect them from the rampaging Bohrok swarms.


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