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"Turaga Onewa said something to me before I left Po-Koro. He said it's easy to be a hero when you have plenty of power and your only worry is whatever enemy is fool enough to challenge you. It's not so easy when all you have is your wits and your biggest enemy is yourself."
Toa Nuva Pohatu to Kopaka, Tales of the Masks

LoMN Matoran Onewa.PNG
Occupation Carver
Kanohi Komau
Tools Chisel
Status Transformed into a Toa Metru
Pronunciation oh-NEE-wah[1]
Comic Toa Metru Onewa.PNG
Toa of Stone
Affiliation Toa Metru
Kanohi Great Komau
Tools Proto Pitons
Status Transformed into a Turaga
Pronunciation oh-NEE-wah[1]
Set number 8604
Comic Toa Hordika Onewa.PNG
Toa Hordika of Stone
Affiliation Toa Hordika
Kanohi Mutated Komau
Tools Claw Clubs
Combat Staff
Status Transformed back into a Toa Metru
Pronunciation oh-NEE-wah[1]
Set number 8739
Turaga onewa infobox.png
Turaga of Stone
Kanohi Noble Komau
Tools Stone Hammer
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation oh-NEE-wah[1]
Set number 8542

Onewa was a skeptical Po-Matoran Carver native to Metru Nui who became the Toa Metru of Stone, and briefly the Toa Hordika of Stone. He later became one of the Turaga of Mata Nui along with the other Toa Metru, and was one of the Turaga of Metru Nui before Teridax's reign began.



Onewa was a Po-Matoran Carver on Metru Nui. He was considered to be the best at the profession, and he often beat fellow Carver Ahkmou in competitions, earning his colleague’s jealousy. At some point in his career, Onewa was selected to be a part of the secret Po-Matoran construction team that built the Kranua, an elite model of Vahki; Onewa only worked on a single unit, and he noted that the machines were slow.

Onewa was the second of the future Toa Metru to receive a Toa Stone along with a map to the Great Temple from Toa Mangai Lhikan; the Po-Matoran was working in an Assembler's Village at the time, but he made his way to the Great Temple per the summons. While conversing with five other Matoran, each of whom had their own Toa Stone, Onewa responded sharply to a comment made by the Ko-Matoran Seer Nuju, sparking an argument with the Ga-Matoran Teacher Nokama; the argument was swiftly and abruptly ended when the Suva at the center of the Great Temple rose out of the floor in front of the Matoran. Along with the others, Onewa placed his Toa Stone into the Suva and was transformed into a Toa.

Toa Metru

Toa Onewa searching for Ahkmou

As they recovered from shock of becoming Toa, Vakama had a vision and told everyone that they needed to find the Great Disks to defeat the Morbuzakh, a plant that had been plaguing Metru Nui. He also said that six Matoran had already discovered their location. Onewa was skeptical, as the information came from Vakama's visions which he believed were caused by mental damage suffered from working too long in the forge. He nevertheless went out to find the Po-Matoran Ahkmou and at Ahkmou's home found names of the other Matoran the Toa were searching for, a map with the Great Furnace marked, and a note telling Ahkmou to be at his workplace. When he reached his workplace, Ahkmou's co-worker Hafu told him Ahkmou had been acting really strange lately and had gone to the Protodermis Warehouses. There Onewa found an area of the Sculpture Fields marked, and Ahkmou trapped on the top of a sculpture. As he's talking to Ahkmou, Onewa noticed a Chute Station number, number 445 carved into the stone. When he looked back Ahkmou had fled down the sculpture, and Onewa tracked the Po-Matoran into the station and found him. Ahkmou admitted to knowing where the Great Disk was, and a station attendant named Kivi said two beings are after Ahkmou. The Po-Matoran then stuck with Onewa.

Meeting at the Great Temple, the Toa discussed their findings and realized Ahkmou was betraying the other Matoran, but decided to act unawares. Onewa and Vakama then teamed up to find the disks in their Metru, bring Ahkmou and Nuhrii with them. Nidhiki then trapped the Toa in a chute heading for a furnace once they reached Ta-Metru, but Vakama absorbed the heat. Getting the Matoran, they continued, reaching the Fire Pits. Vakama and Nuhrii descended using handholds while Onewa distracted Vahki guarding it. Although they were attacked by Morbuzakh, they managed to escape using Vakama's Disk Launcher to temporarily morph the plant. In Po-Metru, the two encountered a rouge Tunneler that tried to attack, but Vakama changed it to glass as it shifted to sand, and the best could not support it's weight. Onewa retrieved the Great Disk from the center of a statue, and met again where Vhisola revealed the Morbuzakh's King Root must be destroyed, and Nokama realized it was in the Great Furnace. In a building the Toa were trapped by seeds but escaped, and Onewa confronted Ahkmou. As they entered the building, a Matoran Nui aided the Toa and they entered With the other Toa, they eventually defeated the Morbuzakh using the Great Disks by tricking it into drawing then close.

The Toa began heading to the Coliseum to show the Great Disks when Nuparu approached them, informing them of a leak in the Archives. The Toa went down into the Archives and ended up fighting the Shapeshifting Rahi, Krahka. Krahka took the form of Vakama and attacked Onewa, causing him to attack Vakama when the Toa met. Whenua calmed them, and they continued to find the leak. They come to a chasm with a rope bridge but are attacked by Rahkshi, stranding Nuju with Onewa on the other side. Onewa swung Nuju across the chasm, and the Toa continued. Krahka then captured Onewa until Nokama found him again. After Whenua was found captured from the start, Nuju was captured too and the Toa formed a trap and exposed Krahka. She materialized herself as a combination of all the Toa and fought them, until Vakama caused her powers to drain. Krahka escaped, and the Toa fixed the leak and returned to the surface, intent on showing the Matoran they were true Toa.

Nuju breaks out of the prison

However, upon presenting the Great Disks to Turaga Dume as proof of their worthiness, Dume pronounced them impostors and called for their arrest. Onewa, Nuju, and Whenua were captured. When they were being escorted to the prison, they tried to escape but failed due to the Rorzakh's Staff of Presence, and were locked in the Prison of the Dark Hunters. A mysterious Turaga, also trapped inside, helped them learn to activate their mask powers. After this, The Toa escaped, thanks to Nuju's mask power. Once out of the prison, they walked through the tunnels guided by Whenua's light and found a Troller that attacked them. Onewa used his Komau and had it take them around in it's mouth before releasing them, where they met the other three Toa. The Turaga revealed himself to be Lhikan, and they found Dume in a Matoran Sphere. Realizing the Dume they saw was an impostor, they fought through Lohrak and stole a Vahki Transport and ran for the Coliseum. Teridax revealed himself to be the false Dume and the Great Cataclysm occurred, plunging the city into ruin and darkness. In their fleeing from the Coliseum with six Matoran Spheres, Onewa saved his team by making Krekka attack Nidhiki. During the Battle at the Great Barrier, Onewa used his tools to destroy a Protodermis pole which was going to collide with the transport. Onewa eventually joined stone with the other Toa's Elements to seal Makuta Teridax, behind solid Protodermis.

The Toa Metru then left Metru Nui for Mata Nui via a series of rivers aboard their Vahki Transport-Boat, The Lhikan. En route, they encountered ancient sea Rahi and Kralhi led by a Onu-Matoran named Mavrah, who believed that they were sent by Turaga Dume to retrieve him for his previous crime. A battle began, of which Onewa spoke harshly to the Matoran to force him to comprehend how his actions were harming others. While attempting to stop the battle in response, Mavrah was swept into the boiling river and only the actions of Onewa prevented Whenua from diving in after him.

After reaching Mata Nui, Onewa discovered a system of tunnels which the Toa Metru used to return to Metru Nui. The six Toa descended into the tunnels, where they discovered strange, mutated Rahi. When the Rahi Nui attacked, the Metru tricked it into shrinking. When it attacked again, Onewa, Matau, Nokama, and Whenua were defeated, but Vakama and Nuju managed to defeat it. The plant Karzahni agreed to heal Nokama, who had become mortally wounded after the battle, if they would bring it a vial of Energized Protodermis. During their new quest, Onewa was attacked by a Krana/Kraata hybrid which attached itself to his mask. The Toa of Stone experienced a strange vision of conquering Visorak from the creature, after which he related to the others. When the Toa found the pool of Energized Protodermis, he helped defeat the substance's physical form. Nokama was then fully healed once they retrieved the substance for Karzahni and the plant unwisely used the Energized Protodermis on itself, dying soon after.

Vakama was attacked by a Fire Entity searching for transport parts to make the Lhikan II. The Toa built it out of those and Karzahni roots, and sailed it to Metru Nui where they crashedc ashore in Le-Metru. The Metru was damaged heavily, and Matau and Whenua went to scout. They returned with news of Rorzakh that could speak normally, and Onewa led the group to the Moto-Hub where he examined Vahki there. He pointed out that most were destroyed due to Teridax overloading the power, but some survived with circuit damage. As they explored in the Moto-Hub, they found a cocoon with barbs, and finally, Matau, who defeated a Sonic Entity. After facing a mutant Lohrak, the Toa went outside and saw Visorak and began to run, but some were cornered by Suukorak. The Visorak fled when the other Toa arrived. As they neared the Coliseum, they used Toa Power to heal an Ash Bear before Keelerak ambushed them and paralyzed them.

Toa Hordika

Toa Hordika Onewa in Web of Shadows

The Toa were then hung by the Visorak in cocoons, thousands of feet high in the ruins of the great Coliseum. The heroes underwent painful mutations, (thanks to the ruthless viceroy of the Visorak, Roodaka) in the confines of their cocoons into the bestial half-Toa Half-Rahi Toa Hordika. As a Toa Hordika, Onewa found it harder to control his emotions than anyone else, with the exception of Vakama. The Rahaga saved them from dying and told them that they need to find Keetongu, a noble Rahi, for them to be cured. Vakama, Onewa, and Norik went to Po-Metru where they saw a group of Roporak attacking Kikanalo, angering Vakama so much he sent Rhotuka down toward them. Meeting with Pouks, the two observed a Kane-Ra in Po-Metru, and Pouks told of the Visorak's power. Onewa later met Vakama again and saved Nuju, Whenua, Bomonga, and Kualus who were buried under rock. Later still, when the Toa Hordika found the Avohkii, Onewa encased it in stone so it could be smuggled out of the city.

Nokama and Onewa launch Rhotuka

The Toa decided that Onewa and the Rahaga, Pouks, should search for levitation disks in Po-Metru to evacuate the Matoran by airship, however Onewa stumbled upon evidence that they might not have been meant to be Toa Metru. While investigating a tunnel, he realized that the chamber at the end was in fact Teridax's own lair. As he looked through the chamber, he spotted a tablet that held some discouraging news for the Toa. While Onewa examined the tablet, outside the cave Pouks found out that a nearby stone snake was in fact Krahka, the shapeshifting Rahi whom the Toa had met before. While meeting up with Pouks, Onewa and the Rahaga confronted Krahka and had a conversation. Realizing that a Visorak Army traveled to Le-Metru, Krahka commanded them to follow her to Ta-Metru to meet a "friend". This friend turned out to be the Tahtorak, a massive dragon-like creature with incredible power. Krahka shapeshifted into a replica of Onewa and the unlikely team continued on to Le-Metru met up with the other Toa Hordika and Rahaga.

Onewa then witnessed the fight between the Tahtorak and the powerful Zivon, and helped fight off the Visorak from a nearby Tower that the Toa took as a fortress. During the battle, he helped to lock up a large part of the Visorak army in the Tower. After seeing the Tahtorak, Krahka and the Zivon disappear into the Field of Shadows, he became filled with rage and crushed the Kahgarak spider responsible with a mass of stone. He later shared the information on the tablet in Teridax's lair with the other Toa Hordika which filled them all with doubt.

Later, Onewa was told about the Makoki Stone by Vakama, and then set out to find the second piece of the dissembled key. When he found it, he was grabbed by a tentacle and would have been nearly killed, had Whenua not arrived and saved him. He told his comrade of the quest and Whenua left to find his piece. When the Toa Hordika found the Avohkii, Onewa encased it in stone so it could be smuggled out of the city. Vakama, who had been most affected by the news Onewa found, gave in to his emotions and joined the Visorak hordes, capturing five of the six Rahaga in the process.

The Toa sans Vakama guarded the Great Temple while the Rahaga worked inside it. As they grew restless, the Hordika noticed that the Great Temple was burning. They ran into the building and found Norik trapped under rubble. Whenua freed him, and Norik revealed a shocking truth: Vakama had betrayed the Toa and joined the Visorak, capturing the five other Rahaga. Soon after, Onewa and the others, led by Norik, embarked on a journey to find the great Rahi Keetongu. They were crossing Metru when Onewa noticed Oohnorak sneaking up on them, and waited as Nokama, Nuju, Norik, and Whenua ran across a web bridge. Onewa started to go, but the bridge snapped, Norik getting caught in web. Matau devised a plan to slingshot Onewa and him to the other side, and as the Oohnorak reached them, they left, picking up Norik, but splashed into the river below. Using Underwater Chutes, they reached the Ko-Metru Hideaway, and found Keetongu. Keetongu refused to aid the Hordika until they told the tale of how they needed to save Vakama. Keetongu was touched at the Hordika's dedication to Vakama and agreed to help them

In the final battle against the Visorak, Onewa killed a great number of Visorak, aided the others in bringing Vakama back to the light, and helped defeat Roodaka. Unwittingly, they released Teridax upon Roodaka's defeat by striking the piece of his seal Roodaka had kept in her armor. He was then transformed back into a Toa Metru by Keetongu, and then, with nearly one thousand sleeping villagers, he left to the island of Mata Nui to start a new life. On the way, Onewa noticed Teridax was missing from his Toa Seal, but Vakama calmed him, confident the Toa would defeat him.


Turaga Onewa as seen in Mask of Light

Once on Mata Nui, Onewa willingly sacrificed his Toa Power to awaken the Matoran, transforming into a Turaga in the process. He supervised the construction of Po-Koro, making sure that it resembled Po-Metru, and aided in the defense of the village with his mask and powers. He became known for his ability to judge and resolve disputes fairly, and was nicknamed "Referee" for his efforts.[QftT] He, together with Turaga Whenua, also invented the sport of Kolhii to solve a dispute between the Po-Matoran and Onu-Matoran.[MNOG2] His right hand Matoran was Hewkii while his left hand Matoran is Hafu. Kofo-Jaga kidnapped Onewa, until he was saved by Takua. He later saw Takua summon the Toa, and met Pohatu when the Toa Mata arrived and told Pohatu of his destiny.

During the Po-Koro Epidemic, Onewa was greatly saddened at the sickness of the Po-Matoran, and spent most of his time carving beds for the sick. It was Takua who showed him the origin of the sickness, the Comet Kolhii ball. However, Onewa knew that the Matoran would not relinquish the balls without proof, so he sent Takua to find the source of the infected balls. When the source was exposed, and the Po-Matoran and Pohatu had thrown them out to sea, Onewa rewarded Takua with a chisel and instructed him to show it to Nokama who would appoint him as the Chronicler.

Onewa later spotted the Bohrok starting to destroy some of Po-Wahi's famous monuments, and fiercely attacked the Pahrak that were doing it, even though they did not even recognize his presence. He later went back to warn the Po-Matoran of the Bohrok's arrival. He led the Po-Matoran to Ga-Koro in order to escape the Tahnok swarms, which were ravaging Po-Koro. There, as they and the Ga-Matoran prepared to make a last stand against the Bohrok, the Toa defeated the Bahrag and saved them from the Pahrak swarms.

After the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal and The Rebuilding, Onewa selected Hafu and Hewkii as Po-Koro's representatives for the Kolhii Tournament. Onewa was present at the final Kolhii Match that took place in Ta-Koro and witnessed the revelation of the Mask of Light.

Onewa withheld information about Metru Nui and his life as a Toa from Pohatu, and continued to do so, leaving Vakama the task of telling the story of their lives as Toa Metru.

Turaga Onewa storytelling.

Return To Metru Nui

When Onewa and the other Turaga traveled back to Metru Nui, Dume held a conference with the Turaga and the Toa Nuva during which he revealed Mata Nui was dying. Dume told the assembled Toa and Turaga of the Kanohi Ignika, located on Voya Nui, which could save him. With this, Onewa, the other Turaga, and the Toa Nuva were led by Dume into a chamber that held six Toa Canisters and watched the departure of the Toa Nuva in them.

After learning of Matoro's death, he constructed a statue of him in front of the Coliseum, aided by Hewkii and Nuparu. The Toa Hagah and Toa Mahri later convinced Onewa and the other Turaga to let them perform a plan to let the Toa Hagah go under the Coliseum in their pursuit of Teridax. The Order of Mata Nui then occupied Metru Nui for a confrontation against the Brotherhood. Onewa and the other Turaga were confined to the Coliseum as they refused to agree with their plans.

After the Siege of Metru Nui, Onewa and the other Turaga declared a city-wide celebration.

Teridax's Reign

During this celebration, Teridax declared his takeover of the Matoran Universe, and sent Rahkshi into the city to terrorize them. Therefore, Onewa and all other inhabitants of Metru Nui went into the Archives to barricade themselves and hide. The Turaga then found Krahka, who led the Toa Nuva to the shoreline through unused tunnels. However, after Krahka departed to join the rebellion, Onewa and the other Turaga of Metru Nui were captured by Teridax's Rahkshi and were imprisoned in the Coliseum, with Ahkmou taking their place as the new "Turaga."

After the death of Teridax and the destruction of the Great Spirit Robot, Onewa, along with the Turaga and surviving Matoran of Metru Nui, migrated to the reformed Spherus Magna.[OGDi: Apr 4 2010, 12:11 PM][OGDi: Apr 7 2010, 01:19 PM]

Abilities and Traits

Onewa was the most pessimistic of the Toa Metru. He was courageous, and ever-ready to crack a joke, but frequently made fun of Vakama and Whenua (but later became close friends with them). He found being a Toa thrilling, like Matau, but at the same time knew it was serious business. He was impatient, quick to anger, and often rushed in without thinking. By the time he became a Turaga, Onewa had mellowed quite a bit; he was renowned on Mata Nui for his fairness and ability to moderate arguments, earning the nickname "the Referee."

As a Toa of Stone, Onewa could control, create, or absorb stone. After becoming a Turaga, these abilities were greatly reduced.

Mask and Tools

Onewa wore a Great Komau, the Mask of Mind Control, as a Toa Metru. When he became a Toa Hordika, the Kanohi was fused to his face and he could no longer access its powers. When he was transformed back into a Toa Metru, his original mask was restored. When Onewa transformed into a Turaga, his Komau became a Noble Kanohi, and so its power was decreased.

As a Toa Metru, Onewa had a pair of Proto Pitons for tools. He could use them to focus his elemental stone powers. When he became a Toa Hordika, his Proto Pitons became Claw Clubs. He also acquired a Rhotuka Launcher through which he fired stone Rhotuka. He additionally found and occasionally used a Combat Staff. Upon becoming a Toa Metru again, Onewa lost his Rhotuka launcher and his tools reverted back to their Proto Piton form. As a Turaga, Onewa now wields a Stone Hammer as his Badge of Office.

When the Toa Mata were transformed into Toa Nuva, Onewa was given Pohatu's Noble Masks that he had collected, as he had no use for them.

Set Information

Onewa was first released as a small Turaga set in 2001. 8542 Onewa contained thirty pieces. One could move a lever on his back to make Turaga Onewa raise his Stone Hammer with his right arm. Onewa could be combined with 8531 Pohatu to make the Dikapi.

8604 Toa Onewa was released as a forty-piece canister set in early 2004 for North American buyers and summer 2004 for European buyers. His semi-flexible proto pitons could be stored on his back when not in use, and he was able to swing his arms in opposite directions when one spun a gear on his back. Parts from the set could be combined with pieces from Toa Metru Vakama and Matau to make a Kralhi, or with parts of all five other Toa Metru to create the Rahi Krahka.

8739 Toa Hordika Onewa was released in winter 2005 in North America and during the summer in Europe. The set contained forty-eight pieces including a Rhotuka launcher and two silver Rhotuka spinners. Spinning a gear on his right shoulder caused that arm to bend at the elbow. Pieces from Onewa Hordika could be combined with those of Toa Hordika Matau to build a Rock Raptor, or with ones from Nokama and Nuju to make a Frostelus.

Onewa appeared as a Toa Hordika minifigure in four playsets in 2005, 8757 Visorak Battle Ram, 8758 Tower of Toa, 8759 Battle of Metru Nui and 8769 Visorak's Gate. He carried a Combat Staff instead of his Claw Clubs.

A large statue of Onewa in his Toa Metru form stands by the sign for the LEGO City area at LEGOLAND. Unlike many large models of BIONICLE characters, it is not made of LEGO System Bricks. It is also buried from the knees down.[2]


"Builder! I'm counting on your courage."
Toa Mangai Lhikan to Onewa, Legends of Metru Nui

"I'm doing this for Lhikan, no one else."
— Toa Metru Onewa, Legends of Metru Nui

"Let's go. We have disks to find and a really nasty weed to rip out by the roots."
— Toa Metru Onewa, Mystery of Metru Nui

"So we bend the rules. Hey, you can't make a sculpture without shattering some protodermis, right?"
— Toa Metru Onewa, Trial by Fire

"No mindless Rahi is going to make me run. I say we go on, capture this thing, and then do what we set out to do here. Who's with me?"
— Toa Metru Onewa, The Darkness Below


Toa Metru Onewa as seen in Legends of Metru Nui


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