Battle for the Codrex

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"No words of ours can capture the enormity of this battle, so we won't even try."
— Narrator, Endgame

Battle for the Codrex
Conflict The Toa and Makuta battle for the Codrex
Combatants Toa
Brotherhood of Makuta
Location Swamp of Secrets
Result Toa gain access to the Codrex, awaken Mata Nui

The Battle for the Codrex was a conflict in Karda Nui where the Toa Nuva and their allies fought against the Brotherhood of Makuta to gain entrance to the Codrex.



Brotherhood of Makuta

  • Prevent the Toa from entering the Codrex.
  • Allow Teridax's Plan to be completed.


After their previous conflicts, the six Toa Nuva and the Makuta forces regrouped, and attacked each other. The Nuva's numbers were increased by Takanuva, who arrived by a dimensional portal in the western side of Karda Nui. Using his powers of Light, Takanuva helped to drive off the Makuta, who retreated toward the Codrex.

Toa Ignika joined the Toa's forces, having learned from Icarax of his own ability to drain the life from the known universe. Takanuva also revealed the impending Energy Storms that would begin once Mata Nui awakened. Armed with this knowledge, the Toa began to plan their final assault.

Beginning the attack, the Toa threw massive amounts of their elemental powers at the Makuta. Tahu super-heated a nearby stalactite, and Gali made it rain upon the Makuta, while Onua used his earth powers to create hands that trapped them in place.

Having disrupted the Makuta's formation, the eight Toa shot toward the Codrex, protected by Tahu's Hau Nuva. Recovering from the Toa's assault, Gorast destroyed Tahu's shield with her molecular disruption power, forcing the Toa to split up and approach the Codrex from different directions. The Makuta then assaulted the Toa with their own powers, but the Toa staved them off long enough to get to the Codrex. Tahu placed the Keystones into the Codrex, dropping the field around it.

The eight Toa entered the Codrex, followed discreetly by Antroz. Exploring the interior of it, they inadvertently discovered three powerful vehicles: the Rockoh T3, Jetrax T6, and Axalara T9. Antroz, sensing the immense power of the vehicles, stole the Jetrax T6 and flew it out of the Codrex, pursued by Pohatu, Lewa, and Kopaka. Takanuva left to evacuate the Matoran of Karda Nui, while Tahu, Gali, and Onua stayed behind with Toa Ignika in order to begin the process of awakening Mata Nui.

Kopaka and the other two Toa on their vehicles successfully drove Antroz out of the Jetrax, and commandeered it for himself. Takanuva, after curing all of the Shadow Matoran and ensuring that they got out safely, assisted the Toa in fending off the remaining Makuta. The Toa inside the Codrex realized that the process detailed on the Keystones was too slow, and that they needed a bigger burst of energy to do the job. Tahu deduced that the Ignika could provide the amount of energy needed, and requested of the newly formed Toa that he do so. Ignika knew that providing this energy would mean sacrificing his existence as a Toa, but after being reminded of Matoro and the sacrifice he had made, he agreed to do the job. Toa Ignika used his powers to complete the process, allowing Gali and Onua the opportunity to escape the Codrex.

The Toa chase Antroz in the Jetrax T6 through the swamp.


Toa Ignika's sacrifice awoke Mata Nui from his slumber. The Energy Storms began, obliterating most of Karda Nui. The Toa escaped the core with the vehicles, which provided the speed to outrun the storms, and the ability to phase through the shields. The Makuta, realizing they had been deceived by Teridax, were annihilated by the raw energy of the storm. The Toa returned to Metru Nui, their destiny achieved.


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