BIONICLE Ignition 13: Swamp of Shadows

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"They discovered a vast swamp, a world of strange, twisted plant life, weird Rahi creatures, and mud. Of course, the real problem with a swamp is... you never know what might lurk just beneath the surface."
Swamp of Shadows

BIONICLE Ignition 13: Swamp of Shadows
Outside/alternate title Comic 8[1]
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Leigh Gallagher

"Swamp of Shadows" is issue #13 of the BIONICLE Ignition series of comic books and the second in its "Battle for Power" story arc. The issue was released alongside the July/August 2008 issue of LEGO Magazine and was also published on, where it was called Comic 8.[1]

Plot Summary

Toa Nuva Lewa and the Av-Matoran Tanma duel Makuta Antroz and his Shadow Matoran Radiak above Karda Nui.

Meanwhile, in the Swamp of Secrets below, Tahu flies over the swamp, searching for Keystone fragments or the Mask of Life. He then spots a large, metal sphere embedded in the swamp. He flies to it, but is thrown back by an invisible energy field. Tahu is then spotted by Krika, who begins to steal his energy. Tahu has just enough strength to launch a fireball into the air to signal for help.

Further into the swamp, Gali spots another Keystone. However, it is guarded by a plant, so she uses a blast of Water to knock it loose. Gorast then ambushes her, but Gali throws her back with water blasts. As Gorast charges toward her, Gali uses her Nynrah Ghost Blaster to trap Gorast in energy chains. She breaks loose, but Gali increases the water in the ground beneath Gorast, and the Makuta falls in. Gali offers Gorast her help, but the Makuta dives under the mud, seemingly committing suicide. Then, Gorast flies out of the swamp behind Gali, and attacks the Toa of Water.

Onua was captured while exploring the swamp by a swarm of Makuta, generated by Bitil's Kanohi Mohtrek. Onua dispatches them by creating a geyser of mud, blasting away the Makuta, and disrupting Bitil's concentration on his mask power. As Onua flies away from the Makuta campsite, he is followed by Bitil. He wheels in midair and attacks Bitil using his Nynrah Ghost Blaster. Encased in a ball of energy, Bitil plummets toward the ground. Onua then spots Tahu's signal, and races toward it.

Meanwhile, Gorast is preparing to use her stinger to drain Gali's light energy. Suddenly, Onua arrives to save Gali, lifting Gorast high into the air and then throwing her to the ground. Both Toa then race toward Tahu's signal.

Back at the Codrex, Krika prepares to slay Tahu. However, enough time has elapsed that Tahu is once again able to use his powers, super-heating the ground beneath the Makuta's feet, making him jump away in pain. Gali and Onua then arrive, just as the Makuta close in. Tahu uses his Hau Nuva to shield them.

Farther to the west, Takanuva jumps out of a dimensional portal and arrives in Karda Nui to aid the Toa.



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