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"He had set out to solve a riddle, and it seemed some pretty powerful beings were trying to solve it too. It was still out there, tantalizing him, a question without an answer. But he would answer it somehow - and soon."
— Narrator, Riddle of the Great Beings

Tribe Jungle
Occupation Treasure hunter
Tools Claws
Shoulder blades
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation TAR-duck
Set number 8974 Tarduk (instructions)

Tarduk is a treasure-hunting Agori of the Jungle Tribe.


Prior to the Shattering, Tarduk lived on Spherus Magna under the Element Lord of Jungle's rule.[1] He was born before the Water Tribe Agori Berix.[2] When the Shattering occurred, Tarduk was in the Great Barren which split off to form a separate planet called Bara Magna.

Some months before the Skrall War, Tarduk found himself as an intermediary when an Agori came to visit Tesara on behalf of Raanu to request the help of the Glatorian Gresh. He promised to introduce the Agori, but doubted his prowess, not believing he was tough enough to endure the undergrowth of the jungle. He asked the Agori to present him with an artifact, an ancient scroll, to show his ability. When the Agori did so, Tarduk decided the Agori was strong enough and presented him with an Honor Badge. He then showed him the way to Gresh.[3]

The Crossing

Iconox contracted several villagers from Tesara to help transport a trade caravan to Vulcanus. Tarduk, knowing that they had not found a guide for the trip, offered to lead them, and traveled with Gresh and several other villagers to Iconox. After preparing the caravan, they departed the village. Strakk questioned Tarduk about his involvement with the caravan, though Tarduk's admittance that he did not know the route did nothing to raise the Glatorian's spirits. During their travels, Strakk halted the caravan, and attempted to divide the caravan's contents with the members of the team, and fake a Bone Hunter attack in order to keep the profits. Gresh refused to allow the Ice Tribe fighter to attempt such a dirty trick, and the convoy continued. Tarduk explained some of the history of the land to Gresh, as the Glatorian was unfamiliar with the region.

Tarduk was later approached by Kirbold after they had set up camp. When the Ice Agori asked him what kind of creatures he imagined to be out there, Tarduk misinterpreted the question, and instead happily talked about the ruins of past civilizations, which he believed were waiting to be discovered. When the convoy recommenced traveling, Tarduk and the other guard members were attacked by a wave of Dune Snakes. While trying to escape, Strakk was caught in quicksand, and Gresh enlisted the Agori to help him rescue the Ice warrior.

Gresh was able to save Strakk from the quicksand, and trapped the Dune Snakes in the patch. The group continued their journey, reaching the Black Spike Mountains. After a warning from the ex-Glatorian Malum, a Skrall platoon arrived and took the group hostage. Gresh managed to free them, and Strakk caused a rockslide which buried the group. The rockslide inadvertently pushed the convoy into a tunnel, one with strange symbols in it. Tarduk recognized the markings as being similar to those he had discovered in ancient ruins, and knew they were connected with the Great Beings. They managed to find an exit, but Gresh accidentally triggered a trap, causing the walls to start closing in. Tarduk was able to stop the walls with another button, and the group left the cave. They found the unconscious body of Fero, and were approached by Malum. He took Tarduk and Kirbold, and told the Glatorian that they could get the Agori back if they stole back his blade from Roxtus, where it had been taken by the Skrall.

Gresh and Strakk later snuck the Agori out, and began to run away from the Vorox. An accident caused the group to fall down the Dark Falls into the Skrall River. Tarduk noticed the Gresh had not emerged from the water, and asked Strakk to help fish him out. The Jungle Agori offered half of his next treasure find in exchange for the task, and Strakk accepted the payment and retrieved Gresh from the water. Kiina and Ackar, Glatorian sent by Raanu, arrived soon after to help them out with their task. They came up with a plan to use Strakk as a wounded traveler, and their deception eventually resulted in acquiring a new caravan from the Skrall. The convoy ran away from the Skrall, but ran into Malum and his Vorox.

Ackar saved them by tricking the Skrall into attacking the Vorox, while the convoy fled. During the voyage back to Vulcanus, Tarduk realized the northern route was more dangerous than the traditional one. When Telluris attacked the convoy, Tarduk, Kirbold and Gresh fled with the wagon. Telluris was eventually defeated, and the convoy made it to Vulcanus.[4]

Tarduk watching Gresh practice new arena moves

Expedition to the North

Tarduk was tasked to be one of the Agori maintaining the Arena Magna in Atero for the Great Tournament there. He soon grew bored with his task, and left to search for treasure. While digging around, Tarduk found a metal tablet that showed strange symbols and a map showing the Red Star. Desiring to seek out the location, he persuaded Crotesius, an Agori of the Fire Tribe, to help him round up an expedition.[5] That night, he approached Gresh, who was practicing his moves away from the city in order to keep them secret. While watching Gresh practice, Tarduk spotted Malum and a pack of Vorox. Sensing the danger, Gresh ordered Tarduk to return to the arena, an order the Agori grudgingly obeyed.[6]

To aid in his journey, Tarduk borrowed Sand Stalkers from Metus.[7] Together with Kirbold, the only Agori of the group who would join them, Tarduk and Crotesius journeyed through the White Quartz Mountains until they reached an unfamiliar region. There, Crotesius noticed that the group was being stalked by a pack of Iron Wolves. In an attempt to lose the creatures, the group traveled faster, quickly reaching the face of the mountain, and traversed down into a plateau, inadvertently walking into a den of the wolves.[8] Tarduk suggested riding through the wolves, to Crotesius' counter the Sand Stalkers would not, forcing them to consider various other options. However, they did not have to make a choice, as Surel, the master of the wolves, approached, keeping the wolves at bay. He informed them of the coming of the Element Lords, and warned them to turn back. However, an avalanche triggered by the Element Lord of Ice was soon upon them, cutting off Surel's talk.[9]

Faced with death, Tarduk lamented all the treasure seeking opportunities that he would miss. The avalanche, however, was interrupted by a blaze of fire created by the Element Lord of Fire, which converted the ice into steam. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction, the Agori escaped, rejoining with Surel when they were safely out of range. Surel continued attempting to convince the Agori to return home, but stopped when Tarduk showed him the metal tablet, realizing that their lust for answers could not be satiated. After informing them of the perils they would encounter, Surel let the group continue.[10]

As the group traveled, Kirbold asked that they turn back. Tarduk, believing that Kirbold would not make it back to Iconox, convinced him to continue with the expedition, and the group eventually reached the Forest of Blades. After discovering the true nature of the Forest, which held trapped soldiers inside the trees, Kirbold refused to go further. Tarduk relented, allowing the Ice Agori to turn back, and continued on with Crotesius. Deep in the woods, branches and vines grabbed the two Agori.[1] The Lord of Jungle soon appeared and spoke with the two. He chose to let Tarduk go from the vines, deeming him worthy for continuing into the Forest as he was a Jungle Agori. Tarduk questioned the Element Lord, who, in the middle of answering, was stopped by Kirbold, who had lit the forest on fire. Crotesius was freed, and the Agori fled.[11]

The three found themselves walking along the banks of the River Dormus and eventually realized they would need to cross the river in order to head in the right direction. When they were about to cross the river, Crotesius was pulled under by the Element Lord of Water. Tarduk and Kirbold attempted to rescue him, but were soon dragged into the river themselves. They and Crotesius were kept in air bubbles, where the Lord of Water demanded the knowledge of their route. The Agori managed to bluff their way into a deal, despite the Element Lord's threats, but before the Element Lord of Water could agree, the water around them began freezing, and he fled, leaving the Agori in the water.[12]

Tarduk and his companions desperately swam for the surface, and were saved by the intervention of the Element Lord of Rock, who pushed the Agori to safety and shattered the oncoming ice. Flying out of the water and landing on the muddy banks, the Agori were confronted by a duplicate of Tarduk made of rock, a manifestation of the Lord of Rock's power. The Element Lord interrogated the three Agori, and upon learning that they did not seek power, only answers, he allowed them to continue with their quest.[13]

The three Agori continued down the banks of the river for several hours, during which they witnessed a group of baterra shapeshifting.[14][15] Because their tools and weapons were concealed, the baterra ignored them.

They later reached the river's headwaters, at which the Spirit's Wish archway stood before the only path northward, to Tarduk's surprised recognition from legends. Deciding to test whether or not it had the magical powers it was purported to have, Tarduk, Crotesius and Kirbold crossed through it, and were teleported to the ruins of the Arena Magna in Atero. Realizing that the Skrall had attacked the free city, the Agori decided to return to their villages. Tarduk resolved that, after he confirmed that Tesara was safe, he would return to the north and solve the riddle of the Valley of the Maze.[13]

Tarduk in the wastelands

Second Expedition

Tarduk traveled with Gresh and Vastus to the outskirts of Tesara, and recounted his adventures to the warriors. After defeating the Bone Hunter Fero, who was hiding nearby, the group discovered Skrall weapons with the bandit, and speculated on how the Bone Hunter came to obtain the tools.[14]

Tarduk was present in Tesara when it was attacked by Skrall, and later joined the combined forces of the villages to march on Roxtus. Afterwards, he decided to make another trip north and complete his journey to the Valley of the Maze.[16] He told Crotesius of his plans, but Crotesius chose not to accompany him.[17]

Tarduk entered the Great Beings' fortress, but was tied in chains and suspended above a pool of lava. Mata Nui freed him before the chamber began to dissolve. Tarduk and Mata Nui escaped and witnessed the Great Volcano emerge from under the fortress. Realizing that the volcano was not natural, Mata Nui found a metal hatch in its wall. Although Mata Nui told him to stay behind, Tarduk followed him into the volcano, where Mata Nui explained his identity and the information he had discovered. Tarduk realized there might be a power source in the volcano, like the one that was powering Mata Nui's old body.[18] Tarduk and Mata Nui discovered the source within the Great Volcano.[19]

Alternate Universes

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Tarduk greeted the main universe's Vezon upon his arrival at Tesara. Unlike the Tarduk of the prime reality, this alternate Tarduk cared little for history. Tarduk questioned Vezon as to whether he was a Toa, to which Vezon lied and stated he was in fact a "Toa of Anarchy." As Vezon had Tarduk explain what had happened recently in the universe, an army composed of Makuta Miserix, Skakdi, Vortixx, and Bone Hunters descended on Tesara and Tarduk pleaded for Vezon to help.[20]

Abilities and Traits

Tarduk in Glatorian Arena

Tarduk uses his forelimbs as extra legs, giving him an animal-like appearance. He is adventurous, curious, and brave. He is also an avid treasure lover and historian, believing that the things he discovers can give great insight into the past.[16]


Tarduk can use the claws attached to his hands and feet[21] to defend himself. He also has blades mounted on his shoulders.[22]

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Set Information

Tarduk in set form
Tarduk Set

8974 Tarduk was released in early 2009, containing seventeen pieces.


"They call them ruins... but they're full of treasure, if you know where to look."
— Tarduk, BIONICLE.com


  • Tarduk erroneously theorized that the Red Star on the scrap metal he found represented the center of the Valley of the Maze.


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