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"I don't understand. How will this vehicle wayfind Makuta?"
"What is Makuta's will return to him."
Toa Nuva Lewa and Toa Takanuva, At Last -- Takanuva!

Ussanui Comic.png
Users Takanuva
Function Transportation
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation uss-ah-NOO-ee
Set number 8596

The Ussanui was a flying vehicle used to transport Takanuva to Teridax's lair on Mata Nui.


The Ussanui in action

The designs to the Ussanui were locked away in Takua's mind as a Matoran.

When Takua donned the Mask of Light and became a Toa, the designs were unlocked. After assisting the Toa Nuva in defeating the Rahkshi, Takanuva began to prepare for his final conflict with Teridax. In need of a transport to the Mangaia, Takanuva used the newly unlocked designs in his mind to build the Ussanui, using parts from the recently defeated and scrapped Rahkshi and Bohrok-Kal.

Hahli, still mourning the loss of Jaller, attached the deceased Matoran's mask on the front of the vehicle, to honor him. She also later snuck aboard the vehicle, desiring to fill Takua's recently vacated position of Chronicler.

The Ussanui took Takanuva through the underground tunnel system of Mata Nui, and brought him to Mangaia. The vehicle was wrecked when Takanuva smashed it into the giant door of Mangaia, but he was not severely injured by the crash. He soon discovered an unharmed Hahli in the wreckage.

Concept artwork of the Ussanui in Mask of Light


The Ussanui was capable of flight, and was powered and navigated by Kraata. Takanuva selected a Shadow Kraata from the defeated Rahkshi, having realized that Makuta's essence would attempt to reunite with its master, and placed it within the machine. The vehicle possessed three retractable feet for landing gears.

Set Information

The Ussanui was released with Takanuva in 2003, consisting of 162 of the set's 200 pieces. A lever on the left side allowed one to raise or lower its landing gear. The set included a dark gray version of Jaller's Kanohi Hau on the front.

The Ussanui set


  • "Ussanui" is a portmanteau of "Ussal," the breed of crab Pewku was, and "Nui," Matoran for "great."
  • In the movie, Jaller's mask when attached to the Ussanui is still yellow as when he wore it. In the set, it is dark grey. At the time of the film's release, the movie coloration would have been considered canon, as powerless Matoran masks are painted. However, it was later revealed that Jaller actually wore a powered Noble Mask, making the set version canon.


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