Battle Against the Bohrok-Kal

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"Yes, you wanted our power, monsters. Now let us see if you can handle it!"
Toa Nuva Gali, Absolute Power

Battle Against the Bohrok-Kal
Conflict The Bohrok-Kal attempt to release the Bahrag so the Bohrok can continue destroying Mata Nui
Combatants Toa Nuva, Exo-Toa
Location Bohrok Nest
Result Toa Nuva victory

The Battle Against the Bohrok-Kal occurred in the main chamber of the Bohrok Nests when the Bohrok-Kal attempted to free the Bahrag from the Toa Seal encasing them.


Toa Nuva

  • Prevent the Bohrok-Kal from freeing the Bahrag.
  • Reclaim their stolen Nuva Symbols.


  • Free the Bahrag.


After finding the entrance to the Bohrok Nest cleared, the Toa Nuva went along the pathway, drained of their Elemental Powers, in order to somehow stop the Bohrok-Kal, and regain their Nuva Symbols. As they neared the nest, Lewa jumped down, on his own accord, to scout around. What he saw shocked him; the Toa Nuva had been hoping to use the Exo-Toa to defeat the Bohrok, but Lewa found the Exo-Toa acting independently and battling the Bohrok-Kal. With only two Exo-Toa remaining to fight, Gahlok-Kal unleashed its powers over magnetism, and crushed the Exo-Toa. As Lewa reported back, the Toa Nuva immediately traveled down.

The Exo-Toa being destroyed by Kohrak-Kal

Upon arriving, they found the Bahrag in their Protodermis cage, and the Bohrok-Kal close to freeing them. As the elite Bohrok held up the Toa's symbols, Tahu summoned the power of the Vahi, and slowed time around the Bohrok-Kal, giving his teammates a chance to grab the symbols. As Tahu struggled to keep time in balance, the other Toa attempted to grab their symbols, but, before they were able to, saw the Bohrok-Kal's krana-kal turning silver. The Bohrok began to move normally again, as their krana-kal protected them from harm.

With the Vahi's efforts fruitless, Tahu stopped using the mask. Gali, witnessing what was happening, made a last ditch-effort to win. Telling the other Toa of her plan, she and the others pooled their powers towards the symbols. As the energy from the Toa fed the symbols, the Bohrok-Kal received the power. They stopped their efforts, and, with their new powers, believed that they would not need the Bohrok queens. Soon, however, the Bohrok-Kal found out that the power was too much for them to handle. One by one, the powers they possessed went out of control, destroying their mechanical shells. As the krana-kal escaped, the Toa's powers returned to them.


With the Nuva Symbols now in their possession, the Toa Nuva left the nest. The symbols were then hidden in secret locations around the island.


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