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"Ancient legends say we must always keep our true nature hidden, this is the reason why. This is the enemy it was foretold we might one day face — warriors of shadow, the dwellers in darkness — the Brotherhood of Makuta!"
Kirop, Shadows in the Sky

Matoran Type
Element Light
Preferred regions Luminous places
Transforms into Toa of Light or Bohrok

The Av-Matoran are the Matoran of Light.


The Av-Matoran were the first type of Matoran created by the Great Beings, and the first of them was Takua. They can be male or female, and possess small amounts of active Elemental Light energy.

The Av-Matoran first lived inside caves below the Southern Continent. Soon, however, the Matoran were tasked with preparing the core of the universe, Karda Nui, for the awakening of the Great Spirit. While the Matoran prepared Karda Nui, the Toa Mata were sent to protect the Matoran from the Avohkah, Rahi by-products of the Matoran's labor. When their work was finally complete, the Av-Matoran returned to their homeland, and lived in relative peace.

Solek and Photok repairing a Karda Nui hut

During the Time Slip, the Order of Mata Nui relocated many Av-Matoran, in order to protect them from the Makuta. The Matoran changed their color, in order to better blend in, and took refuge among normal Matoran. The Av-Matoran that remained in their homeland were struck by the Great Cataclysm. Their land buckled beneath them, and fell into Karda Nui. Their homes on the Southern Continent, were, in reality, upon giant stalactites in Karda Nui. The Av-Matoran adjusted to this change, as mutagenic water flooded the core, from the hole left by Voya Nui. The water gathered at the bottom of the core, forming a mutagenic swamp. The Av-Matoran were forced to live on top of the stalactites.

A thousand years later, the Brotherhood of Makuta attacked Karda Nui, and drained the light of many Av-Matoran, turning them into Shadow Matoran. As only one village remained, the Av-Matoran fought against their former friends. During one such battle, the Toa Nuva arrived, and helped tip the tide.

Later on in the battles, the Shadow Matoran Vican discovered an aerial Rahi called the Klakk which could break the mental barrier that prevented light from returning to a being using its sonic screams. This Rahi was utilized by Takanuva to cure all of the Shadow Matoran who had once been Av-Matoran, though it did not reverse their physical mutations. All the Av-Matoran evacuated Karda Nui as the Energy Storms erupted and destroyed their villages, and they migrated to Metru Nui. Later on when Teridax was killed, Mata Nui released a wave of Life energy that reversed the Av-Matoran's mutations.[citation needed] Metru Nui was damaged, so they, along with the all the other Matoran, made a mass exodus towards the surface of Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits

Tanma connecting with Lewa, granting a special power

Av-Matoran are capable of channeling small amounts of Light energy through their hands or tools, like Toa. When in contact with a Toa or a Makuta, Av-Matoran can access special Light-based abilities that are unique to each Matoran, as well as the ability to share knowledge and memories with the Toa or Makuta. However, the Av-Matoran who were hidden in other places during the Time Slip cannot use either of these types of abilities, as they not are aware of their nature as Av-Matoran. If an Av-Matoran is transformed into a Toa, they gain the potential to use these powers.

Av-Matoran are naturally clad in gold and white armor. All Av-Matoran seen have light green or yellow eyes. However, they have the ability to bend light around their bodies to change the way the color of their armor is percieved. They have been trained to use this power by reflex to help keep their elemental affiliation secret. Each Av-Matoran has a higher chance of being destined to become a Toa than other types of Matoran, due to the fact that they were the first type of Matoran. As Av-Matoran were experimental for other Matoran types, they are a mix of male and females.

At a certain point in his/her lifetime, if destined, an Av-Matoran will transform into one of the six types of Bohrok. What type of Bohrok the Matoran will become also is based upon destiny. After transforming, they are teleported to one of the Bohrok Nests.

The Av-Matoran in Karda Nui were larger than normal Matoran due to prolonged exposure to the energies in Karda Nui and their Light powers. When the Matoran left Karda Nui, they returned to normal size.

Known Av-Matoran

  • Gavla: The first Av-Matoran transformed into a Shadow Matoran, but has since been forcibly changed back. She was formerly the leader of the Shadow Matoran and was partnered with Makuta Vamprah.
  • Kirop: The Av-Matoran leader, he was transformed into a Shadow Matoran, but eventually cured and resumed his role. He was partnered with Makuta Chirox.
  • Photok: A courageous Av-Matoran paired with Pohatu.
  • Radiak: Once a Shadow Matoran teamed with Makuta Antroz, Radiak was cured by a Klakk's sonic scream.
  • Solek: An expert on the ancient legends of the Toa Mata; paired with Kopaka, his favorite Toa Mata.
  • Takua (transformed): The first Matoran ever created, once an Av-Matoran disguised as a Ta-Matoran and placed in Metru Nui during the Time Slip. Worked as a Trader on Metru Nui, although he spent most of his time away from his job, and was the first Chronicler of Mata Nui before becoming a Toa.
  • Tanma: The sole member of his own village who escaped the Makuta; he temporarily replaced Kirop as leader of the Av-Matoran. When the Toa Nuva arrived in Karda Nui, he paired with Lewa.
  • A Toa Canister Builder: An Av-Matoran driven mad by Tren Krom. He was rebuilt and oppressed by Karzahni but was later rescued by the Toa Nuva.[1]
  • One or more Av-Matoran placed on the Northern Continent during the Time Slip.[OGD: Aug 21 2010, 09:22 AM]
  • A number of Av-Matoran who were changed into Shadow Matoran during the Siege of Karda Nui.[2] They were mutated by Mutran, and given bat-like wings and clawed feet. All of these Matoran were eventually transformed back into Av-Matoran, and their mutations were undone by Mata Nui.[citation needed]
  • A number of other Av-Matoran that evacuated Karda Nui and went to Metru Nui.[3]
  • Five other uncorrupted Av-Matoran living in the Stalactite Villages.[2]
  • All Bohrok were once Av-Matoran. (transformed)[4]
    • Six Av-Matoran who would eventually become the six Bohrok-Kal.(transformed)[5]
    • Thirteen Av-Matoran that the Toa Nuva watched transform; one gave the Toa a Keystone (transformed)[4]


  • In early plans for the 2008 story, Av-Matoran could access Kanohi powers. This idea is reflected in the 2008 Matoran sets, which are the first Matoran sets to feature Kanohi in exclusive molds. Unique masks were included for two reasons: first, the Matoran could actually use their Kanohi, and second, they increased the sets' value. Although the BIONICLE story team later decided that Av-Matoran cannot use Kanohi, the Av-Matoran sets kept their unique masks. Greg Farshtey later confirmed that the mask molds represent Noble versions of other Kanohi.[OGD][6]


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