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The Matoran Takua placed all six Toa Stones in their place at the temple of Kini-Nui. When he did, he was shot off to the shores of Ta-Wahi, suffering complete amnesia. The energy had summoned the six Toa Canisters that held the legendary Toa Mata.[QftT]

Makuta Teridax had menaced the Matoran with Rahi wearing Infected Kanohi for the last nine hundred and ninety nine years. A Tarakava with an Infected Kanohi attacked Ga-Koro and forced Turaga Nokama and all but two of the Ga-Matoran into a hut. One of the Matoran tried to attack the Tarakava, but was knocked into the same hut. The other, Macku, escaped the village in her Boat. The Tarakava then damaged the hut's flotation pump system, causing it to sink into the sea.[MNOG, Ch. 2]

Arrival of the Toa

A Toa Canister opening on a beach

All six Toa Mata landed ashore and rebuilt themselves. They then explored their respective regions.

While performing some acrobatic air tricks, Lewa accidentally caused a Taku to fall out of its nest. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew it around until Lewa caught it. Putting it back in its nest, Lewa realized that he controlled the Air.

While swimming, Gali saw that a school of fish and other Rahi were fleeing. Wondering what the cause was, she went over a large mass of coral, only to find a large, infected Tarakava which attacked her immediately. Gali began to use the coral for protection, but could not stand seeing it being destroyed by the Rahi's attacks. She attempted to swim away from her shelter, but was not fast enough. Suddenly, a giant tidal wave washed her back to shore. After this experience, she realized that she could control Water.

While digging through the Earth, Onua came upon a carving of the other Toa, himself included. Digging past the carving, he fell into a Onu-Matoran park. After wandering through it, he met Onepu, who excitedly brought Whenua to him. Whenua explained the Toa Mata's destiny, and told him that the Toa would need to collect the Kanohi hidden on the island.[1]

Kopaka in Ko-Wahi

Kopaka, Toa of Ice, was exploring Ko-Wahi when he spotted Matoro spying on him. After a brief chase, Kopaka trapped the Matoran in an ice slide. The Toa asked him questions about his mission and why he was sent to the island. They were both attacked by a Nui-Rama and Kopaka managed to save Matoro from falling off a cliff in skirmish. Matoro proceeded to take Kopaka to Turaga Nuju, who told the Toa about the various Kanohi masks hidden around the island. Nuju then said the first was at the Place of Far-Seeing.[C1]

Pohatu had been greeted warmly by the Po-Matoran. Now, Turaga Onewa had sent Pohatu to find the hidden Kanohi. Deciding to test his current mask power, the Toa sped past Le-Wahi all the way to the icy region of Ko-Wahi. He explored the place, while wondering what lay in wait for him.

Tahu soon awoke, and rebuilt himself, never noticing Takua's unconscious form on the beach close by. He felt weak and his memories of the past had deserted him. Acquiring a sword which was lying on the ground near him, he failed to discover if it held any importance and tossed it aside in frustration. Finding a mask lying in the sand, the Toa proceeded to don it and regained his natural flow of elemental energy. Holding the sword once more, he activated its flame. Sensing incredible heat nearby, he began to travel toward the village of Ta-Koro.[1]

The Legend of Mata Nui

Takua had a dream detailing the Legend of Mata Nui. After coming to, he examined Tahu's Toa Canister in wonder. Unsure of his location due to his temporary memory loss at the time, resulting from his fall, the Av-Matoran followed the footsteps leading out of the canister. After a short walk, Tahu heard his approach and turned to notice him before silently continuing on. Takua attempted to pursue him but was halted by a lava stream flowing from the volcano. The Toa easily passed it however. Heading back towards the beach, Takua discovered a stone carving in the shape of a head, and began studying it.[MNOG, Ch. 1]

Tahu walked into the Charred Forest in Ta-Wahi when he encountered the Ta-Koro Guard, led by Jaller, who trapped him by mistake in a trap set for Rahi. The Guard ran toward the cage, ready to attack, but Tahu produced his sword and slashed through the trap with ease. Turaga Vakama saw the commotion, and intervened. He welcomed the Toa of Fire, along with the Ta-Koro Guard, who had realized that Tahu was a prophesied ally.[MNOG, Ch. 3]

Giving up looking for an entrance through the stone head, Takua spotted a figure in the distance coming up in a boat—a blue-armored Ga-Matoran. She was standing on the beach line near a boat. After Takua approached her, she introduced herself as Macku of Ga-Koro. She wanted to find Gali, for her village was in deep trouble from the recent Tarakava attack. She begged Takua to help, and he agreed. While Macku searched for Gali on foot, Takua sailed by boat to Ga-Koro.[MNOG, Ch. 1]

Pohatu crashed into Kopaka causing an avalanche to bury the Toa of Ice. After freeing him, Pohatu introduced himself and Kopaka reluctantly allowed the Toa to accompany him. After Kopaka found a Hau at the Place of Far-Seeing, he used his Akaku and noticed the other Toa near Mount Ihu.[C1] They began to journey there, but were attacked by a Kane-Ra wearing an Infected mask. Pohatu slipped, and the Kane-Ra charged at him. Kopaka managed to scoop up Pohatu and ski over a cliff. The Rahi tried to jump it, but fell. Knowing it would escape in moments, Pohatu kicked numerous boulders down the crevice, but all of them missed the Kane-Ra. Pohatu slammed his fists on the ground, making the stone crumble, and the Rahi fell down, buried. The two Toa hurried on, knowing that it would be free soon.[1]

The Toa searching for the Kanohi Masks of Power

The Toa held a meeting on the cliffs of Mount Ihu, where they talked and got to know one another, discussing their powers and what they had done. However, they soon drifted from the close past to the near future, familiarizing one another with what they had learned about Teridax, the Rahi and the villages. The Turaga had told them that they needed to find the Kanohi Masks, objects of great power, to defeat Teridax. Although Tahu and Onua argued to stay together, they split apart; even Gali being too distracted, for only she had not visited her own village yet. A large earthquake interrupted the group and the ground split, with rain and hail falling around them. The Toa realized this was the work of Teridax, and immediately began a search for their masks.[1]

Search for the Masks

Lewa later rescued Gali from a Rahi attack.[C1] Soon after, he left to collect his remaining masks, while Gali returned to the waters in search of her village. Suddenly, she found herself under attack by another Tarakava. Gali managed to trap the Rahi in a sea cave by using its own agility against itself.[1]

Takua entered Ga-Koro, passing through a gate which was specially designed to keep Rahi out. The village of Ga-Koro was desolate and abandoned. It seemed the villagers had vanished from the area. While he investigated the village he found smoldering huts, wrecked flotation pads and broken tools. He found a pump mechanism that was attached to a sealed flotation pad underwater. He noticed a straw of flora sticking out of the water, which was the only air passage for the hut. Takua made noise while examining it, causing the Ga-Matoran to be alerted to his presence. Turaga Nokama told Takua to look for the Lightstone in her hut, and use it to find the missing pump piece.

Takua plunged into the water through a hole in one of the nearby huts. Underwater, he found Nokama, the Turaga of Ga-Koro, and the Ga-Matoran trapped in the sunken hut. With guidance from Nokama, Takua found a small gear stuck to the bottom of some coral, with the lighstone's reflection helping him find it. He then resurfaced and pushed the gear back into its proper slot in the machine. The pump sprang to life, and the sunken hut and lily pad with the villagers floated back to the surface.

Gali battling the Tarakava

The release of the Turaga and Matoran had attracted the Tarakava lizard that had originally attacked. Bursting from the waters, it loomed over the group, angry that its prey had been freed. The Rahi was about to strike when Gali arrived and intervened. The Toa of Water bravely fought the Tarakava and flipped onto its back. In an attempt to grab her, the Tarakava pulled both itself and Gali into the waters. The villagers held their breath, and after a while Gali emerged victorious with an infected mask in her hook.[MNOG, Ch. 2]

Tahu was very angered by the Toa's disunity and almost burned Jaller, who was trying to find him. Jaller told him that the Kanohi Akaku, the Great Mask of X-Ray Vision, was in the deepest cavern in Onu-Wahi, a series of dark and deep caves on Mata Nui. Tahu searched through Onu-Wahi, eventually coming to a large cavern, with a deep pit in the middle and a long bridge stretching across to another ledge where the mask was. Tahu started across the bridge when dozens of Kofo-Jaga scorpions attacked him. Tahu attempted to burn them with Fire, but they grew stronger with the heat and began to cover him completely. Thinking quickly of Lewa, Tahu started flipping around the narrow bridge. The Rahi could not hold on very long and fell into the chasm below. Tahu jumped back onto the bridge, with one Kofo-Jaga still holding on. He easily removed the creature, but he noticed the Infected Kanohi on its body. Tahu removed the mask, and the Kofo-Jaga, now free from Teridax, harmlessly scurried away. Tahu did not understand its meaning at the time, and a great wind blew the mask out of his hand and became lost in the chasm before he quickly retrieved the Akaku.[1]

Elsewhere, Lewa had plunged underwater to retrieve his Mask of Speed after recently acquiring his Pakari from a large amount of infected Rahi. He defeated a Nui-Jaga blocking the entrance but was almost drowned by plants controlled by Teridax. However, he succeeded in retrieving the Kakama.[C1]

Lewa falling into the Jaws of a Muaka

Meanwhile, Gali was scaling a mountain to collect her Miru when the mountain crumbled. She then found herself having to fight two pairs of Nui-Jaga and Tarakava.[C2] She was rescued by the sudden appearance of Tahu, but not before being hit by a Tarakava and vanishing beneath the waves where she had a vision of the Toa Kaita, Akamai, and Wairuha.[C3]

In Le-Wahi, a Nui-Rama knocked off Lewa's mask and he fell into the jaws of a powerful Muaka tiger.[C2] The Toa of Air was almost crushed before Onua rescued him.[C3]

Shortly after, Takua spoke to Turaga Nokama and Nixie the Astrologer, and was thanked for his act of bravery. Takua noticed that the boat harbor was being repaired and ready for travel. He took a boat back to Ta-Wahi, where he first inspected the Great Telescope. Afterwards he journeyed once more to Ta-Koro, the lava stream now gone, where he spoke to Jaller and Turaga Vakama, who told him about Tahu's arrival. During his time in the village he was given a lavaboard by a Ta-Matoran. After journeying through the Charred Forest and speaking to Kapura, he sailed back to Ga-Koro.[MNOG, Ch. 3]

There he requested a trip to Po-Wahi. After crossing the vast desert, he reached the village of Po-Koro. Takua learned of the sickness going around, the cause of which was unknown. Exploring the village, Takua found a mysterious Kolhii ball and brought it to Turaga Onewa who claimed it was infected. Afterwards, Takua investigated the bazaar stand that sold them and their owner who had disappeared. There he came upon a mysterious key lying beside the Kolhii balls. Takua took the key to a quarry with massive sculptures of the Toa Mata masks. After finding the correct hole under one of the masks, he put the key into the slot that opened the door and walked down the stairs. Entering a cave, Takua found a collection of Kolhii balls with an infected mask that had been contaminating the Comets. Takua saw that a Nui-Jaga was guarding the balls and mask. Pohatu arrived at the cave, but was blinded by an attack of the Nui-Jaga. Takua guided Pohatu's kicks of the Kolhii balls to try to collapse the nest. They did so successfully and made it out of the cave just before it collapsed.

Pohatu fighting the Nui-Jaga

When Pohatu left and thanked him for his help, Takua returned to Po-Koro and was given a chisel by Turaga Onewa. The Kolhii balls were later taken by the Matoran and Toa, and dumped into the sea, thus ending the epidemic. By showing the item to Turaga Nokama in Ga-Koro, he was given the post of Chronicler and the Book of Chronicles. Returning back to the desert, Takua took an alternate path which lead to Onu-Wahi.[MNOG, Ch. 4]

Kopaka went to collect his Pakari from an island in the center of a lake of lava. After reaching the island via a frozen hot spring, he was attempting to return when his Ice Sword struck the spring, causing a large chip of ice to hit him in the head and knock him out. While unconscious, Kopaka had a vision in which he saw Kini-Nui from a bird's-eye view and saw Akamai and Wairuha. After reviving himself, the spring had melted too much to get back to shore. Using his newfound Pakari, he tried to jump. Failing, Lewa saved him with an updraft. Kopaka theorized that the vision was from Teridax, seeing as it almost got him incinerated.[1]

Jaller, Hewkii, Macku, Onepu, Matoro, and Kongu tried to get Lewa and Kopaka to go to a Bamboo Disk tournament. Lewa and Kopaka declined, and the Matorn encountered a Nui-Jaga. They formed a Matoran Nui, and defeated it.[MDC1]

Lewa then told him that Onua had called the Toa together for a meeting near his landing site. The meeting was first interrupted by the eruption of the Mangai Volcano and then more Rahi attacks. Onua and Pohatu combined their powers to dig a trench for the lava, so that no harm would come to the island. After the Toa had won that first battle, they decided the search for the masks had to continue, and agreed that they fought better as a team.[C3]

There Takua took Pewku, an Ussal Crab, at the advice of Midak who brought him to Onu-Koro. Upon entering Turaga Whenua's hut he witnessed the progress of a meeting about Onu-Koro's problems. While exploring a tunnel that split into a small Lightstone mine, he saw that it was filled with lava from a split lava pipe. But the pipe key was across the lava. Takua crossed the lava with his Lavaboard and figured out a small, coded puzzle on the pipe machine that allowed the lava to stop flowing and the remaining lava to cool. After receiving thanks from the Onu-Matoran workers and crew and talking to Turaga Whenua, he continued on.

The Great Sundial

In the Great Mine, Onu-Koro workers were experiencing trouble mining, as they had reached a layer of something extremely hard. Takua decided to go investigate it. He soon came to meet the Chief Mining Prospector and found out that the layer of hard rock had a sundial on it. The Mine Prospector asked Takua if he knew an Astrologer, and he replied yes, from Ga-Koro. Upon hearing this news, the Prospector gave Takua a letter for the Astrologer. So Takua ventured to Ga-Koro, where the Astrologer, Nixie, saw the letter and gave Takua a Gnomon, which was a small object that went into the sundial. The Astrologer told Takua to use the Lightstone and imitate four o'clock with the Gnomon.[MNOG, Ch. 5]

After another fight with the Rahi, Gali, Onua and Kopaka recovered Tahu's Miru underwater, but not after fighting and defeating a Tarakava.[1]

Takua took another split path labeled Le-Wahi. The tunnel was full of Matoran laboring to finish the tunnel to Le-Wahi. Takua spoke to a Miner who dreamed of going around Le-Wahi, longing to see the sights. The Miner, Taipu, taught Takua a bit more about Onu-Matoran mining and the Toa named Onua. Just when Taipu lifted his hammer and brought it hard upon the wall, beams of sunlight shot through. They had finished the tunnel. Taipu wanted to go to Le-Koro with Takua, and Takua approved. The two were soon trekking through the jungle. But as Taipu jumped up on a rock to see the village of Le-Koro, a Nui-Rama with an infected mask grabbed the Onu-Matoran and carried him away. Worried, Takua continued on to the treetop village of Le-Koro and found it seemingly deserted. Takua found a flute and began playing on it. Suddenly Le-Matoran began to appear from the bushes and vines.

However, soon after Takua spoke to the Matoran, a thick, dark cloud of Nui-Rama began to form in the North. The Le-Matoran started an offensive attack of their own by riding on their Gukko Birds. So Kongu and Takua took flight on the Gukko Bird, Ka, to lead an assault and rescue the captured Le-Matoran and Turaga Matau. Using Bamboo Disks, Takua helped as co-pilot by hitting several Nui-Rama on their mission. Getting past most of the buzzing Nui-Rama, the two soon entered the huge nest, only to be ambushed and trapped with the rest of the allies. There, Matau revealed to Takua that their Toa, Lewa, had been taken by Teridax's infection.

Onua fighting Infected Lewa

From above approached Toa Lewa on a Nui-Kopen who held his Kanohi Mask. His empty, infected eyes stared blankly out at the hive as a tremor shook the nest and Toa Onua emerged from a hole. Lewa flung himself downward and the two engaged in fierce combat. Onua finally managed to knock the infected mask off using his Matatu, thus halting Teridax's control over Toa Lewa. Onua then used the mask’s telekinetic powers to get Lewa's Kanohi from the Nui-Kopen. Retrieving his mask, Lewa activated his Komau and took control of the Nui-Kopen so it could help bring the captured Matoran back to Le-Koro. Once they arrived, the Matoran held a large celebration. During it, Takua spoke to Turaga Matau and was given a flutesong so that he could call upon a Kewa, or Kahu bird, from anywhere to fly him to other villages.[MNOG, Ch. 6]

Afterwards Takua returned to Ta-Koro, just north of Le-Wahi. There, he spoke with Jaller, and received the ensign of the Guard joining the organization, so that he could check up on the North March and the missing Ta-Koro scouts stationed there. Takua walked up the side of Ta-Wahi, and used the Ta-Matoran cable car to reach Ko-Wahi. He found himself at the Drifts, the cold and desolate landscape of Ko-Wahi. There, he found an empty Ta-Matoran outpost and took a Heatstone that was found there. Takua proceeded back into the drifts. In it, the Av-Matoran found an odd sight: a Ko-Matoran stuck in ice. Using the Heatstone, Takua thawed him out. The Ko-Matoran quickly recovered and stared at Takua for a second before running away. Takua was quick to follow and soon they stopped at an ice cave. There, he discovered that the Matoran's name was Kopeke and that the scouts had been lured fatally into the ice by Teridax. Behind the cave Takua found a path to Ko-Koro.

Arriving at Ko-Koro, he walked into the Sanctum, and began to speak with the Turaga of Ko-Koro, Turaga Nuju. However he couldn’t understand the old one and a Ko-Matoran explained that he would have to find Matoro, who was the only Matoran who could translate Nuju's speech. However the translator was out in the Drifts hunting. Takua decided to locate him despite the warnings. Going through a passage, he found himself in the drifts once again, following red flags left as markers by Matoro. Doing so, he came across a rock on which three words were inscribed: "Beware the Swarm." In front of it, Takua fell to the cold and became unconscious.

Kopaka and his illusions battling the Muaka

Later, on his way back to Ko-Koro, Matoro found Takua and brought him into an igloo. Right after Takua woke up, a low growl was heard and Matoro witnessed a battle between Kopaka and a Muaka. Kopaka managed to trick it using a Mahiki.

Kopaka and Matoro then brought Takua back to Ko-Koro. He went to Nuju and, with the help of Matoro, conversed. Nuju gave him a tablet to show to the other Turaga so that they could make preparations for the mission the Toa were about to take. Nuju also gave him the task of forming a Company of Matoran from each village to protect the Kini-Nui while the Toa went down into Teridax's lair.[MNOG, Ch. 7]

Entering Kini-Nui

While searching for the last of their masks, the Toa also collected the Makoki Stones.[MNOG, Ch. 9]

Tahu, Gali, and Onua were, at the meantime, in Le-Wahi trying to figure out how to get the Kakama, which was stuck in a tree. Gali tried to use her Miru to get it, but Tahu first lit the tree on fire, leaving only ash and the mask. The fire began to spread immediately, which Gali put out with her power. She told Tahu that the birds had no home thanks to him, and stalked off angrily.

Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu traveled towards a Kaukau while Tahu, Gali, and Onua left to search for Tahu's final mask. Once Lewa and the rest discovered Pohatu’s next mask, the Toa of Air suggested to jump over the trench and in order acquire it. Kopaka strongly disagreed because of the nearby Nui-Jaga which was wandering throughout the crevasse, but Pohatu allied with Lewa's plan. Before Kopaka could stop him, the Toa of Air launched himself across, using his powers over the wind to carry him. He obtained the mask, and used his Miru to safely levitate back towards his brothers.[1]

Takua then traveled across Mata Nui to deliver the tablet to the Turaga. Afterwards he gathered the Matoran the Turaga had chosen for the coming battle: Kapura of Ta-Koro, Tamaru of Le-Koro, Kopeke of Ko-Koro, Macku of Ga-Koro, Hafu of Po-Koro and Taipu of Onu-Koro. Together, they journeyed to the Kini-Nui.

The villages prepared defenses, knowing that a large amount of Rahi would attack since the Toa would be below the surface.[MNOG, Ch. 8]

At the Kini-Nui, the Toa Mata placed their Kanohi on their statues, which were carved into the Kini-Nui. Each Toa's set of masks combined to form a Golden Kanohi. These Kanohi contained all of the powers of the six Great Masks. As each Golden Mask formed, they each received a Makoki Stone, a small piece of a circular rock fragment needed to open the pathway to Mangaia, Teridax's lair. They stayed at the Kini-Nui for a final gathering before going down to defeat Teridax. There they discussed their battle plans, and whether or not they would return, for Teridax would almost certainly send some of his Rahi to attack the Kini-Nui as they entered.

The Chronicler's Company at the Battle for Kini-Nui

When the Company arrived, the Toa's concerns were relieved. The Company promised to protect the Kini-Nui and make sure no Rahi were to attack the Toa when as they traveled into it. Before the Toa parted, Gali stopped Takua and established a mental link with him so he could Chronicle the battle against Teridax if the Toa could not come back to tell the tale.

As the Toa descended, the Matoran hardly waited for long. Soon, a horde of Rahi arrived. The Matoran used their discs to fend off the Rahi, and between the fights, Takua witnessed the formation of the Toa Kaita and their battles with the Manas. Suddenly, a massive group of Rahi of all types approached the Kini-Nui. When all seemed lost, an army of Ta-Matoran appeared in the North with a wave of discs launching toward the Rahi. Gukko birds and Ussal-riding Onu-Matoran began to soar above and erupt from the earth, ambushing multiple Rahi. A long battle ensued before Kini-Nui was safe, the legions of Rahi defeated.

Upon entering the gate to Mangaia, the Toa were attacked by two Manas crabs, and began to fight them, but were beaten by the strength of the Rahi. Gali and Kopaka recalled their visions and the six Toa fused into the two Toa Kaita. Akamai was the combination of Tahu, Pohatu and Onua, while Wairuha was the combination of Lewa, Gali and Kopaka. They represented Valor and Wisdom respectively.

As each fought them, the overwhelmingly powerful creatures attacked, and still the Toa Kaita were being defeated. Strange towers outlined the landscape, and as each Toa Kaita sliced one, the room grew colder. Despite the Manas' attempts to guard the towers that mysteriously gave them life, the fused Toa continued to destroy the structures. Finally finding themselves in the realm of their ultimate enemy, Teridax, they entered the room. A force of destruction however separated the Toa Kaita, thus they became the six Toa Mata once again.

Takua then received a message from Gali, calling him to witness the final battle with Teridax and record the events, as the link would soon be broken. Takua learned from a Matoran who had helped to defend the Kini Nui that Turaga Whenua summoned him. He took Pewku back to Onu-Koro.[MNOG, Ch. 9]

The Toa Kaita fighting the Manas in the Mata Nui Online Game

When the Toa entered the main chamber, they encountered a huge void that seemed to fill the chamber. Suddenly Teridax's voice boomed throughout the room, taunting and ridiculing the Toa. When the voice silenced, six shadow forms appeared in front of the Toa, each matching one of the Toa's shapes. Jumping into combat, the Toa battled the Shadow Toa. Though the heroes fought an extremely even match, they slowly began to weaken.[1] When the Toa realized no one could defeat their own shadow counterpart, they acknowledged the shadow was a part of them. In doing so the Toa were able to re-absorb their counterparts, thus ending their threat.[2] Afterwards the Toa proceeded into Teridax's lair.[1]

Turaga Whenua explained to Takua that there was another passage to Mangaia: through the mysterious Sundial area Takua had found earlier. Takua thanked Turaga Whenua and then proceeded downward where he reached the area. To his surprise he took notice the Golden Hau that had been floating inside it had disappeared. Touching the pillar, and with a sudden plunge the platform began to descend. It soon reached the bottom of a dark chamber, where Takua discovered the disabled Manas scattered around the chamber. When he approached a tall, glowing green, open door he quietly walked through.

The Toa entered the chamber and looked up into a column stationed in the middle of the room, a swirling vortex of objects. Calling out to Teridax, informing him of their arrival, he appeared. The Toa were stunned, staring at a small being walking up towards them. A Matoran, completely pitted and rusted with an Infected Mask, walked out to them, blank eyes staring from empty sockets, and proclaiming that he was what they were sworn to protect.

Teridax prepares to fight the Toa Mata.

Kopaka warned Tahu it was a trick, and after several comments were exchanged, the Matoran revealed himself to be The Makuta. When his body was absorbed by the vortex, in its place, a dark energy swarming, the Infected Mask rose high and the tentacles swirled around the Toa, reaching out to them. No matter how hard they attempted to evade the attack from the Master of Shadows, no defense seemed to measure up against it. Slowly, the Makuta ceased his attack and gazed down at his tired and utterly defeated opponents. In a final attempt, the Toa joined together in an elemental blast directed towards the Makuta, summoning everything they could muster. Instantly, the swirling vortex of objects withered and collapsed, and the infected mask disappeared after warning the Toa that they could not destroy him, for he was nothing.

When Teridax was defeated, some of the scattered metal pieces making up the vortex collapsed on Takua. Beams of white energy teleported the Toa back to the surface of Mata Nui as the lone Matoran emerged from the debris.[MNOG, Ch. 9]