BIONICLE Glatorian 6: All That Glitters

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"A short time ago, Bara Magna was at peace for the first time in a long while. They should have known it couldn't last."
— Narrator

BIONICLE Glatorian 6: All That Glitters
Outside/alternate title Journey's End Part 1: All That Glitters
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Pop Mhan

"All That Glitters" is the sixth issue of the BIONICLE Glatorian series of comic books and the first in its two-part "Journey's End" arc. The issue was released alongside the January/February 2010 issue of LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary

Gresh is caught in an explosion caused by Teridax, using the robot body of Mata Nui. He then has a flashback of how he came to be there: Mata Nui returned from the Valley of the Maze and used the Power Source he found to power the robot that made up the Agori village. After a brief argument with Raanu, the village leader allowed Mata Nui to take control of the robot. Mata Nui removed the Kanohi Ignika from his face, thus destroying his former body and allowing him to transfer his spirit to the robot and control it. Just as he attempted to bring and restore Aqua Magna and Bota Magna back to Bara Magna to restore the three planets to their original form, he found his robot was not strong enough. Teridax, after journeying through space towards Bara Magna, appeared and began combating Mata Nui. Mata Nui was at a disadvantage, as attacking Teridax could potentially kill the inhabitants of Mata Nui's universe.

Gresh has an idea to help Mata Nui in his struggle, seeing that he is losing. He convinces the other Glatorian to shoot Thornax at Teridax to distract him and allow Gresh to find a way inside the robot. The Glatorian's efforts do not harm Teridax, although they distract him and allow Gresh to carry out his plan.

Meanwhile, the Skrall watch the attack from a cliff above. After deciding that they will not be robbed of their revenge upon the Glatorian by Teridax, they consider joining the battle.

Gresh eventually finds an opening to the Matoran Universe, but Rahkshi of Heat Vision begin pouring out of it, proceeding to do battle with the Glatorian. Takanuva also exits through the same opening, but Gresh, believing Takanuva to be another enemy, attacks him. Agitated, Takanuva begins to fight back.

Unable to overpower Teridax and with the Glatorian busy with the Rahkshi, Mata Nui is defeated as Teridax proclaims domination over Bara Magna.



  • The comic was originally going to feature an appearance of the Golden Armor, hence the title, but Greg Farshtey had to change plans, and the comic title was never altered to reflect the events in the comic.[1]


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