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"I'm bigger, stronger, and faster than the Agori. I've got a shield and a launcher, and I know how to use them. I'm a Glatorian. Doesn't that mean I have to protect people who aren't as strong as I am?"
— Glatorian Gresh, Raid on Vulcanus

Tribe Jungle
Powers Air
Tools Jungle Shield (formerly)
Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Gresh
Set number 8980 Gresh (instructions)
7117 Gresh (instructions)

Gresh is a Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe on Spherus Magna.


Early life

Gresh in the arena at Tesara

Prior to and during the Core War, Gresh lived on Spherus Magna under the rule of the Element Lord of Jungle, though he was too young to participate in the war itself.[1] When the Shattering took place, he was in the region called Bara Magna which came to form a separate planet given the same name. He took up residence in Tesara.

Glatorian career

Gresh joined the Jungle Tribe as a trainee, with the aspirations of becoming a Glatorian. He displayed great promise, at one point winning several matches during a Great Tournament. After the Secondary Glatorian at the time passed away, Gresh gained the position. He managed to win all of his matches, and remained undefeated. He fought many matches outside of Tesara despite still being inferior to Vastus, his senior Glatorian, because Vastus preferred to remain in the village in case if needed defending from Vorox or Bone Hunters.[2] At one point, when Tesara was threatened by a lack of water, Gresh fought against a Tajun representative without demanding compensation. Even though he won, Strakk, Malum, and the other Glatorian resented him for fighting for free.[3]

While Malum was fighting a trainee in Tesara, Gresh spoke to Raanu about Malum's recent brutal defeat of Vastus in a match, expressing anger at the Fire Glatorian. He also confronted Malum after the Tesaran trainee was beaten. Several months later, during a match between Strakk and Malum, Gresh tackled Malum before he could kill Strakk. Malum threatened Gresh, but Gresh refused to release him. Malum was eventually exiled for his crimes.[4]

During a practice match in the Tesara arena, Gresh was defeated by Tarix, who pointed out his tendency to repeat battle techniques. Resolving to find a new technique, Gresh was about to leave when he was stopped by the Agori Berix, who showed him a fragment of parchment with the name Certavus on it, which he recognized as part of the Book of Certavus. Realizing that the rest of the book might contain a good secret to defeating his opponents, Gresh struck a deal with Berix, who led him to where he found the scrap in exchange for protection while he looked for other valuables. Along the way, the pair was ambushed by a pack of Vorox. Gresh defended himself and Berix from the beasts for a time, but the Vorox eventually overwhelmed him, forcing the two to retreat into an unused practice arena. After being attacked by a Vorox that snuck in, Gresh realized that he and Berix could use practice dummies to scare the Vorox off. Spending the night in the practice ring, Gresh and Berix set up several dummies and repelled the Vorox. Berix stumbled upon the Book of Certavus and offered it to Gresh, but Gresh declined, having realized the secret of fighting with his head.[5]

In order to claim the rights to an oasis, the Jungle Tribe sent Gresh to fight a warrior from the Rock Tribe in the arena of Vulcanus. While traveling through the wastelands with Tarix and Strakk, Gresh encountered Berix fleeing from Fero and Skirmix. Gresh intervened, saving Berix's life. Though outclassed by Fero and Skirmix in strength, Gresh and his allies managed to drive off the Bone Hunter. After the fight, Gresh reassured Berix that no payment was required, to Strakk's chagrin. Gresh, Tarix, and Strakk then accompanied Berix to Vulcanus. Along the way, they encountered a pack of Vorox who were called off by Malum.[6]

Upon arriving at the arena, Gresh was soon forced into the fight, combating a vicious Skrall. The Skrall, tearing through Gresh's shield with his blade, overpowered Gresh and defeated him. Before the Skrall was about to deliver a finishing blow, Tarix intervened, and forced the Skrall to spare Gresh's life.[6] Gresh stayed briefly in Vulcanus to have his shield repaired, and later returned to his village.[citation needed]

In Tesara, Tarduk introduced Gresh to an Agori sent by Raanu to ask the Glatorian for help defending Vulcanus, which was suffering from daily Bone Hunter raids and had no way to defend itself. Impressed by the Agori's courage and willingness to help, Gresh suggested the Agori make a contract with him, Strakk, Tarix, and even the Skrall. After being paid, he gladly donated his own seal to the contract.[7]

The Crossing

Iconox employed Gresh to escort a trade caravan of Exsidian to Vulcanus. Gresh traveled with Tarduk to Iconox, where they prepared the caravan. Despite Gresh's insistence on departing at dawn, they left several hours after sunrise, a result of Strakk packing extra weaponry. As they traveled, Gresh and Strakk debated on the better method of travel as well as what to do in the event of a Bone Hunter encounter. Strakk offered to split the Exsidian with the other protectors, but Gresh refused to accept Strakk's bribe, and thereafter forced him to march in the front of the caravan. As they traveled, Gresh talked with Tarduk and Kirbold about potential dangers and their jobs in the caravan. The caravan stopped briefly when the heat grew too much to bear, and set out later in the day. During a discussion of dangerous creatures, the group was attacked by a pack of Dune Snakes. While attempting to escape, Strakk was caught in quicksand, and Gresh pulled him to safety. Strakk refused to accompany the caravan further, but Gresh offered him half of his own payment to get him to stay.

The caravan later arrived in the Black Spike Mountains, where their discussion of the Skrall led Gresh to think back on his own defeat in the arena. Armor propped on sticks frightened the group, but Gresh realized that it was merely armor, guessing that it may have been a Rock Tribe scare tactic. Malum appeared briefly and warned them of an increased Skrall presence in the area. The group heard bird calls, which they realized were signals. Before Gresh could formulate a plan, a Skrall band captured and disarmed them. The Skrall ordered them to surrender their cargo, but Gresh convinced them that it was a gift for the Rock Tribe. His ruse worked, and the Skrall began taking them to Roxtus. After hitting Strakk to get the attention of the Skrall, Gresh used bars of Exsidian to attack the Rock Tribe warriors and grabbed a Thornax Launcher to create small rockslides, allowing the group to escape. Strakk took the launcher and fired it at the mountain in an attempt to open up a pass. The resulting explosions buried the group, though Gresh managed to pull them inside the caravan to avoid harm. Upon examining the site, the Skrall assumed them to be deceased, and left their weapons on the pile of rocks.

Gresh and the others later awoke in an artificial tunnel with mysterious symbols, which Gresh decided to ignore. Gresh investigated a noise and encountered a Sand Bat, but the creature was devoured by Scarabax Beetles before it could reach him. Strakk guessed that the Sand Bat had entered from a potential exit, and the group found a small slit in the wall. Gresh spotted a button and pressed it, believing that it would widen the opening. Instead, the walls started closing in, but Tarduk managed to stop the trap with another trigger. Upon leaving the cave, the group was confronted by Malum, who took Kirbold and Tarduk hostage in return for his sword, which had been stolen by the Skrall. Gresh and Strakk successfully snuck into Roxtus and discovered the sword, which originally belonged to Ackar, and Gresh decided not to return it to Malum. Strakk unleashed several captive Spikit to use as a diversion, and the two Glatorian escaped. Gresh noticed there was a tracking device on the sword; he speculated that the Skrall might have wanted to kidnap Ackar and crushed the transmitter.

Gresh and Strakk strategized to free the Agori and acquire the caravan without returning the sword to Malum. Gresh found several luminescent rocks and crushed them into a powder with which he covered his body. His glowing appearance frightened away Malum's Vorox, allowing Strakk to retrieve the caravan and Agori. Attempting to escape, the caravan plunged down the Dark Falls. Gresh dove headfirst into the water, but struck his head on the riverbed and fell unconscious. While unconscious, he saw a vision of various forces of Bara Magna attacking one another and a giant emerging from a crater. Strakk pulled him out of the water, and Ackar and Kiina arrived and woke him up. Gresh slowly recovered from the blow to his head and listened as the others made plans to recover the Exsidian from the bottom of the river.

Strakk was sent out to act as bait, and returned with a group of Skrall that had agreed to help him recover and claim the Exsidian. Once the Skrall were finished fishing the ingots out of the river, Gresh, Ackar, and Kiina sprung an ambush and captured the new wagon. They raced towards Vulcanus, but were blocked by Malum and his Vorox. Ackar tricked the Skrall into attacking the Vorox, and the caravan fled from the battle scene. Malum pursued and accused Gresh and Strakk of having stolen from him. Gresh reminded him the sword belonged to Ackar and proposed to fight over the issue, but Malum refused and left after threatening him.

Later on, Gresh spotted the bodies of several Bone Hunters. Before dying, one of them claimed that they had been attacked by a Skopio. The group moved on toward Vulcanus, only to be attacked by Telluris on his Skopio XV-1. Gresh suggested that they split up to confuse their assailant, but Telluris targeted Ackar and wounded him. While Kiina attacked the vehicle, Gresh took care of Ackar, and the two worked together to divert Telluris's attention from Kiina. Gresh decided to use the Exsidian ingots to block Telluris's vehicle, giving Kiina the time to capture Telluris. In return for his freedom, Telluris promised to attack the Skrall chasing them, which Gresh believed, but Kiina distrusted Telluris and knocked him unconscious before destroying his vehicle.

Eventually, the group made it back to Vulcanus. Kiina and Gresh spoke about the adventure and Gresh stated that, despite many dangers, he had found friends during the journey. Kiina proposed to train him, and Gresh accepted her offer.[8]

Gresh training for the Great Tournament

Skrall War

Raid on Vulcanus

Gresh, Strakk, and Tarix traveled to the Arena Magna in order to compete in the Great Tournament. Gresh ventured a short distance from Atero with Tarduk in order to practice his moves in secret. Malum and a pack of Vorox approached, and Gresh sent Tarduk back to Atero. Malum warned Gresh of an approaching danger, but denied Gresh the details. The next morning, Gresh informed the Agori of Malum's warning. While Gresh was watching a match between Strakk and Tarix the next day, an army of Skrall attacked Atero, and Gresh rushed to defend the Agori. Though managing to fell several Skrall, Gresh and his allies were eventually overwhelmed and retreated. He regrouped with Tarix, Strakk, and a few Agori to discuss the outbreak of war.[9]

Metus later approached Gresh and arranged a match between him and Ackar. During their travels to Vulcanus, they encountered a caravan with a broken wheel. Against the protests of his traveling companions, Gresh insisted that they help the convoy, and assisted them in fixing the broken wheel. After resuming their travels, the group was attacked by a pack of Vorox. Gresh and Gelu succeeded in fending off the Vorox, and escorted the convoy the rest of the way to Vulcanus. After settling down at an inn, Gresh began talking to Gelu about his hopes and fears for his career. Gelu in turn talked about his experiences in the Core War. As they were talking about Gelu's retirement, Raanu entered, and Gelu left to talk to him. Gresh followed, overheard news of a planned Bone Hunter raid, and offered his assistance in defending the village. Ackar arrived, and the three Glatorian made plans to find help.

Gresh traveled to Tesara to recruit Vastus, but Vastus refused to leave Tesara without a Glatorian to defend it. Gresh then traveled to Iconox, where he convinced Strakk to ally with Vulcanus by lying about a reward Strakk would receive. The two Glatorian made their way back to Vulcanus, encountering the Agori who had previously contacted Gresh on behalf of Raanu. The Agori informed Gresh that the Bone Hunters would be traveling through Iron Canyon in order to reach Vulcanus.

Upon arriving in Vulcanus, Gresh relayed the news to Raanu. Armed with the new knowledge, the team began fortifying their defenses, and laid traps and ambushes along the canyon that repelled the Bone Hunters. Raanu dismissed Gresh and the others, though Gresh vehemently opposed Raanu's decision. Knowing the Bone Hunters would return, Gresh and the other Glatorian traveled to Tesara, where they convinced Vastus to ally with them. They returned to Vulcanus during the raid and succeeded in fending off the Bone Hunters.[10]

Arrival of Mata Nui

Several days later, Gresh accompanied Vastus and Tarduk outside Tesara, listening to the tales of his expedition. Gresh did not believe him, and suggested focusing on constructing new walls to defend against Bone Hunter raids. Vastus dispatched a Bone Hunter waiting to strike, and the group discovered a Skrall shield in the Bone Hunter's possession. As they debated the origin of the weapons, the trio noticed a bright light emitting from an object falling from the sky.[11]

Gresh later traveled to Tajun to fight with Tarix in a practice match. While waiting for Tarix, Gresh noticed an oncoming Bone Hunter horde. Gresh was able to defend the village and allow the Agori to escape, but was badly wounded by a second wave of Skrall warriors.[citation needed: MNGtBM?] After the raid, Gresh emerged from his hiding place, and informed Ackar, Kiina, and Mata Nui about the event before falling unconscious. He was taken into a secret lab of the Great Beings, where Berix managed to heal him. After recovering, he asked Mata Nui to help him acquire some new weapons, and Mata Nui used the Kanohi Ignika to transform Gresh's blades and endow him with elemental powers. Gresh was eager to test out his new powers, but was told by the others to wait. When Ackar and Kiina engaged in a test of their powers, Gresh activated his own Air abilities to end their stalemate. Ackar took the opportunity to teach Mata Nui fighting techniques.

The group soon arrived in Tesara, where Ackar called for an end to the arena system and urged the villages to unite against the Skrall and Bone Hunters. Metus later informed the Glatorian that the Bone Hunters had kidnapped Kiina and Berix. Gresh wanted to help recover his friends, but Mata Nui insisted on going alone. Gresh joined the united army that traveled to Roxtus , where they encountered a massive army of Skrall and Bone Hunters and battled them. Gresh, Ackar, Kiina, and Mata Nui combined their powers to finally defeat their enemies.

Gresh during the Battle of Roxtus

Gresh, Kiina, Berix and Ackar later visited Mata Nui, who was supervising the construction of the Mega-Village. Mata Nui thanked Gresh and the others for their support in his struggles.[12] Gresh joined the defense force of the Mega-Village under the command of Ackar.[13]

Battle of Bara Magna

Mata Nui attempted to lead a group consisting of himself, Kiina, Gresh and Berix to the Valley of the Maze, but they encountered a Skrall patrol along the way, and Berix was injured in the fight. Mata Nui insisted on making the rest of the journey alone, and Gresh and the others returned to the Mega-Village.[13]

Gresh caught in a blast from Teridax

He eventually outfitted himself with new armor and weapons that he salvaged.[14]

Mata Nui returned from his trip with a Power Source. He convinced Gresh, Ackar, and Kiina to help him persuade Raanu to give up the Prototype Robot that was serving as the Mega-Village, but Raanu refused. During the night, Mata Nui met with Gresh and Ackar and revealed that his former body could be used for destructive purposes, which he believed Teridax, in control of the body, would use on Bara Magna. Gresh was angry that Mata Nui had not revealed his origins before, and demanded proof that Mata Nui would not harm their planet if they gave him the Prototype Robot. Mata Nui offered his sword to Gresh and the chance to lock him up, convincing Gresh that he was an ally.

With Raanu's permission, Mata Nui transferred his spirit into the Prototype Robot and ordered the Agori and Glatorian to take shelter. Teridax arrived on Bara Magna soon after. As the two robots fought, Gresh came up with a plan to infiltrate Teridax's body and related it to Ackar and Kiina. The other Glatorian shot Thornax at Teridax to distract him. Though their shots were unable to penetrate his armor, Teridax noticed the Glatorian, and blasted them. Gresh was caught in the blast, but landed near a hatch on Teridax's foot. Intending to enter the robot and destroy everything he could find, Gresh was surprised by a squad of Rahkshi that emerged from the hatch and began fighting the Agori and Glatorian. Before Gresh could act, the hatch opened again. Gresh refused to be taken by surprise, and attacked the emerging figures with a gust of wind. The new arrivals were revealed to be Tahu and Takanuva, who easily overpowered Gresh in combat before the three realized they were allies against Teridax.[15] Rejoining the battle, Gresh found a piece of the Golden Armor, and was attacked by three Skrall with their own piece. Using his power over Air, he blew them away in a cyclone and took their piece of the armor.[16] Gresh eventually began battling a Skakdi, which was felled by Tahu and Takanuva. The Toa then took the two Golden Armor pieces Gresh had acquired.

After Teridax was killed and Spherus Magna was restored, the Prototype Robot collapsed. Gresh rushed to the site of the destroyed Prototype Robot to see Mata Nui's parting words.[15]

Alternate Universes

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Gresh was helping to repair a metallic shelter in Tesara alongside Toa Kongu when an army of Vortixx, Skakdi, and Bone Hunters attacked.[17]

Abilities and Traits

Gresh unleashing his Air powers

Gresh is one of the youngest Glatorian, but has already proven himself as an able fighter. He is known to be proficient in the usage of many weapons, and is capable of executing various battle techniques. He tends to be unwilling to try inventing new techniques, and relies too much on past successes, a habit he is working on overcoming.[5] Gresh has a battle custom of executing a backflip while firing his Thornax in the midst of a fight. When practicing for fights, Gresh prefers for others not to view his techniques, believing it better to keep them secret.[9]

Gresh believes in the noblest aspects of being a Glatorian, and is willing to assist those in need without expecting payment. His attitude towards the job was initially very serious, but Kiina was able to convince him to relax, and not be as solemn as he was.[citation needed]

Gresh was given control over the Element of Air by Mata Nui.[12]


Gresh initially wielded a Jungle Shield.[18] The shield was damaged in his fight with a Skrall,[6] but was later repaired.[8] He later replaced it with twin blades. He also wields a Thornax Launcher. Stats


Set Information

Gresh Sets

8980 Gresh was released as one of six Glatorian canister sets in early 2009. The set contains fifty-five pieces, among them a Thornax fruit and a "life counter" piece on his back. This piece indicates his health in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game, which uses both Gresh and his canister.

7117 Gresh was released again, in early 2010, as part of the BIONICLE Stars line. The set contains nineteen pieces, including the left shoulder armor piece of the Golden Armor for use on the 2010 Tahu set. The set's pieces can be combined with pieces from 7116 Tahu, 7135 Takanuva, 7136 Skrall, 7137 Piraka, and 7138 Rahkshi to create 7116+7117+7135+7136+7137+7138 Gaardus.


"I might be green - but I'm not inexperienced!"
— Gresh,

"Glatorian fight for the villages that hire us, so they don't have to fight each other. But we don't charge to save a life."
— Gresh, Sands of Bara Magna

"If I surrender, I have nothing to live for."
— Gresh, Sands of Bara Magna

"It's not enough to think you're going to win in the arena. You have to know you're going to win."
— Gresh, My LEGO Network BIONICLE Campaign

"Gresh has a plan."
"I don't know whether to be intrigued or scared.
Kiina and Ackar, Journey's End

"Out of dozens of Glatorian on this world they had to give me the only one who cares about doing the right thing."
Strakk, The Crossing


  • Gresh was voiced by Mark Famiglietti in The Legend Reborn.
  • The name "Gresh" was taken from a character in one of Greg Farshtey's earlier novels.
  • Gresh would be in his mid-20s in human years.[19]


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