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"Besides, a practical name will be easiest for you monsters to remember. I'll call it... BOXOR!"
Nuparu to the Gahlok, Bohrok Online Animations

Set Boxor.png
Manufacturer Nuparu
Users Matoran
Function Defense
Status Unknown
Pronunciation BOX-oar[1]
Set number 8556

The Boxor is a Matoran-driven machine invented by Nuparu during the Bohrok invasion of Mata Nui.


The creation of the Boxor

When swarms of Gahlok flooded Onu-Koro, Nuparu, Onepu, and Taipu were left trapped in a dark cave. In the cave with them was a Gahlok, disabled because it lost its Krana. While Onepu and Taipu tried to move some of the rubble so they could escape, Nuparu began tinkering with the Gahlok, eventually rebuilding the Bohrok into a towering machine that could be operated by a Matoran pilot. With Nuparu in the driver's seat, the newly-christened Boxor smashed through a wall in the cave and out into the flooded remains of Onu-Koro. Confused by the machine, the Gahlok fled the village.

Boxors were deployed throughout the Bohrok's invasion of Mata Nui, and were critical in the effort to retake Le-Koro.

When Toa Onua went looking for Lewa, who was infected by a Krana, he brought some Boxors with him to confront the Lehvak who were chasing them.

A group of Matoran piloting Boxors

Later, when the Toa entered the Bohrok Nest, some Boxors were stationed at Ta-Koro to defend it against Bohrok.

Soon after, they were used in Ga-Koro during the Pahrak invasion of the village. However, the lily pad that the Boxors were resting on was upturned by the Bohrok, and the Boxors and their drivers were cast into the waters. Macku and Kotu succeeded in rescuing the pilots (one of whom was Nuparu), but the Boxors were lost. Since then, Nuparu suggested adding floats to the Boxors, allowing them to remain afloat in water.

After the Rebuilding, Nuparu modified the Boxors slightly so the Matoran's new forms would fit.

Nuparu later brought the Boxor to Metru Nui to defend the Matoran against any new threats that may be lurking in the City of Legends. He also had plans to construct new ones using the Bohrok stored in the Onu-Metru Archives.


The Boxor set

The Boxor's primary attack feature is a pair of arms that struck forward with sufficient force to disable a Bohrok Va. Sometimes, if multiple Boxors worked together, they could even disable a Bohrok.

Set Information

The 8556 Boxor was released as a set in early 2002 containing using 150 of the 157 pieces. It included Nuparu as a pilot. Pressure applied to the top caused it to jab with its right and/or left claw, depending on which side received the brunt of the pressure. The Boxor set also included a non-canon alternate model, which can be constructed with the same parts.


The Boxor as seen in the Bohrok Online Animations
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