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"This is part of a Keystone. The legends say you would need this if you ever had to awaken Mata Nui."
Solek, Shadows in the Sky

Manufacturer Great Beings
Users Toa Nuva
Function Provide instructions to awaken Mata Nui
Lower the barrier surrounding the Codrex
Status Intact
Location Unknown

The Keystone is a tablet that details, in a very old Matoran dialect, how to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui. It also allows entry into the Codrex.


The complete Keystone
Krika holding a piece of the Keystone with his spikes

The Keystone was created alongside the Codrex by the Great Beings, who also inscribed instructions on reawakening Mata Nui onto it.[1][2] During the first mission of the Toa Mata, Lewa removed the stone and attempted to walk into the Codrex only to be blown backward. When Kopaka put it back in its place the Toa were permitted to enter.

Later the Keystone was broken into six pieces for unknown reasons.[3] By the time of the Makuta attack on Karda Nui, three remained in the Sky Villages while three were scattered amid the Swamp of Secrets.

Of the three hidden in the Av-Matoran villages, one piece was held by Kirop, another by Solek, and a third was kept in the villages where it was discovered by the Makuta. Solek first told Kopaka about the Keystones after their initial battle with the Makuta, and gave Kopaka his piece. Kirop kept his piece to use as leverage in case he ever needed to, although the Phantoka Toa Nuva later obtained it when they captured him. They then took the third from the caves of the Makuta.

The three located in the swamp were found by the Mistika Toa Nuva. One was hidden in a plant's vines, and another was given to the Toa Nuva by an Av-Matoran, who shortly afterwards became a Bohrok. The last was discovered in a hastily dug pit in Krika's camp. When the Toa Nuva reunited, they had all six Keystones.

After Takanuva arrived in the swamp and the Toa Nuva regrouped, they fitted the Keystones together and prepared to read them.

Following their reunion, the Toa Nuva and their allies engaged in a battle with the Makuta. During the battle, Tahu managed to place the Keystone in the figure etched onto the side of the Codrex. The Keystone then lowered the barrier surrounding the Codrex, and the Toa Nuva went inside. Tahu retrieved the stone to prevent the Makuta from following them, but Antroz managed to get inside unnoticed. Tahu, Gali, and Onua later used the information from the keystones to awaken Mata Nui.[4]


  • The reason the comic version and the CGI version of the Keystone looks different is because Leigh Gallagher did not have access to the CGI animations when he was drawing the comic. The CGI version of the Keystone is the accurate one.[5]
A piece of the Keystone recovered by Gali
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