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"Miserable, ill-smelling and ill-tempered creatures, Frostelus were happy to invade your territory but hated it when you invaded theirs."
— Narrator, Legacy of Evil

Powers Rhotuka
Conservation status Unknown
Known locations Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation frost-TELL-lus[1]
Set number 8737+8739+8741

Frostelus are a mysterious species of intelligent Rahi.


The Frostelus species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.[2]

6,000 years before the Great Cataclysm, a large group of Frostelus launched an attack against a group of Toa tasked with guarding the Makoki Stone and stationed at a fortress. The Frostelus killed all of the Toa in the fortress except for the young Lhikan.[3]

Two of the Toa Hagah, Norik and Iruini, also ran into some Frostelus during their travels, but they managed to defeat them by combining their Elemental Powers to create a cyclone of molten lava.[C25]

1,000 years after the Great Cataclysm, a group of icebergs were spotted drifting to the north of Metru Nui. As they approached, they were revealed to be Frostelus. When the Rahi began to invade the city, Toa Takanuva battled several of them and drove them off.[1]

The Dark Hunters saw the Frostelus as being useful allies, and the Shadowed One sent Subterranean to discuss an alliance with them.[4] However, these negotiations went poorly.[CwGF]

After the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, many Frostelus emigrated from the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna.

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, the Frostelus were among the many beings that fled to the island of Mata Nui when the Great Spirit died. They made their home in the region of Ko-Wahi with the Ko-Matoran.[TK]

Abilities and Traits

Frostelus are creatures housed within larger suits of armor. Their armor has both two legs and four arms; one pair of arms ends in sharp claws, whereas the other pair ends in large hook-like appendages. They have the ability to launch dual Rhotuka spinners from their shoulders. As a result of their increased intelligence and sapience, the powers of their spinners vary between individuals. The Frostelus are also known to travel within icebergs, which serve as homes and protection for the Frostelus as they float across the sea.[1]

Frostelus are fiercely territorial, and are not afraid to attack in large numbers. Their attacks are devastating, and even Toa have fallen before them.[3]

Set Information

The Frostelus combiner model

The Frostelus can be built out of the Toa Hordika sets 8737 Nokama Hordika, 8739 Onewa Hordika and 8741 Nuju Hordika. Its building instructions were featured on, although they are no longer available. Both sides of its body feature a Rhotuka Launcher and silver Rhotuka spinner.


  • It was rumored that the Frostelus were former victims of the Visorak.[C23, p. 11]
  • In an alternate timeline created in the mind of Toa Lesovikk by Karzahni's Kanohi Olisi, Lesovikk's Toa Cordak joined forces with Lhikan's besieged team and saved them from the Frostelus.[DroD, Ch. 9]


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