BIONICLE: Metru Nui - City of Legends

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"This book is a guide to this amazing City of Legends, from the towering Coliseum to the protodermis canals to the depths of the Ta-Metru fire pits. In this book, you will tour the six districts, or metru, and meet the heroic Toa, cold and efficient Vahki enforcers, strange and powerful Dark Hunters, and bizarre Rahi who live there.
The mysteries of Metru Nui are waiting for you.
— Narrator

BIONICLE: Metru Nui - City of Legends
BIONICLE Metru Nui - City of Legends.png
Series Guides
Author Greg Farshtey
Publisher Scholastic
ISBN 0-439-60734-5

BIONICLE: Metru Nui - City of Legends is a guide book published in 2004 about the city of Metru Nui.


Like the previous The Official Guide to BIONICLE, the guide had descriptions written in a travel guide format, advertising different locations, residents, Rahi, and shops.

The guide is divided into the six Metru. Each Metru is described, and the specific areas and inhabitants of each are described in detail. The descriptions are accompanied by full-color artwork, much of which is taken from scenes in Legends of Metru Nui and the Toa Metru Mini Promo CDs.

The center of this guide features full-page posters of the six individual Toa Metru and one page of the Toa Metru's Toa Disk stickers. There is also a page for Kanoka Disk codes. On the last page there is a map showing Metru Nui and pointing out the locations mentioned throughout the book.

The book had a website companion, the Metru Nui Ministry of Tourism, which was available through a Kanoka Code in the book.