Toa Power

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"Before their eyes, the Toa Stones began to pulsate and then rose into the air. Beams of elemental energy shot from them, bathing the Matoran in light, changing them, granting them power. When it was over, the Matoran had become Toa Metru, designated guardians of Metru Nui."
— Narrator, Mystery of Metru Nui

Toa Power
LoMN Vakama Sacrificing Toa Power.png
Function Transform Matoran into Toa
Known states Energy
Primary location Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation TOE-AH

Toa Power is latent energy within all Toa and Matoran destined to become Toa.


Toa Power was first created by the Great Beings when they made Helryx. It was later used in the creation of the first Toa Stones.[citation needed]

Certain Matoran are imbued with the energy at the time of their creation.[citation needed] Once the energy is triggered by an outside source, the Matoran transforms into a Toa.[1] Toa can manipulate this energy in various ways, such as making Toa Stones, as well as healing beings with major injuries. Minor injuries are typically repaired using tools, or fixed by having the damaged component swapped out.[2]


Unlike Elemental Powers, Toa Power cannot be recharged if it is used. When Toa's destinies are completed, they have the option to sacrifice all of their Toa Power for a greater good; if they give up their Toa Power, they become Turaga.

Toa Power has been used in the following ways:

  • Being channeled into and stored within Toa Stones[3][4]
  • Activating a destined Matoran's latent Toa Power[3]
  • Healing physical injuries[5] and curing poisons[6]

The Nui Stone can drain Toa Power from all Toa within a 3000 Kio radius. A Toa can then tap the stone, greatly amplifying their elemental powers.[7] Marendar, a Toa killer developed by the Great Beings, detects Toa by sensing their Toa Power.[8]


  • The amount of Toa Power that a Toa has has never been quantified. Based on the Toa Metru, six Toa collectively have enough power to create six Toa Stones,[4] heal a mortally wounded ash bear,[5] and revive several thousand[9] comatose Matoran before ultimately running out of power.[3]
  • The Avohkii was infused with Toa Power. When Takua donned it, the mask acted like a Toa Stone.[10]