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"Every elder, every villager, is like a single stone... and together, you build a wall so mighty no Bohrok could ever hope to bring it down! With Vakama, Jala, and the rest of you guarding Ta-Koro, our village will stand."
Toa Mata Tahu, To Trap a Tahnok

Matoran Type
Element Fire
Preferred regions Hot regions
Transforms into Toa of Fire

Ta-Matoran are the Matoran of Fire.

Abilities and Traits

All Ta-Matoran have inactive Fire powers, to the extent that they can resist extreme heat.[1] These can be activated in the case of transformation into a Toa.

The Ta-Matoran are known for their grasp of tactics, leading them to be the first tribe to establish a firm fighting force, the Ta-Koro Guard, on Mata Nui. On Metru Nui, Ta-Matoran were primarily mask makers and worked in foundries or were Protodermis reclamation workers.[2]

The Ta-Matoran of Ta-Koro value Duty the most out of the Three Virtues, from which they derive their Principle of Courage and the Skill of Strength. All Ta-Matoran have been said to be mathematicians at heart, which makes jobs where exact proportions are needed relatively easy.[3]

Identifiable physical attributes of Ta-Matoran include red, orange, yellow, and black Kanohi and armor. They are also one of the many male Matoran types.

Known Ta-Matoran

  • Various Matoran from Metru Nui who were present during the Great Cataclysm and brought to Mata Nui by the Toa Metru.
    • Aft: A Ta-Matoran who studies courage.
    • Aodhan: A Lava Farmer on Mata Nui.
    • Brander: A Crafter on Mata Nui and a foundry worker on Metru Nui.
    • Maglya: A professional Lava Surfer.
    • Tiribomba: A Lava Farmer.
    • Vohon: Ta-Koro's Trader.
    • Various members of the Ta-Koro Guard.[4]
      • Agni: Part of the Ta-Koro Guard.
      • Jaller (transformed): Once the Captain of the Ta-Koro/Ta-Metru Guard, as well as Turaga Vakama's right hand. Comrade to Takua in his Search for the Seventh Toa. Later became a Toa Inika and then a Toa Mahri.
      • Kapura: A member of the Ta-Koro Guard and former member of the Chronicler's Company, he has perfected the art of traveling great distances by moving very slowly.
      • Kalama: A member of the Ta-Koro Guard on Mata Nui and the overseer of a Protodermis Reclamation Center in Metru Nui.
      • Keahi: A member of the Ta-Koro Guard.
      • Nuhrii: A Mask Maker on Metru Nui and a member of the Guard on Mata Nui.
      • A black Ta-Matoran with red feet and a red Kakama. He attempted to stop the Tahnok-Kal during the theft of Tahu's Nuva Symbol with Takua and Keahi; following the rebuilding he guarded a portion of the Wall of History.[5][6]
      • An orange Ta-Matoran with red feet and a red Kakama who fought in the battle for Kini-Nui.[7]
      • A black Ta-Matoran with red feet and a red Komau who fought in the battle for Kini-Nui.[7]
      • A red Ta-Matoran with an orange Miru who fought in the battle for Kini-Nui.[7]
      • An orange Ta-Matoran with red feet and a red Rau who fought in the battle for Kini-Nui.[7]
      • An orange Ta-Matoran with black feet and an orange Rau who fought in the battle for Kini-Nui.[7]
      • Four Ta-Matoran wearing Kanohi Rau who fought in the battle for Kini-Nui.[7]
      • A red Ta-Matoran with red feet and a red Kakama who guarded the tunnel to Onu-Koro.[4]
      • A red guard with red feet and red Pakari watching a cablecar to Ko-Wahi.[4]
      • Various guards watching the Ta-Koro gate.[8][9]
        • A yellow Ta-Matoran with red feet and a black Great Hau.[10]
        • A black Ta-Matoran with orange feet and an orange Great Hau.[10]
      • An unknown number of the Ta-Koro Guard formerly stationed at the North March.[4]
      • An unknown number of the Ta-Koro Guard who failed defending the Tren Krom redoubt against the Rahi. (deceased)[4]
      • At least thirteen red Ta-Matoran with red feet wearing a red Kakama, who defended Ta-Koro during the Rahkshi attack.[9]
    • A red Ta-Matoran trader with red feet who wears a red Kakama.[11]
    • Red Ta-Matoran lava farmers with yellow feet and red Kakamas.[4]
    • A red Ta-Matoran shrine cleaner with yellow feet and a yellow Hau.[4]
    • Various Takara dancers.[4]
      • Three red Ta-Matoran with yellow feet wearing a red Kakama.[4]
      • A red Ta-Matoran with yellow feet wearing a yellow Hau.[4]
    • Two Ta-Matoran who searched for Artakha while Mata Nui was being attacked by the Rahkshi.[12]
      • A tan Ta-Matoran wearing a Rau.[12]
      • A black Ta-Matoran wearing a Komau.[12]
    • Several Ta-Matoran who escaped from Rahkshi during Teridax's reign and headed to the island of Mata Nui.[13] (deceased)[14]
  • Balta: Best friend of Garan and a skilled inventor in the Matoran Resistance.
  • Dezalk: The first Voya Nui Matoran to be infected by Antidermis.
  • Dume (transformed): Became a Toa of Fire, then a Turaga of Metru Nui after completing his destiny about 15,000 years ago.
  • Firedracax (transformed): Was attacked by Visorak; mutated by Energized Protodermis into a vengeance-driven Dark Hunter.
  • Gaardus[15] (transformed): Captured and mutated by rogue Nynrah Ghosts into a living weapon.[16]
  • Lhikan (transformed, revived): Once a Crafter saved by Toa Dume. Became leader of the Toa Mangai; killed as a Turaga by Makuta Teridax, but revived in the Red Star and trapped there.
  • Norik (transformed): Became a Toa, comrade to Varian, and later the leader of the Toa Hagah.
  • Sarda: Left Mahri Nui to explore the oceans with Lesovikk.
  • Vakama (transformed): Once Metru Nui's best mask-maker, later a Toa Metru and a Toa Hordika; now a Turaga of Fire.
A Ta-Matoran with Toa Inika Jaller
  • Vultraz (transformed): A criminal and murderer, now a Shadow Matoran.
  • A Metru Nui Ta-Matoran murdered by Toa Tuyet via molten Protodermis. (deceased)[17]
  • A Ta-Matoran of Voya Nui, who was skilled with weather patterns and predicted an incoming hurricane.[18]
  • A Mahri Nui Ta-Matoran wearing a Mask of Emulation who died after saving Toa Inika Hahli. (deceased)[19]
  • A Mahri Nui Ta-Matoran who spoke at a Mahri Nui Council meeting.[20]
  • A Ta-Matoran who became a Toa and joined the Toa Cordak before being killed by Zyglak. (transformed, deceased)[21][22]
  • A Ta-Matoran who became a Toa and was fused to a Toa of Earth, forming Prototype. (transformed, fused)[23][24]
  • At least eight of Kapura's coworkers at Ta-Metru, all of whom mysteriously vanished.[25]
  • Many Ta-Matoran who died duirng the Toa Mangai's battle against the Kanohi Dragon in Ta-Metru.[26]


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