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BIONICLE Battle Videos

The Battle Videos
Director Patrick Boivin
Producer Unknown
Writer Unknown
Starring Gresh
Skakdi (Nektann)
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date March 27th, 2010
Runtime 0:36

The BIONICLE Battle Videos are a series of stop-motion animations released on during 2010.




Gresh runs through Bara Magna, skidding to a halt in front of a rock face with a metal door. The door begins to open, and Gresh nervously looks around before taking shelter behind a rock face. The door opens, and Rahkshi pour out onto Bara Magna, followed by an army of Skakdi. Behind them, Tahu, and Takanuva emerge, Takanuva yelling a battle cry. From the desert, an army of Skrall run out to join the Skakdi and Rahkshi. Gresh joins Takanuva and Tahu, and the three heroes stand united as battle music begins to play. The scene fades out to the BIONICLE Stars logo.

Gresh vs. Skrall

Gresh fighting a Skrall

Tahu and Takanuva are standing on a rock, looking up in wonder at the shining Golden Armor in front of them when it flies outwards without warning. Gresh is running in the desert, but skids to a halt when he encounters a Skrall possessing the Golden Armor sword pommel piece. The Skrall spins on his sword and kicks Gresh into a rock face, who gets up as the Skrall points its sword at him. The Skrall jumps at Gresh who releases an explosion of Air, blowing the Skrall backward. The Skrall hits the ground and drops the Golden Armor pommel. Gresh takes the sword pommel piece and holds it in the air as triumphant music plays. The scene then fades to the BIONICLE Stars logo.

Takanuva vs. Rahkshi

Takanuva and the Rahkshi battling

Standing on a rock, Tahu and Takanuva stare at the Golden Armor when it bursts outwards suddenly. Takanuva is walking in the desert when a Rahkshi of Heat Vision jumps in front of him with the Golden Armor shield piece. Takanuva readies his Twin Light Staffs, while the Rahkshi prepares for battle as well. The Rahkshi shoots a beam of Heat Vision, and Takanuva intersects it in mid air with a stream of Light, though the Rahkshi's beam begins to force the point of intersection towards Takanuva. Takanuva adds his second staff to the burst, and overpowers the Rahkshi's heat beam, forcing it back into the Rahkshi and disabling it. Takanuva raises the Golden Armor piece in the air triumphantly as music matching the theme plays. The scene fades out to the BIONICLE Stars logo.

Tahu vs. Piraka

Tahu battling Nektann

Tahu and Takanuva look at the Golden Armor above them while standing on a rock, and the armor bursts outwards. Tahu is walking in the desert when he sees Nektann taunting him with a piece of the Golden Armor. Nektann charges at Tahu, diving with his Crescent Scythe, but Tahu counters quickly, blocking with his Fire Sword, heating the Scythe and sending it flying into the sand. Nektann charges again, but Tahu spins him in the air, and slams Nektann to the ground, releasing a ring of Fire. Tahu holds the Golden Armor piece in the air triumphantly, and the scene fades out to the BIONICLE Stars logo.

Golden Armor Recovered

Tahu using the Golden Armor

Takanuva and Gresh give Golden Armor pieces to Tahu, and when he puts the Hau on, the armor begins to glow with a golden light. Nektann and a Skrall charge him, but Tahu slams them away, and they land in the sand in front of a rock face. Tahu turns to an army of Rahkshi, and unleashes a massive golden beam on them, blowing all the Rahkshi off into the Bara Magna desert. Tahu stands with Takanuva and Gresh, and raises his Fire Sword in triumph before the scene is replaced with the BIONICLE Stars logo.


  • The video was produced by Canadian stop motion videographer Patrick Boivin.
  • The music used in the Battle Videos is from The Legend Reborn.
  • The animators used special leg and arm pieces for the characters so their walking would seem more realistic.
  • In the animations, Tahu, Takanuva, the Skakdi, and the Rahskhi are emerging from a metallic door on a rock, while they actually emerged from the Great Spirit Robot's feet.
  • In the animations all the Skakdi and the Rahkshi use the same model to promote the sets.

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