Battle of Le-Wahi

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"We fight valiantly, and as best we can, but there are too many of them. Soon, our Kahu is injured. How Kongu guides the bird to a landing, I will never know. But we arrive safely. At least, as safely as one can arrive in the hive of a swarm of Nui-Rama!"
Takua's thoughts, Mata Nui Online Game

Battle of Le-Wahi
Conflict Teridax-organized assault on Le-Koro; Gukko Bird Force retaliates by attacking the Nui-Rama Hive
Combatants Gukko Bird Force
Location Le-Wahi
Result Population of Le-Koro rescued; Toa Mata Lewa restored

The Battle of Le-Wahi was one of the final struggles of the Great War on the island of Mata Nui.


Infected Nui-Rama and Lewa

  • Abduct the population of Le-Koro.
  • Guard the Nui-Rama Hive to defeat rescue attempts.

Gukko Bird Force and Takua


  • Free Lewa from the influence of his Infected Kanohi.
  • Rescue the villagers of Le-Koro.


After the coming of the Toa Mata, Teridax ordered his infected Nui-Rama to perform an assault on Le-Koro. The Nui-Rama surreptitiously approached the village to attack and fought with mounted members of the Gukko Bird Force. While the riders managed to prevent the destruction of the village, the Nui-Rama captured most the inhabitants of the village, including Turaga Matau. The prisoners were transported to, and imprisoned inside, the large Nui-Rama Hive that had been built in Le-Wahi, where they were forced to work under the Nui-Rama. Toa Mata Lewa, who had been captured and had his Kanohi replaced with an infected one, guarded the hive.

The wandering Av-Matoran Takua traveled to Le-Wahi soon after, accompanying the Onu-Matoran Taipu. A lone Nui-Rama flew down and abducted Taipu, leaving Takua to enter Le-Koro alone, to find that only a few Le-Matoran, members of the Gukko Bird Force, remained.

Onua battling the infected Lewa

Upon seeing the swarms approaching the village again, the Gukko Bird Force mounted their Gukko took flight. Kongu asked Takua to be his second on his Kahu, Ka, for the skirmish in the sky, to which Takua agreed. They then led a desperate attack against the Nui-Rama, firing Bamboo Disks at the attacking Nui-Rama and eventually reaching the hive. However, Ka suffered a wing injury during the battle, and he plummeted straight into the hive, bringing Takua and Kongu with him, and therefore making him unable to leave the hive after the battle. Once inside, the Gukko Bird Force was overwhelmed by the infected Rahi and became prisoners as well. After Turaga Matau informed Takua of Lewa's condition, which he had kept secret from the other Matoran, the corrupted Toa of Air appeared in the hive with a Nui-Kopen holding his regular Kanohi.

Suddenly, Onua tunneled into the hive. The two Toa violently clashed to defeat one another. Onua used his Kanohi Hau to deflect an attack from Lewa, who was temporarily stunned and shaken of the Makuta's influence. However, the Toa of Air renewed his attack and threw Onua into the side of the hive. Calling upon his Kanohi Matatu, Onua telekinetically threw debris and an Electric Bug at Lewa, the latter knocking off his Kanohi although he cut through most of the debris. Onua also used the Matatu to retrieve Lewa's Kanohi, returning it to him, at Matau's instruction. Being freed from the Makuta's influence, Lewa put on his Kanohi, restoring him to full strength.


As soon as Lewa was liberated, he defeated the Nui-Kopen by exerting mind control over it using his Kanohi Komau. The rescued population of Le-Koro was escorted back to Le-Koro by Lewa and Onua, riding the birds of the Gukko Bird Force and the Nui-Kopen. At the celebration, the Le-Matoran rejoiced in Lewa's restoration by holding a concert performed by its Musicians.



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