City of Silver Pocket Dimension

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"City of Silver Pocket Dimension" is not an official name.
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"Takanuva fell through a hole in space and landed hard on the ground of a strange world. He got up and looked around. He was in the center of a forest. But it was a very strange forest. All of the trees were black and twisted, and the grass was dying. A cold wind blew and made him shiver."
— Narrator, Journey of Takanuva

City of Silver Pocket Dimension
Pocket Dimension
Status Unknown
Inhabitants City-Building Creatures (one survivor)
Spectral Mask
Population Unknown
Position Connected to the main reality

The City of Silver Pocket Dimension is a pocket dimension of the Matoran Universe.


Due to the effects of Brutaka's damaged Kanohi Olmak, Takanuva was transported to a pocket dimension with a dead forest, where he encountered a floating Spectral Mask. The entity told him about a city in danger and Takanuva rushed off to find it before the Mask finished talking. He arrived at a city where he found several Kestora fighting against a larger creature. Takanuva thought the creature was the source of the fight and drove it out. After defeating the creature, he was locked out of the city by the Kestora. Afterwards, he sought out the Mask, who told him that he had actually defeated the last inhabitant of the city. Realizing his mistake, he searched for the creature and convinced it to trust him.

After some planning, Takanuva created a fireworks show which lured the Kestora out of the city and let the large creature in, allowing it to lock the Kestora out. Takanuva then returned to the Spectral Mask, who congratulated him and opened a dimensional portal that transported him to an alternate universe.[1]


City of Silver

Takanuva and the Spectral Mask in the Dead Forest

The City of Silver is a city made of silver and crystal towers which belongs to large creatures. Another species, the Kestora, temporarily took hold of the city, but it has since been returned to the one surviving creature by Takanuva.

Outside the city lies a dead forest with bare trees. The Spectral Mask resides there.


  • The Spectral Mask - A floating entity resembling a mask.
  • The City-Building Creatures - The builders of the City of Silver and a critically endangered species.
  • The Kestora - A race that attempted to take over the City of Silver.


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