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"Once activated, it will absorb minute amounts of energy from any Toa within a 3000 Kio radius, so slowly and surely that it won't be noticed until it’s too late."
Toa Mangai Tuyet, The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet

Nui Stone
Users Tuyet
Function Absorbing Toa Power
Empowering Toa
Status In use
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation NOO-ee

The Nui Stone is a powerful object that enhances the power of Toa.


The Nui Stone was created by a group of beings in the Matoran Universe. When its creators realized its full destructive potential, they tried to destroy it, but failed. The stone then passed from hand to hand, eventually coming to the home island of Toa Tuyet. Tuyet took the stone with her when she left to help defeat the Kanohi Dragon. The Dark Hunters discovered Tuyet had the Nui Stone, and went to Metru Nui in an attempt to retrieve it. Tuyet tricked Lhikan and Nidhiki into taking care of the Hunters for her, but Lhikan discovered she had the stone, which she then tried to use. Upon the timely arrival of Nidhiki, Tuyet was defeated, and the stone was destroyed by Lhikan to stop Nidhiki from making the same mistake as Tuyet.[1]

However, small fragments of the Nui Stone became embedded in Tuyet's armor as a result of its destruction. Because of this, she was taken prisoner by the Order of Mata Nui and moved by Botar to a pocket dimension where no Toa existed for her to glean power from. While in the prison, the fragments of the Nui Stone were removed from her armor, and the Order of Mata Nui was able to recreate the entire stone. Tuyet was interrogated about the Stone for centuries by the Order, who hoped to learn its secrets and manufacture it.[2]

Meanwhile, Makuta Teridax wanted the Nui Stone for his own purposes, so that if a Toa someday defected to the Brotherhood of Makuta, that Toa could be incredibly powerful.[3] He forced Toa Mahri Matoro to use his Kanohi Tryna on the body of Tuyet[4][5] and tried to use the Staff of Artakha to reconstruct the Nui Stone from the crystal fragments.[3] However, it was a worthless effort, for this Tuyet was a decoy from an alternate universe, and the shards were of an ordinary crystal and not the Nui Stone.[2]

The prime reality Tuyet eventually managed to escape by swaying her guard to her side and faking her death, returning to her own universe with the Stone, charging it up with Toa power from various universes along the way.[2] When Macku, Hafu, and Kapura discovered her in the Archives, Tuyet showed them a crystal piece of the Nui Stone, claiming that it may be their only hope for defeating Teridax.[6]

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Tuyet succeeded in killing Lhikan due to Nidhiki betraying his old friend. With the Nui Stone, she was able to wield the power of about two hundred Toa[7] and take control of the universe.[8] She carried it with her at all times, even when she started fighting Takanuva from the prime universe.[9]


The Nui Stone is a red crystal about the size of a Toa's fist.[1][6] It is a dark color when inactive,[citation needed] but as it gathers power, it begins to glow and radiate heat. When activated, the Nui Stone absorbs Toa Power from Toa anywhere within a 3000 kio radius. Another Toa can then tap the stone to gain the tremendous power within.[1][10] The stone's exact limits are unknown, although Toa cannot use it to increase their powers without bound;[11] Tuyet grew her powers by a factor of 200 to 300.[12][13] Only Toa can tap into the stone.[14][15] Contact must be maintained with the stone in order to keep the enhanced powers; when Tuyet dropped the stone, her powers abruptly vanished.[1] If fragments of the stone are embedded in a Toa's armor, then that Toa can continuously draw power from any Toa within range, transforming them into a "living battery of Toa power".[2]


"But one Toa more or less isn't going to make a difference here. Not unless you have a super-weapon hidden away that can cleanse Metru Nui of Makuta’s forces."
"As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I do have."
— Hafu and Tuyet, Reign of Shadows


  • The stone cannot drain the latent Toa Power in Matoran destined to become Toa.[16]
  • In the Official Greg Dialogue, Greg Farshtey states that since users of the Nui Stone absorb its powers, they do not need to maintain contact with it.[17][18] This however is contradicted by The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet, where dropping the stone causes Tuyet to lose her powers.


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