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"Of course, any Nynrah worth his tools could have made a new mechanical part to replace the damaged one, but he hadn't – story was he kept it as is as a reminder that even the best can make a mistake."
— Narrator, Brothers In Arms

Nynrah Ghosts
Headquarters Nynrah (formerly)
Goals Construct weapons and tools for whomever hires them
Allies Vortixx
Status Active
Pronunciation NIN-rah[1]

The Nynrah Ghosts are a group of skilled Matoran crafters hailing from the island of Nynrah.


Working out of their home island, the Nynrah Ghosts established a weapon making business, operating in secrecy. A division of the Ghosts established themselves on Xia, where the Matoran were tolerated by the Vortixx due to their excellent products.[2]

Over 80,000 years ago, one group of Nynrah Ghosts, feared and hated by the rest of their kind, went rogue. They kidnapped the Matoran Gaardus and transformed him into a winged hunter, though he eventually killed them all.[3]

The Nynrah Ghosts were called upon by the Brotherhood of Makuta to modify the armor of the Makuta after they evolved into Antidermis, adding several layers of Protosteel to it and altering it so the Makuta could more easily move in it.[4]

A group of the Nynrah were hired by the Brotherhood of Makuta to create artificial Bohrok.[5][6] When the Matoran discovered the Brotherhood's corruption, they sabotaged their creations, causing them to run rampant.[7] The Brotherhood eliminated these Matoran for their betrayal.[8] The artificial Bohrok themselves were defeated and destroyed by Makuta Teridax's Toa Hagah.[9]

The Dark Hunter Phantom was once a Nynrah Ghost. The other Matoran on the island decided that they needed a hero and chose Phantom to be the test subject. They experimented on him, but the experiments failed, causing the other Ghosts to shun him. He fled the island and joined the Dark Hunters.[10]

The Nynrah Ghosts were responsible for the creation of the tools which were used by Brutaka's team on their dangerous mission to find Miserix. The tools were passed on to the Order of Mata Nui via Xia.[citation needed]

Another Nynrah Ghost went rogue and took up residence in Stelt, guarded by two blue warriors of Krekka's Species. He helped Vultraz modify his Skyfighter, but was soon confronted by Mazeka, who persuaded him under duress to reveal that Vultraz was going to Karda Nui to deliver something to Icarax. Mazeka then shattered the Matoran's Kanohi and left.[11]

When the entire Matoran Universe became permanently uninhabitable following Teridax's death, the Nynrah Ghosts joined the mass evacuation onto Spherus Magna.[12]

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

The Nynrah Ghosts were among the survivors of Mata Nui's death in this alternate universe. One of the Nynrah Matoran serves as a member of Turaga Takanuva's ruling council. A number of them operate from a narrow building in an alley with a concealed entrance. The Nynrah Ghosts in the Kingdom of the Great Spirit have a policy that once signaled, one of the Nynrah Ghosts opens a hidden slot in which requests may be left. A Nynrah Ghost was responsible for giving the Takanuva of the main universe his Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster.[13]

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Toa Tuyet ordered Toa Nidhiki to lead a team to eliminate all of the Nynrah Ghosts, 48 in all, out of fear that they would perhaps one day create something which could be a threat to the Toa. Toa Pohatu later learned of the slaughter, and was sickened enough to turn against the Empire and join Lesovikk's resistance.[14]

Known Members

Former Members

  • Phantom (transformed)
  • A group of rogue Nynrah Ghosts who were exiled from Nynrah and despised by the rest of their kind. They kidnapped and performed experiments on a Matoran named Gaardus, turning him into a living weapon. Gaardus later hunted them to extinction.[3][24] (revived)[25]
  • A group of Nynrah Ghosts who were hired by the Brotherhood of Makuta to create the Fohrok.[5][6] They sabotaged the Fohrok once they learned of the Brotherhood's corruption, and were killed by them as a result. (revived)[8][26]
  • A rogue Fe-Matoran on Stelt who changes his name every few months. He left the Nynrah Ghosts after badly injuring his right arm during an accident in a forge, opting not to replace the damaged limb as a reminder of the dangers of the craft.[11]


The Nynrah Ghosts prefer to be left alone when working, earning the moniker "ghosts" because they are not usually seen. Normally, a customer simply has to leave their request for an object to be made at a designated location, and then return later to see the requested item complete there.[27][28]

The Ghosts build various weapons and armor. Known accomplishments include the Exo-Toa with their accompanying Electro-Rocket launchers, the Fohrok,[29][30] Zamor Launchers,[31] Nynrah Ghost Blasters,[23] and the re-creation of the Midak Skyblaster originally designed by Artakha.[32] While the Nynrah Ghosts' works cannot compare to those of Artakha, their craftsmanship is superior to that of the Vortixx,[33] and their skill with Protosteel was second only to Artakha.[34]


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