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"Once, this island was a symbol of truth, justice, and loyalty. But history has blackened its name, until the sight of the barren plain and the harsh, forbidding fortress that rests upon it is enough to sicken any honorable being."
— A member of the Order of Mata Nui, World

Status Dismantled
Inhabitants Makuta (formerly)
Population Several hundred Rahkshi and Visorak (both formerly)
Position Currently north-northwest of the Southern Continent
Pronunciation des-TRAHL[1]

Destral was an island in the Matoran Universe and was the largest base of the infamous Brotherhood of Makuta.


Destral was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe. The Brotherhood of Makuta selected it for its large reserves of Energized Protodermis.[2] Many species of Rahi were created in the fortress's laboratories by the Makuta stationed there. Later, the Brotherhood's purpose became to protect the universe from threats, and the Makuta were assigned to supervise various other locations of the Matoran Universe.

After the Brotherhood's betrayal, Destral was utilized as a headquarters and command point for their wars, along with being the location for many experiments.

When the Toa Hagah discovered the Brotherhood's betrayal, they raided the fortress on Destral and stole the Kanohi Avohkii and the Makoki Stone before defeating Teridax. However, four of them were ambushed by Roodaka and mutated into Rahaga. When Norik and Iruini tried to save their teammates, they were mutated as well.

Destral was also affected by the quake caused by the Great Cataclysm, leveling the fortress on it, although it was eventually rebuilt. Although Destral did not seem to be barricading itself from visitors, it was filled with hidden weapons and traps, and protected by a garrison of well over a hundred Rahkshi.

Strange creatures were found around the area Destral was before teleporting away. They appeared to be dead mutant forms of Kraata. These were in fact experimental stages of Shadow Leeches.[3]

Destral anchored itself near the entrance on the western wall of Karda Nui. Order of Mata Nui member Trinuma deposited Vezon on the island, where he was captured by Rahkshi and interrogated by Tridax, the Makuta left in charge of Destral.

Tridax discovered that Vezon had lied about Destral's teleportation system being sabotaged, and as he was about to kill him, the island was attacked by the Order of Mata Nui. Tridax left to carry out his orders, which were to teleport the island near Metru Nui and seize the city. However, he first headed towards a sub-basement, where he held close to a hundred Shadow Takanuva from other dimensions. He was unable to release the Toa, however, for Tobduk and Mazeka arrived there and destroyed him. Eventually, the Order took Destral, and when Takanuva and Pohatu arrived on the island, they found it in ruins. Takanuva started looking for the device that was used to transport the land. He later discovered it in the wreckage.

Destral in BIONICLE: Mistika Makuta Mini Guide

After Teridax's death and mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe, Destral, along with all other locations, was dismantled.[4][5]


An enormous fortress was located on Destral which contained workshops, laboratories, armories, prison cells, interrogation chambers, living quarters for the Makuta, and a library of forbidden knowledge. It also contained a large amount of Energized Protodermis for the Brotherhood's various experiments. The fortress itself was huge, covering most of the island, except a portion of the southern tip.[6]

Former Inhabitants

  • Makuta were powerful shape-shifters who did not regularly inhabit Destral, but operated from it.
  • Visorak - Spider-like Rahi who patrolled the island
  • Rahkshi are essences of Makuta put into powerful suits of armor, and could be found all over the island.


  • Some form of teleportation device thought to be connected to a Kanohi Olmak was utilized by the Makuta to transport Destral to any location within the Matoran Universe. The island appeared to pass through a massive dimensional gate when it teleported.[2]


Part of Destral filled with Visorak
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