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"Before Takanuva could argue that he didn't have the ability to fly, Krika had blown a fine powder into his face. The Toa of Light couldn't help but breathe it in. With a laugh, Krika explained that he had just been exposed to a Makuta Virus, which would, at least temporarily, give him the power of flight. If it had any other side effects, Krika chose not to say."
— Narrator, Dark Mirror

Function Create Rahi
Various effects
Known states Energy, powder
Primary location Matoran Universe

Viruses are energy-based substances that the Makuta engineer in labs in order to create new Rahi by adding various types of viruses to Liquid Protodermis. They can also be made for other purposes, as Teridax demonstrated by developing one with which to cast Mata Nui in his slumber.

Makuta can also use viruses to mutate already existing biomechanical creatures. For example, an alternate Makuta Krika exposed Takanuva to a virus in an alternate universe; this virus gave Takanuva the ability to fly for a limited time. The virus was a powder, meant to be inhaled to take effect.

Known Viruses

  • A virus Makuta Teridax used to put Mata Nui to sleep.
  • An armor-eating virus devised by Makuta Kojol and later released onto him by the Order of Mata Nui, destroying his armor. It was later used by Tobduk against Makuta Tridax.[1]
  • Three viruses Kojol took to Xia to have incorporated into weapons. They were sealed in a box that was uncovered by the Shadowed One.
    • A prototype of the virus Teridax used to put Mata Nui to sleep.
    • A virus which, when loosed, shattered every Vortixx within a kio radius into fragments.
  • Viruses Makuta Spiriah used when he altered the Skakdi.
  • A virus an alternate Makuta Krika from the Toa Empire Alternate Universe gave Takanuva that temporarily granted him the power of flight.


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