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"Protodermis, the stuff of life..."
Whenua, Mata Nui Online Game

MNOLG2 Protodermis.PNG
Function Numerous
Known states Solid, liquid, gaseous[BE][BEU]
Primary location Matoran Universe (formerly), Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Pro-toe-DERR-miss

Protodermis is the material which makes up the Matoran Universe and all living things and objects inside it.


Protodermis is a substance that was synthetically created from Energized Protodermis by the Great Beings on Spherus Magna, and many varieties of it were created, differing in states, durability, and various other properties. The Great Beings used the many types of Protodermis to construct the Great Spirit Mata Nui and all of the locations and inhabitants of the Matoran Universe within him.


A Protodermis Purification System

Within the Matoran Universe, Liquid Protodermis functioned as water and formed seas or rivers. It was also found within the earth, and was mined along with solid Protodermis. Several mines existed on the various islands, and the ones not designed for Matoran use were known to be hazardous to the health of the workers. Matoran also mined Protodermis, in safer conditions.

On Metru Nui, solid Protodermis was mined in Onu-Metru, while Liquid Protodermis was channeled from the Silver Sea into Ga-Metru, where it was purified. Protodermis was used all over the city, where it was turned into various objects such as Kanoka disks, Kanohi masks, weapons, tools, and transports. On Mata Nui, Protodermis was mined in the Great Mine in Onu-Koro by the Onu-Matoran and then traded and used to make goods.


Liquid Protodermis

  • Raw, Liquid Protodermis: A clear, silvery, semi-transparent liquid that comprises the oceans of the Matoran Universe. Raw, Liquid Protodermis is comparable to pure Protodermis in the same manner that seawater can be compared to fresh water. It was sometimes found in Onu-Koro and the Onu-Metru mines, where it can be collected using a Sluice. When purified, Liquid Protodermis gains a slightly blue tint. It can also be created and controlled by a Toa of Water.
  • Pure, Liquid Protodermis: This blue liquid was purified in Ga-Metru and channeled into canals that run throughout the entire Metru. On Metru Nui, pure Liquid Protodermis was magnetized and made into chutes. It was also heated into molten Protodermis and examined by the Ga-Matoran.
  • Molten Protodermis: A type of purified Liquid Protodermis that has been heated. It has the properties of molten metal. Molten Protodermis was dumped in a subterranean pipe system and used to heat the city of Metru Nui. It was also used in Ta-Metru to create masks, disks, and tools.

Solid Protodermis

  • Pure, Solid Protodermis: A type of hardened molten Protodermis that resembles metal. It can be created and controlled by a Toa of Iron. Armor is conventionally made of this substance, and the products of Metru Nui's forges, such as Kanoka disks and Kanohi masks, as well as some artifacts, are in this solid form. Special types of pure solid Protodermis exist, like the precious metals that compose the Toa Hagah and other elite Toa Team's armor.
  • Raw, Solid Protodermis: A type of solid Protodermis in the form of rock. It can be controlled by a Toa of Stone. It was mined and collected with a Pickaxe in Onu-Koro and Onu-Metru. It was used to construct almost every landscape in the Matoran Universe. It was also used as a medium for carvings.
  • Frozen, Solid Protodermis: Re-frozen Liquid Protodermis. It can be controlled by a Toa of Ice. In Ko-Koro, it was used to make buildings.
  • Glowing, Solid Protodermis: Lightstones are made of glowing Protodermis, a form of very energetic Protodermis, granting them their ability to illuminate their surroundings. Protodermis of this variety needs to draw its energy from Karda Nui or another outside source to remain lit.
  • Crystalline, Solid Protodermis: A type of solid crystalline Protodermis. It can be produced by the staff of the Shadowed One, or by six Toa of different elements combining their powers to make a Toa Seal, although it is conventionally made in other ways as well. Knowledge Towers in Ko-Metru were grown from and made of this kind of Protodermis.
  • Protosteel: The hardest known type of Protodermis, often used in the making of weapons.

Organic Protodermis

Organic Protodermis is a type of Protodermis that makes up all the organic tissue in the Matoran Universe. Being biomechanical beings, the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe are made partially of organic Protodermis and partially of solid Protodermis. It can decay over time if left inactive, but it also possesses regenerative abilities. For instance as the Toa Mata laid inactive in the ocean for a thousand years, their organic parts decayed; but they regrew when they fused their lost limbs back on. As protodermis itself is an artificial substance; organic protodermis is not truly organic. It mimics the qualities of true organic tissue, such as a cellular structure and a protodermic equivalent to DNA.[1][2][3] Protodermic muscle is stronger than organic muscle.[4]


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