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Badge of Office

Users Ga-Matoran
Function Spear
Teaching tool
Status In use
Trident of Nokama
Badge of Office

Set Trident.PNG
Users Turaga Nokama
Function Badge of Office
Channeling her Water powers
Launching Water balls[QftT]
Status In use

The Trident is a tool used primarily by the Ga-Matoran fish-catchers.


Nokama's Tridents

As a Matoran living in Ga-Metru, Nokama used a Trident as an implement to point things out to her classes. When she became a Toa Metru, she abandoned her Trident in favor of her Hydro Blades.

The Trident of Nokama in comic form

Later, on the way to finding the island of Mata Nui, Nokama carved a new Trident out of the bones of a Makuta Fish. She uses this as the Trident of Nokama, her Badge of Office as a Turaga. This tool is also known as the Fork Shaped Staff.

Near the end of the Great War, the Trident of Nokama was lost, but Nuju recovered it and gave it to Takua, who eventually returned it to Nokama.

Example Usage

In Quest for the Toa, the Trident of Nokama could be used to launch water balls.

Set Information

The Trident of Nokama was included in the 8543 Turaga Nokama set of 2001.

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