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"Where do you get your Koli balls?"
"Well, now, that's privileged information, my friend. Let's just say I have a secret source..."
Takua and Ahkmou, Mata Nui Online Game

Users Po-Matoran (formerly)
Function Play koli
Infect Po-Matoran
Status Destroyed
Location Po-Koro

A Comet was a brand of infected koli ball that was briefly sold in the market in Po-Koro on the island of Mata Nui. It was marketed as, and proved to be, one of the best for that type of koli.[1]


Ahkmou selling Comet balls

Ahkmou, who had been told lies by Teridax regarding Metru Nui, swore to get back at the Matoran.[2] He attempted to do this by selling koli balls tainted by Teridax's power that had been taken from the nest of a Nui-Jaga hidden in the nearby Po-Wahi Quarry. He named the ball the Comet because of its impressive speed. After a few days, the residents of Po-Koro who had purchased the Comet began feeling ill.

Takua, with help from Turaga Onewa and Toa Mata Pohatu, later found out that the infected Comet balls were causing the Po-Koro Epidemic. Takua and Pohatu then destroyed the nest that was the source of the infected balls. All the Comet balls were later dropped into the sea, and the Po-Matoran made a quick recovery.[1]


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