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The history of the BIONICLE story is vast and sprawling, spanning many thousands of years. In order to categorize the various events that occur during the story, as well as organize the information based around the annualized story years, BIONICLEsector01 has a dedicated Chronology page explaining the methods of classification. The BIONICLE theme has two distinct continuities, known as "Generation 1" and "Generation 2", and it is noted which generation the guides are referring to.


Many of the most important historical chapters can be found on the Events page, with separate pages for in-depth events requiring more detail to explain.

The history to the second generation can be found on Okoto#History, as Generation 2 was confined to a single location.

Saga Guides

The Saga Guides are in-depth story guides created by BIONICLEsector01 to cover everything that has happened in the BIONICLE storyline, from 2001 to present (including flashbacks and historical contexts). The Saga Guides are divided into two distinct categories; one featuring the first generation of BIONICLE (2001–2011) and the other featuring its second generation (2015–2016).

Generation 1

History of Spherus Magna

History of the Matoran Universe

Island of Mata Nui

Quest for the Mask of Life

Teridax's Reign

Bara Magna

Spherus Magna

Generation 2



BIONICLEsector01 has recorded the chronology of the BIONICLE storyline in a comprehensive and accessible way presented in a Timeline.

How the Timeline is Organized

Most of the BIONICLE storyline takes place over the year starting with the summoning and reawakening of the Toa Mata and concluding with the reawakening of the Great Spirit Robot. As such, most in-story references can be dated relative to this year, and the further one gets from the arrival of the Toa, the less definitive the timeline becomes. As such, most of the Timeline presented here lays events out according to the anchor point of the Toa's arrival.

Events that transpire prior to the coming of the Toa Mata to the island of Mata Nui

However, in the absence of a definitive point of alignment between the timelines of Bara Magna and the Matoran Universe, events that transpire on the Bara Magna planetoid are reckoned in terms of the final, Reformed Spherus Magna chapter and therefore operate on a different reckoning system. However, it is most likely that the year starting with the first Baterra attack on the Skrall and ending in the Fall of Atero corresponds to the year starting with the summoning of the Toa.

Pre-Shattering Spherus Magna Aqua Magna and the Matoran Universe Post-Reformation Spherus Magna
History of
Spherus Magna
History of the Matoran Universe Coming of the Toa Quest for
the Mask of Life
Spherus Magna
Bara Magna
History of Bara Magna Bara Magna

Pages Reckoned by the Coming of the Toa

The following is a list of Timeline pages reckoned in terms of the coming of the Toa, as well as their sub-sections:

Pages Reckoned by Present Day

The following is a list of Timeline pages reckoned in terms of present day, as well as their sub-sections:

Canon Story

BIONICLEsector01 does not directly include most of the printed text that encompasses the BIONICLE storyline, and instead summarizes and collects the information on story-based pages. However, certain forms of media are reproduced on the wiki, primarily online-based web serials that are no longer available, as well as fan written stories that have since been made part of the official canon.

A comprehensive archive of published BIONICLE works is available at the fansite Wall Of History.