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"The boat turned out to be good-sized, well armed with disk launchers, and large enough to accommodate at least a dozen beings."
— Narrator, Federation of Fear

Users Agori, Matoran, Zyglak, Dark Hunters
Function Transporting beings across water
Status In use

Boats are a common method of water transportation on Spherus Magna and formerly in the Matoran Universe. They come in a great variety of shapes and forms, as well as users.


Spherus Magna

Boats are used to transport Agori, Glatorian, and others across large bodies of water, such as Aqua Magna. Before the Core War, Agori also used living vessels to achieve the same ends.

Matoran Universe

Due to the large bodies of water, such as the Silver Sea, that seperated the islands of the Matoran Universe from one another, Boats were created and achieved widespread use, as it made island travel possible. Most islands had ports for boats, and controlled the sea traffic in and out.

Metru Nui

Flatboats on a Protodermis Canal in Po-Metru

On Metru Nui, large boats called Flatboats trolled the Protodermis Canals, transporting supplies, carvings, and various other items too delicate or large to travel through the Chutes or be moved with Cargo Loaders.

Ga-Matoran would also sometimes race boats in the canals during their free time. These boats were smaller versions of regular Ga-Metru vessels, meant to be used solely for entertainment to see which one was the fastest. The Matoran Macku also offered canoe tours of Metru Nui's coast.

During the Order of Mata Nui/Brotherhood of Makuta War, Toa Mahri Jaller, Nuparu and Hahli used a Metru Nui boat to transport the Heart of the Visorak to the volcanic island of Artidax. Upon arriving, Takadox commandeered their boat and stranded them there.

Mata Nui

On the island of Mata Nui, boats were particularly popular in Ga-Wahi. They were mainly used by Ga-Matoran sailors to travel and explore the sea surrounding Mata Nui and the rivers on the island. However, Ga-Matoran also made boat racing a sport on Mata Nui, calling it Ngalawa.

Ngalawa Boat Racing

Macku owned a canoe which she kept hidden in some bushes near the Naho Falls. She also used a larger boat to flee Ga-Koro during the Tarakava attack and beached near Ta-Koro. After regaining consciousness, Takua used this same boat to reach the village and witness Gali's arrival. Takua later used the boat to travel to the Ta-Wahi beach and Po-Wahi from Ga-Koro. When the Chronicler's Company began their journey to Kini-Nui, Macku fetched her boat and the Matoran boarded it to traverse the falls.

The population of Po-Koro escapes on boats.

The population of Po-Koro traveled to Ga-Koro during the invasion of the Bohrok Swarms on a fleet of boats.

After the strike of the Bohrok-Kal, Pelagia the sailor ran the Ga-Koro Ferry Service and took Matoran to a desired location on her Sea Chart in exchange for one Widget. However, the other villages could not be reached on account of the storms.

A large number of boats were made to carry the entire Matoran population from Mata Nui back to their city, Metru Nui.

Dark Hunters

The Dark Hunters had a large navy comprised of boats of varying size. Some of their boats were just big enough to carry three passengers, while others were known to hold at least nine.

Three of the future Piraka, Avak, Vezok, and Reidak, used a small boat when they traveled to Metru Nui. Avak guarded the boat while the other two freed the Kanohi Dragon, which flipped the boat upon its release. The Piraka later used a boat to reach one of Teridax's lairs near the Great Barrier, but it was soon destroyed by Mana Ko.

The Dark Hunters also used boats to patrol the waters around Zakaz. Most of these boats were destroyed by Zyglak. The surviving Dark Hunters fled inland and were slain by the Skakdi.

The Shadowed One later utilized a fleet of ships to plague Xia. He and Ancient occupied one of the flagships in the invasion. The invasion was stopped, however, by the sudden appearance of Helryx, who threatened to destroy the entire fleet. They then continued to lay siege to Xia, and prevented supplies from going to the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Stelt Boats

On the island of Stelt, a team of Brutaka, Roodaka, Spiriah, Vezon, Carapar, and Takadox stole a boat from a local trader of Sidorak’s species. This ship was soon mutinied by Spiriah, and he sailed to the water around Zakaz. With the aid of Lariska and allies, Brutaka later took back possession of the ship and sailed it to the Southern Islands, and more specifically to Artidax. When Takadox abandoned his team, he took the ship, but it was soon destroyed.

The original owner of the ship later found a replacement ship and members of his crew.

Order of Mata Nui

On a destination to Destral, Trinuma and Vezon traveled in a small boat. Upon reaching Destral’s shores, Trinuma dropped the half-Skakdi off on the island and left in the skiff.

Brotherhood of Makuta

The Brotherhood used ships to attack Metru Nui, flying the banner of the Makuta. All these ships were sunk to the bottom of the Silver Sea by a newly awakened Teridax.


Zyglak boats were built from remnants of other boats and wreckage, and were barely capable of sea travel. At one point, the Zyglak created a large navy of boats. When Spiriah left Stelt, he sent a message to the Zyglak he had allied with to follow his ship. The navy had helped Spiriah mutiny against Brutaka successfully, and so the exiled Makuta ordered the Zyglak to attack the island of Zakaz and slay all the Skakdi, believing they were the cause of his failed experiment. They quickly destroyed a small Dark Hunter fleet patrolling the island. However, large numbers of the Zyglak boats were shattered by Ehlek’s species off the coast of Zakaz.


Skakdi craft were used to transport Nektann, his Skakdi, and Rahkshi to the Southern Islands.

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

Sea vessels were briefly seen in a different reality. The boats were carrying Matoran, Dark Hunters, and Vortixx to Metru Nui.


A variety of Boats were developed to serve different purposes, such as mass transport, as well as item storage. Boats are often armed with weapons, such as Kanoka Disk launchers, to repel any threats that can appear on the high seas. The level of boat sophistication depends on the crafters and supplies available; boats on Mata Nui were less advanced, due to the materials being salvaged or otherwise derived from natural resources. Zyglak, who avoid civilized society, also have very unsophisticated boats, barely able to traverse the seascape.


  • Boats are referred to as "Sea-Craft" in Treespeak.


A Boat as seen in BIONICLE Heroes
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