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"He was pretty sure -- could have sworn, really -- that he hadn’t wanted to destroy the world before. But now?
The dark Takanuva just couldn’t wait to get started.
— Narrator, Dwellers In Darkness

Shadow Takanuva
Headquarters Destral
Leader Tridax (formerly)
Goals Serve the Brotherhood of Makuta
Allies Teridax (formerly)
Enemies Alternate Teridax
Order of Mata Nui
Status Some alive (in stasis)
Some deceased
Pronunciation TAH-kah NOO-vah

The Shadow Takanuva are a group of corrupted Takanuva from various alternate universes, who were captured and drained of light by Makuta Tridax to create an army of evil Toa.


Makuta Tridax, using a Kanohi Olmak, traveled to almost a hundred alternate universes and captured a Takanuva from each one. He then stored the Takanuva in Stasis Tubes in a chamber below Destral and drained their light using Shadow Leeches.[1] Some of these became Toa of Shadow, while the process did not finish for others.[2] Makuta Tridax planned to assemble an army from these Toa of Shadow.[1]

Several of the Toa survived Destral's destruction. One awoke from the stasis, and began to consider destroying the world.[3] Later, Teridax teleported that Takanuva[4] and two others to Ba-Koro to combat Mazeka and an alternate version of himself.[5] All three were killed by the alternate Teridax.[6]

Some Shadow Takanuva still survived, though most remained in stasis, waiting to be rescued.[7][8]

Abilities and Traits

Each Shadow Takanuva has varying degrees of control over Light and/or Shadow, depending on how much his inner light was drained by Tridax. Those Shadow Takanuva who were fully drained are able to create, control, and absorb elemental Shadow energy in a variety of ways.

After their inner light was drained, the Shadow Takanuva lost their sense of morality, and gained new murderous and destructive urges.[3]

Mask and Tools

Shadow Takanuva wear the Kanohi Avohkii, the Great Mask of Light. It gives the user control over elemental Light, but cannot be used to promote peace and understanding in other beings like the Avohkii from the core universe.[9]




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