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7136 Skrall
Canister Set
Set number 7136
Subtheme Stars
Release date 2010
Pieces 21
MSRP $7.99 (US)
9.99 (GER)
15.99 (AUS)
Ages 8+

Set 7136 Skrall is a canister set released in 2010 portraying a green secondary colored warrior-class Skrall.

Product Description

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Warriors of Makuta!
Although driven from their city, the evil Skrall warriors are quick to ally with Makuta to try to seize Bara Magna. Wielding new powers of shadow, the Skrall are more dangerous than ever before. Includes one of six golden armor pieces.

*Skrall, a BIONICLE villain, battles with his mighty sword and sharp shoulder blades!
*Build a Golden BIONICLE!
*Collect all 6: 7116 Tahu, 7117 Gresh, 7135 Takanuva, 7136 Skrall, 7137 Piraka and 7138 Rahkshi!

Set Information

The set contains 21 pieces, and can be combined with pieces from 7116 Tahu, 7135 Takanuva, 7117 Gresh, 7137 Piraka, and 7138 Rahkshi to create Gaardus.



The set includes the sword pommel piece of the Golden Armor and a black Skrall helmet.


7136 Skrall scored a total of 66 on Brick Insights, indicating poor reviews.

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