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Volo Lutu Launcher

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Volo Lutu Launcher
Volo Lutu Launcher.png
Users Matoran of Mata Nui
Function Various
Status Unknown
Pronunciation VOE-loe LOO-too[BEU, p. 153]

The Volo Lutu Launcher is a device that catapults the user across rivers, canyons and other obstacles with ease. It does so in a manner that can be likened to a grappling hook; an instrument is fired across and the Matoran holding the launcher is then tugged to the landmark onto which the instrument was fired. Takua was once awarded a Volo Lutu Launcher after saving Turaga Whenua from a Vatuka.

In the sport Kewa Bird Riding, the Volo Lutu Launcher can be used to pull oneself out of the path of an oncoming Madu fruit thrown by the opponent. It could be used in conjunction with icicles created by the Ice Pick.[QftT]


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