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"Did you ever think we could do more good if we stopped worrying so much about who might get hurt in the process?"
— Tuyet to Lhikan, The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet


Occupation Unknown
Kanohi Mask of Intangibility[OGDi]
Tools Unknown
Status Transformed
Pronunciation TOO-yet

Toa of Water
Affiliation Toa Mangai
Kanohi Great Mask of Intangibility
Tools Barbed Broadsword (formerly)
Nui Stone
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation TOO-yet

Tuyet is a traitorous and insane Toa of Water, formerly a member of the legendary Toa Mangai.


Early life

Tuyet once lived on an unnamed island where the Nui Stone was held. Wanting the stone for herself, she stole it and took it with her when she was summoned to Metru Nui. However, the Dark Hunters were after the Nui Stone as well and followed her, eventually arriving at her homeland after she had left.[TMDoTT]

Toa Mangai

In Metru Nui, Tuyet joined with ten other Toa to fight the Kanohi Dragon at Turaga Dume's behest. The battle lasted one month, and they eventually defeated the Kanohi Dragon. The team delivered it to Xia, giving the Rahi to Roodaka when they arrived. The Toa returned to Metru Nui and became the city's guardians, the Toa Mangai.[1]

After defeating the Kanohi Dragon, the other Toa left on various missions, leaving Tuyet, Lhikan, and Nidhiki stationed on Metru Nui.[2] Around 2,500 years prior to the Great Cataclysm, Tuyet realized that the Dark Hunters were looking for her, and began killing Matoran. She framed the Dark Hunters for the murders, telling Toa Lhikan and Nidhiki to stop them. She continued killing Matoran to support the ruse; however, Lhikan eventually discovered her treachery and went to stop her. She tried to use the Nui Stone to escape Lhikan, but Lhikan prevailed with assistance from Nidhiki. After the fight, Lhikan blasted the Nui Stone to pieces, and the majority of the scattered fragments were embedded in her armor. She was locked up in the Coliseum while Dume and Lhikan debated on what to do with her.[TMDoTT]

Custody of the Order of Mata Nui

During the night, Botar arrived, and informed her that small fragments of the Nui Stone had been embedded in her armor following its destruction; she already knew this and, since she still had access to the power of the stone, was planning to break out. The Order of Mata Nui was aware of this, and since it wished to learn from her the secrets of the Nui Stone and produce more, not to mention keep her under guard, he took Tuyet to a pocket dimension where no Toa existed, and she was kept under heavy guard by the Order.

Tuyet spent 1,500 years in her prison, during which time the Order managed to extract the pieces from her armor. They repeatedly interrogated her about the stone's nature, but Tuyet always refused to talk. After repeated attempts, Tuyet managed to sway her guard into believing in her vision, and had him assist her. The guard faked an explosion and told the Order that Tuyet was killed in it. Tuyet escaped her confinement, and utilized the dimension's technology to travel out of it. She began a trans-dimensional journey, traveling through various universes and charging the Nui Stone along the way, until finally arriving in her own after two thousand years.[RoS, Ch. 4]

Teridax's Reign

The Ga-Matoran Macku eventually found Toa Tuyet in the Archives. Tuyet later met with Hafu and Kapura and asked about Lhikan and Nidhiki. The Matoran informed her of their fates, and questioned her of her usefulness. Tuyet showed them the rebuilt Nui Stone, and offered her assistance,[RoS, Ch. 3] planning to lead a rebellion against Teridax with the intent of wresting control of the Matoran Universe for herself.[RoS, Ch. 4] Traveling through the Archives, they encountered the body of Toa Lewa, which was inhabited by the mind of Tren Krom. Tuyet sensed Tren Krom reading her mind, and realized that he was not the real Toa of Air. After emerging onto the surface, they encountered Pouks and Bomonga, who were still under Teridax's influence. Tren Krom secretly broke their illusion, and told the group to head to the Coliseum.[RoS, Ch. 7]

When they arrived at the Core Processor below the Coliseum, they discovered an imprisoned Helryx. Tuyet was amused by the irony of her captor being held captive, and explained to her that Lewa Nuva was not the real Toa of Air that they knew. As Tren Krom was attempting to utilize machinery to send a message to Mata Nui, the group was confronted by Axonn and Brutaka. They argued over the fate of their universe, though Tuyet stopped listening partway through to hear the message Tren Krom was sending. When an impending conflict arose, Tuyet sided with Brutaka and Tren Krom, insisting that the Matoran Universe live.[RoS, Ch. 8] She fought with Helryx, who began to prepare a Nova Blast. Realizing what she was doing, Tuyet grabbed Axonn's axe and used it to knock Miserix into Helryx, but she suddenly appeared behind Tuyet, and caught her in a headlock. The fighting stopped abruptly as Artakha appeared, berating the combatants. After Lewa was returned to his body by Artakha, Teridax told them to leave his chamber, and teleported the beings inside his head into space.[RoS, Ch. 9]

Lewa managed to create air bubbles around the party's heads, and the whole group was dragged through a portal by Vezon to a tower on Bota Magna. They were greeted by a Great Being cursed and maddened by the Kanohi Ignika, who bid them free him from his prison.[RoS, Ch. 11] Tuyet and the others began arguing over whether or not to do so.[RoS, Ch. 12] Outside, Velika rigged the fortress to explode and destroy everyone within.[TPTB, Ch. 4] Tuyet and the other biomechanical beings managed to escape the fortress.[3] Unbeknownst to them, the cursed Great Being escaped as well.[4]

Alternate Universes

Decoy Tuyet

A Toa Tuyet was taken from an alternate universe and placed in the Pit as a decoy for the concealment of the real Toa. She also had ordinary crystal fragments placed in her armor to give the appearance of the Nui Stone being there. This Tuyet remained in her cell for the next few thousand years, until the Great Cataclysm occurred. In the ensuing chaos, she was killed, though there are conflicting stories as to the nature of her death. Some Pit escapees believe she was killed helping Hydraxon recapture fellow escapees, while others believe she was simply killed trying to escape herself.

Centuries later, Teridax (possessing a Maxilos robot) took Matoro into the remains of the Pit and showed him the alternate Tuyet's body. He then forced Matoro to use his Kanohi Tryna to reanimate Tuyet and make her corpse move out of the Pit, allowing him to take the shards of the Nui Stone left in her armor to reform it, unaware that the shards were not of the real Nui Stone. Shortly afterwards, as they were traveling, Karzahni shattered her reanimated body. Teridax later attempted to use the Staff of Artakha on her armor, partially reforming the stone before he was stopped by Brutaka. The staff was taken by Botar, and the armor was left in the sand.

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Nidhiki defected during the time of Tuyet's betrayal and sided with her to kill Lhikan, thus keeping her murders secret. The two then assembled the other Toa and formed a Toa Empire to rule the Matoran Universe through force and keep the peace. Tuyet named herself empress of the new Toa Empire, and, with the Nui Stone, wielded the power of several hundred Toa.

Tuyet had many of the Makuta and Dark Hunters killed because they were a threat to the Matoran Universe.[DM, Ch. 2] She also had Nidhiki lead a group of Toa to kill the Nynrah Ghosts to prevent them from creating anything that might have been used against the empire.

Tuyet learned of the Toa Mata from Artakha and ordered a group of Toa to find them, but none of them returned. However, she then found a secret place in the Coliseum where she was able to create a fake signal that launched the Toa Mata's Toa Canisters. She then convinced them to also join the empire by duping them into believing that the only way to truly make the universe safe was to eliminate the Brotherhood of Makuta and Dark Hunters.[DM, Ch. 7]

As the Coliseum was being attacked by Pohatu's resistance group, Tuyet remained inside. When Darkness and Takanuva entered the Coliseum, she used her water powers to sweep Darkness away and confront Takanuva herself.[DM, Ch. 8] In the battle, Takanuva tried multiple times to bring Tuyet down using his powers, but his efforts were futile and Tuyet emerged triumphant. As she prepared to finish Takanuva off, the pair noticed the Matoran, Dark Hunters, Vortixx and other races that had joined the rebellion against the Toa Empire. Takanuva convinced Tuyet to use a Kanohi Olmak to transport herself to another place where she could start again as a fresh leader. As Tuyet did so, Takanuva jumped at Tuyet, tore the Olmak off her face, and dove into the portal. Consumed by rage, Tuyet grabbed Takanuva's leg and refused to let go. However, because the mask was no longer active, the portal created by the Olmak began to close. Tuyet, who had the upper-half of her body inside the portal, was killed instantly as it closed around her, leaving the remains of her upper body floating away in dimensional space and her lower half in the Coliseum.[DM, Ch. 9]

Abilities and Traits

As a Toa of Water, Tuyet can control, create, or absorb water.

Tuyet is mentally unstable, and has a warped view of Toa ethics; she sees it as her duty to protect the Matoran from any and all existing threats, and that any lives lost in the process are all for the greater good. She is willing to break the Toa Code and kill her enemies, as well as Matoran, if she believes it will ultimately create a safer world.[TMDoTT]

As a result of the the Nui Stone being shattered so close to her, small fragments of the stone embedded themselves in her armor. This allowed her to access the abilities of the Nui Stone without having to hold it, essentially turning her into a battery of Toa power. She lost this advantage when the Order extracted the pieces from her armor. After acquiring the repaired Nui Stone, she used it to steal Toa Power from various Toa in alternate universes, giving her access to more raw elemental power than other Toa.[RoS, Ch. 4] However, she lacks the control over her elemental power that a Makuta possesses, and does not possess as much power as one of the Element Lords[OGQ: Nov 10 2010, 11:47 AM] or Tahu following his use of the Golden Armor.[OGQ: Nov 15 2010, 08:41 PM]

Mask and Tools

Tuyet wears the Great Kanohi Mask of Intangibility, which let her become intangible in order to pass through objects or avoid physical attacks.[TMDoTT] She also carried a Barbed Broadsword,[DM, Ch. 4] and currently wields the Nui Stone.[RoS, Ch. 3]


"You don't exist in my world. True Toa must have stood up and stopped you before you went too far."
— Toa Takanuva to Empress Tuyet, Dark Mirror

"What do I want? I want some peace, but I'm never going to get any while that crazy Toa of Water is running things."
— Alternate Lesovikk to Takanuva, Dark Mirror


  • In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, Teridax once masqueraded as Tuyet to trick Takanuva into following him deep into the Archives.[DM, Ch. 3-4]
  • Author Greg Farshtey's then-wife, Jackina Farshtey, voiced Tuyet in Dark Mirror.[OGD: Aug 28 2007, 03:15 PM][OGD: Sep 9 2007, 09:16 AM]


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