Drill of Onua

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"Usually, Whenua uses his special drill to detect these nests before they are opened."
Onepu, Mata Nui Online Game

Drill of Onua
Users Turaga Whenua
Function Badge of Office
Detecting Kofo-Jaga nests[3]
Channeling his Earth powers
Melee combat[4]
Status In use
Pronunciation Oh-NOO-ah

The Drill of Onua in the Mata Nui Online Game

The Drill of Onua, also known as the Drill Staff,[5] is Turaga Whenua's Badge of Office.


When Whenua became a Turaga, his Earthshock Drills were transformed into the Drill of Onua.[5]

Shortly before the arrival of the Toa Mata, the drill was stolen by Teridax's Rahi and hidden in Po-Wahi. Takua later recovered it during his quest for the Toa Stones and returned it to Whenua.

Example Usage

In Quest for the Toa the Drill of Onua could be used to dig underground.

During the Dark Time, Turaga Whenua used the Drill to detect Kofo-Jaga nests before they were accidentally opened by Onu-Matoran miners.

Set Information

A black Drill of Onua was included in the Turaga Whenua set of 2001.

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