Time Slip

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"You know Takua? Where is he? What happened to him? We were best friends, then one morning, he was just gone, along with some of the others. We searched, but couldn't find any of them."
Solek, Shadows in the Sky

Time Slip
Great DisruptionToa-Dark Hunter War
Witnesses Inhabitants of the Matoran Universe
Time 60,000 years ago
Actions Av-Matoran relocated
Significance No recollection of it

The Time Slip was a period of about six months that was wiped from the memories of most Matoran Universe inhabitants.


As Makuta were creatures of Shadow, they were particularly vulnerable to Light. 60,000 years ago, the Order of Mata Nui removed several Av-Matoran—Matoran of Light—from their homeland in case the Brotherhood of Makuta ever turned evil and attempted to wipe the Av-Matoran out. The Av-Matoran were disguised as Matoran of other elements to conceal their true nature and were brainwashed into thinking that they were Matoran of other types. They were then relocated to various parts of the Matoran Universe. The entire process took six months to complete.[1][2]

After this task was completed, Mata Nui erased memories of the previous six months from everyone in the Matoran Universe, save members of the Order. This led to a gap in recorded history.[2] (Velika, a Great Being disguised as a Matoran, also retained his memories.)[3] The Av-Matoran were adopted into their new societies, believed to be Matoran of other elements.[1]

One of the relocated Av-Matoran is Takua, who ended up on Metru Nui disguised as a Ta-Matoran.[4] At least one relocated Av-Matoran was placed on the Northern Continent.[5]


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