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8576 Lehvak-Kal
Canister Set
Set number 8576
Subtheme Bohrok-Kal
Release date Early 2003
Pieces 41
MSRP $7.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8576 Lehvak-Kal is a canister set released in early 2003, portraying Lehvak-Kal.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
Force of nature!
Six reasons to hide!
From the depths of Mata Nui, they came... six elite Bohrok, the Bohrok-Kal, with one mission: to free the Bohrok queens and unleash the swarms again! Only the Toa Nuva stand in their way... but the Bohrok-Kal have stolen the elemental powers of the heroes, leaving them helpless. Will the Toa Nuva's first adventure be their last?

A master of ambush and surprise, Lehvak-Kal seems to appear and disappear at will. Its vacuum shield can absorb all of the air in an area and then release it in a single blast that can shatter solid rock! Look for 72 Limited Edition genuine Sterling Silver Krana-Kal and 5,000 Limited Edition silver-colored metal versions in Bohrok-Kal packages. They're randomly packed so you never know where the power of Silver might be found (not available in Europe)!!

Set Information

The Lehvak-Kal set was released in winter 2003 as one of the six Bohrok-Kal sets. The set consists of forty pieces.

By combining pieces from Lehvak-Kal with 8575 Kohrak-Kal and 8578 Gahlok-Kal, one can build the Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja.

Combination Models

Lehvak-Kal is involved in the following combo model:

Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja


By pushing a button in Lehvak-Kal's back, its head will snap forward to attack. A rubber band causes its head to retract once the attack is over. Pressing its eyes will cause its krana-kal to shoot forward.

Lehvak-Kal can also be curled up into a ball. A piece included will clip onto Lehvak-Kal's lower back, and can be used to hang Lehvak-Kal from the lid of its canister when it is in its ball shape. The canister itself is modeled after an individual cell of the Bohrok Nests, and the hanging Lehvak-Kal represents the Bohrok-Kal's dormancy.

Early copies of the set included a Lehvak-Kal Mini Promo CD.


A metallic green rubber krana-kal, randomly chosen from one of the eight types, was included in the set.

Lehvak-Kal sets potentially carried one of 72 sterling silver Krana Xa-Kal or one of 5000 white metal Krana Xa-Kal, along with a certificate of authenticity.


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