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"Right, I'm sure where you came from, Ga-Matoran are all gentle peacemakers who never raise their voices. That's what they ... we ... were like where I came from too."
Dalu to Toa Inika Hahli, Power Play

Matoran Type
Element Water
Preferred regions Aquatic regions
Transforms into Toa of Water

The Ga-Matoran are the Matoran of Water.

Abilities and Traits

Ga-Matoran have inactive Water powers, which can be activated upon transformation into Toa and is manifested as increased lung capacity and skills at swimming.[1][2] The Ga-Matoran on Metru Nui had educational occupations, such as teachers or scientists. On Mata Nui, Ga-Matoran had jobs such as fishing, weaving, or boat-making.[3] On Voya Nui, some Ga-Matoran were trained to be warriors. As a result, these Ga-Matoran were more aggressive than those on other islands.[4]

Metru Nui's Ga-Matoran are largely peaceful and value Unity the most out of the Three Virtues, from which they derive the Principle of Purity and the Skill of Speed.

Identifiable physical attributes of Ga-Matoran include Kanohi and armor in varying shades of blue. They are also one of the female Matoran types.

Known Ga-Matoran

  • Various Matoran from Metru Nui who were present during the Great Cataclysm and brought to Mata Nui by the Toa Metru.
    • Amaya: A flax maker on Mata Nui and a Teacher on Metru Nui. Saved Ga-Koro from a Great Temple Squid about 500 years ago.
    • Hahli (transformed): Once a shy, quiet Ga-Matoran who was chosen as a kolhii champion by Nokama and traveled Mata Nui training for the kolhii tournament. She succeeded Takua as Chronicler after he became Takanuva. She later became a Toa Inika and then a Toa Mahri.
    • Kai: A sailor on Mata Nui. Established a rowing club about 500 years ago, which went poorly.
    • Kailani: A Crafter on Mata Nui.
    • Kotu: A Rahi tender and one of Nokama's advisors, who guarded Ga-Koro against the Bohrok and was expected to be chosen for the Ga-Koro kolhii team.
    • Macku: A boat racer, right hand to Turaga Nokama and part of the Chronicler's Company. She was later one of Ga-Koro's kolhii champions.
    • Marka: A shipwright on Mata Nui.
    • Nireta: A navigator on Mata Nui.
    • Nixie: Mata Nui's astrologer, often referred to simply as "The Astrologer."
    • Okoth: Ga-Koro's Trader.
    • Pelagia: A shipwright on Mata Nui.
    • Shasa: A Weaver on Mata Nui.
    • Various members of the Ga-Koro Guard.
      • A light blue Ga-Matoran who wears a dark blue Great Kakama.[5]
      • A dark blue Ga-Matoran with blue feet and a light blue Great Hau.[6]
    • Blue Ga-Matoran with blue feet who wear blue Kakamas and fish in Ga-Koro.[7]
    • A blue Ga-Matoran with blue feet who wears a blue Kakama and weaves in Ga-Koro.[7]
    • A blue Metru Nui Ga-Matoran Trader who wears a blue Noble Ruru.[8]
    • A dark blue-and-light blue Ga-Matoran who wears a blue Noble Huna.[6]
  • Dalu: The warrior of the Matoran Resistance.
  • Gaaki (transformed): Eventually became the Toa Hagah of Water.
  • Idris: Former Mahri Nui resident.
  • Kyrehx: Former Mahri Nui resident.
  • Naho (transformed): A Toa Mangai who played a key role in the Toa-Dark Hunter War (unknown fate)[9][10]
  • Nokama (transformed): A Teacher before she became a Toa Metru and Toa Hordika, now a Turaga of Water.
  • Tuyet (transformed): Once a Matoran on the island where the Nui Stone was kept, now a rogue Toa Mangai in possession of this stone
  • Vhisola: A student of Nokama's on Metru Nui who idolized her teacher. Knew the location of the Ga-Metru Great Disk.
  • A Metru Nui Ga-Matoran drowned by Tuyet.[11] (revived)[12]
  • A Ga-Matoran from Artakha who wears a Kakama.[13]
  • A Ga-Matoran who became a Toa and joined the Toa Cordak before being killed by Zyglak. (transformed, deceased)[14][15]
  • Several Ga-Matoran who became Toa and were later killed by Hakann. (transformed, deceased)[16]
  • Various Ga-Matoran who became Toa of Water and later helped aquatic Rahi immigrate to Spherus Magna.[16]

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