BIONICLE: Mask of Light (Game)

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BIONICLE: Mask of Light (Game) is non-canon.
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BIONICLE: Mask of Light
Board Game
Number of players Two to six
Distributor RoseArt

BIONICLE: Mask of Light is a board game based on the movie, BIONICLE: Mask of Light.


The back of the board game's box

The object of the game is to get Takua to Makuta's lair without losing Matoran. Players must then battle Makuta to end the game.


Each player rolls both dice. If the number on the green die is even, the player who rolled the die moves Takua by the number of spaces indicated by the white die. If the green die shows an odd number, one of the Rahkshi are moved instead of Takua. If a Rahkshi lands on the same space as Takua, or vice versa, the player must draw a Rahkshi card from the pile and place the Mask of Light over it. If the Mask's eyes glow green, the player receives one Matoran. If the eyes glow yellow, the player must place a Matoran in the center. And if the eyes glow red, the player places a Matoran in the discard pile. The battle process is repeated if a Rahkshi enters one of the Koro sections.

When Takua reaches the center of the board, the players must battle Makuta. One by one, the players pick up one of the Matoran in the center. If the Matoran is black, the left wheel on the challenge piece is turned. If the Matoran is white, the right wheel is turned. When both wheels show the same color, the last player to pick up a Matoran receives all the Matoran left in the center. The player with the most Matoran wins.


The configuration of the board slightly varies depending on the number of players. Each time a player is added, another Koro on an arm-shaped piece is added to the board. Two players use two arms, three players use three, and so on.


  • One Eight-piece game board (Six Koro sections, one center connector section, and one Mask of Light challenge piece)
  • One white six-sided die
  • One red eight-sided die (unused)
  • One green twelve-sided die
  • One Takua/Takanuva marker
  • Six Toa Nuva markers
  • Six Rahkshi markers
  • Seven Toa mask cards, one for each Toa Nuva's respective Kanohi and one of the Mask of Light
  • Forty-eight Rahkshi cards (Eight of each color)
  • Seventy Matoran paper discs (thirty-five with white on one side, thirty-five with black)
  • Rulebook