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Stars Commercial

Stars Commercial
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting BIONICLE Stars
Release Date 2010

The Stars Commercial is a partly CGI-animated video advertising the BIONICLE Stars sets of 2010.


The commercial begins with a rock wall carved with the word BIONICLE and the stylized text of the Stars logo. The Skakdi Nektann breaks through the rock, followed by a Rahkshi of Heat Vision being pulled out of water, and a Skrall rising up from sand. The narrator explains that these three figures are ancient villains, returning to fight again. Silhouettes of Toa Mata Tahu, Toa Takanuva, and Glatorian Gresh standing on pedestals against a blue sky are shown. Individually, light is cast on each figure, detailing their features, as the narrator introduces them as veteran heroes who will use their experience in battle to fight their foes. A CGI-animated sequence of Nektann fighting Tahu on the steps of a Bara Magna temple follows. Tahu disarms the Skakdi and backs onto a central dais of the temple. Pieces of the Golden Armor fly off from each of the temple's spires and attach themselves to Tahu, as the narrator explains the Armor will bestow invincibility. The commercial concludes with the narrator prompting the viewer to collect pieces of the Golden BIONICLE as the canisters are shown.

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