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Creatures are non-sapient organisms that were not expressly created to reside in the Matoran Universe. Organisms that meet the above criteria yet live in the Matoran Universe are still considered creatures, although they are often misclassified as Rahi. All known creatures are native to Spherus Magna and are organic to some degree. Those creatures that do have a bone structure possess a metallic one.

Spherus Magna

The creatures of Spherus Magna vary in terms of biomechanical composition. Some are entirely organic, while the bodies of others, like Rock Steeds, have various biomechanical elements. They reproduce biologically, and although there may be some variety in the way this is achieved, it is known that Sea Squids, at least, lay eggs.

Aqua Magna

An organic bird native to Aqua Magna
  • Ancient Sea Behemoth - A giant marine creature awakened by Toa Mahri Kongu using his Kanohi Zatth.
  • Bird (unnamed) - Multiple species of organic birds. These birds were seen on the island of Mata Nui and mistaken for Rahi.[1]
  • Blood Snail - An organic marine snail, which can give one bad breath when eaten.[2]
  • Clam (unnamed) - A large organic creature, which shells were used by the Ga-Matoran.[3]
  • Coral - An organism which forms reefs, including some in the Black Water.[4][5]
  • Cowrie - An organic creature, known from its shell, found in the Naho Bay.[3]
  • Giant Clam - A species of long-living mollusk creature whose shell can grow to sizes comparable to a building. Its shell was used by Carapar as his Refuge.[6] Several specimen lived on the Cliff of the Clams above the Refuge.[7]
  • Giant Shark - An organic shark, of which one dead specimen was reanimated by Toa Mahri Matoro using his Kanohi Tryna to battle against the Mutant Venom Eel.[8]
  • Living Vessel (unnamed) - A large, reptilian creature used as transportation across water before the Core War.[9]
  • Razorcrab - A crab-like creature used as a defense for Mahri Nui.[10]
  • Seabird (unnamed) - Various organic birds adapted to life in the ocean.[11][12]
  • Sea Squid - An organic, vampiric squid bred by Barraki Kalmah and used in the armies of the Barraki.
  • Starfish (unnamed) - An organic orange starfish found on the shores of the island of Mata Nui.[13]
  • Underwater Insects - Various species of organic marine insect used in the army of Barraki Takadox.[14][15]
  • Underwater Rays - Organic marine rays used in Barraki Mantax's army.[16] Some of these creatures are manta rays.[17]
  • Various species of sponges found in waters of Naho Bay.[3]
  • A species of anemone found in waters of Naho Bay.[3]

Bara Magna

A Scarabax Beetle
A Sand Bat
The Skopio creature
  • Cave Shrike - A desert-dwelling bird creature.
  • Desert Leech - Creatures that nest on the roofs of caves, dropping down on any intruders and sucking out their life energy.[18]
  • Dune Snake - A serpentine desert creature known to live in nests and possessing fangs with a powerful venom.[12][19]
  • Dune Spider - A creature that uses spikes as a natural defense.[20]
  • Dune Wolf - A lupine creature.[21]
  • Giant Scorpion - A species of cave-dwelling arachnid.[12]
  • Gravel Hawk - A species of rare bird found on mountain peaks that is considered a delicacy by the Glatorian because it is hard to catch.[22][23]
  • Iron Wolf - A biomechanical creature created from an existing creature by the Great Beings, known to hunt in packs.
  • Lizard (unnamed) - A reptile that sun themselves on rocks.[24]
  • Mountain Striker - A bird with a five-foot wingspan that has claws that can penetrate armor.[12][25]
  • Mountain Worm - A worm creature encountered near Iconox.[26]
  • Rat (unnamed) - An ordinary rodent.[27]
  • Rock Dragon - A dragon-like creature.[28]
  • Rock Jackal - A jackal creature.[29]
  • Rock Steed - A large, dangerous species used by Bone Hunters as mounts.
  • Sandray - A desert animal that lives in the unstable terrain of the Sea of Liquid Sand.[30]
  • Sand Bat - A winged, python-like creature known for attacking from beneath the sand.
  • Sand Dragon - A desert creature known to shed its skin.[31]
  • Sand Flea - A desert insect whose colonies have been known to be scattered by sandstorms.[32]
  • Sand Fox - A small canine creature that inhabits the deserts.[12]
  • Sand Mite - A microscopic desert creature considered a delicacy by the Scarabax;[33] used as an insult by Glatorian towards Agori.[34]
  • Sand Stalker - A quadrupedal creature bred for endurance and used by Agori and Glatorian as mounts.
  • Sand Worm - A desert creature.[35]
  • Scarabax Beetle - A species of desert insect.
    • Click - A Scarabax Beetle who partnered with Mata Nui.
A Talon Snake
  • Skopio - A large desert creature upon which Telluris based his Skopio XV-1 vehicle.
  • Spiked Worm - A worm creature whose larvae burrows into other organisms before killing them.[36]
  • Spider Beetle - An insectoid creature.[36]
  • Spikit - A vicious two-headed creature used by the Agori to pull wagons and carts.
  • Sun-Rock Dragon - A dragon creature.[37]
  • Sun Serpent - A serpent creature.[38]
  • Talon Snake - A common snake-like creature with a talon-like growth on the back of its tail; possesses fangs with a venom strong enough to paralyze a Glatorian; also the visual inspiration for the armor and helmet design of Vastus.[39][40]
  • Wasteland Wolf - A predatory creature with paws specially adapted to traveling through sand. They bore a resemblance to Iron Wolves.[41]
Biomechanical reptiles in Bota Magna
  • A small bird native to the ice region.[42]

Bota Magna

  • Biomechanical Dinosaurs - Giant biomechanical reptiles modified by the Great Beings.[9][43][44][45](See Trivia Note)
    • Biomechanical Sauropods (unnamed) - Humongous, long-necked herbivores.[9]
    • Giant Predator (unnamed) - A forty-foot-high reptile with a laser targeting system replacing one of its eyes, impact vision, polished metal teeth, and a tail fully covered in circuitry.[43]
  • Giant Lizard (unnamed) - Large organic reptilians.[9]
  • Small Reptile (unnamed) - A small and fast reptile.[43]


  • When developing the screen treatment for the fifth Bionicle movie Greg had been developing a concept for a species of biomechanical dinosaurs on Bota Magna that had been given modifications by the Great Beings. Unfortunately, Bionicle was cancelled before this could be approved for the canon, and much of the idea was scrapped.[46][47][48] Greg later included a few of these in some 2010 stories.[9][43][44][49] However, their implementation as a major species remains noncanon in the prime reality.[50][51][52][53] Incidentally, Greg would have enjoyed seeing Tahtorak fight one of these.[54]


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