Ice Pick

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Ice Pick
Users Turaga Nuju
Function Badge of Office
Channeling his Ice powers
Creating icicles[1]
Hacking through ice[2]
Status In use

The Ice Pick is Turaga Nuju's Badge of Office. It serves as a walking stick, tool, and sign of his authority.

The Ice Pick in comic form


When Nuju transformed into a Turaga, his Crystal Spikes transformed into the Ice Pick.

The tool is similar in design to ice picks commonly used by Ko-Matoran for scaling the cliffs of Mount Ihu.

Example Usage

In Quest for the Toa, Nuju's Ice Pick could cool lava for short periods and create icicles which could be used in conjunction with the Volo Lutu Launcher.

The Ice Pick in Mask of Light

Set Information

A white Ice Pick was included in the Turaga Nuju set of 2001.


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