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"The Makika that lives in this cave is immune to Madu Fruit! Be careful!"
— A warning sign, Quest for the Toa

Powers Acid venom
Conservation status Unknown
Known locations Ga-Metru (formerly)
Po-Wahi (formerly)
Spherus Magna[1]
Pronunciation mah-KEE-kah
Set 10023 BIONICLE Master Builder Set (instructions)

Makika are large, dangerous toad-like Rahi.


The Makika species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.[2]

A colony of Makika established a habitat in the Ga-Metru district of Metru Nui.[3] After the Great Cataclysm caused the creation of the island of Mata Nui, some of the toads migrated there and moved into the sandy caves of Po-Wahi.[4]

1,000 years into the Great War, a Makika under the control of Makuta Teridax held Turaga Nokama hostage. The Makika was outsmarted and Nokama was freed by Takua during his quest to find the Toa Stones.[5]

Many Makika were driven from their caves by activity of the Pahrak and Nuhvok, causing trouble for the Matoran.[6]

When the Toa Nuva intentionally unleashed the Bohrok on the island, the Makika migrated back to Metru Nui.[7]

After the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, the surviving Makika left the Matoran Universe and immigrated to Spherus Magna.[1]

Abilities and Traits

Makika rarely venture out of their caves, but will viciously defend their territory against any intruders. Matoran value the Rahi's acidic venom, which is of great use when mining or tunneling through stone.[4] Other Rahi rarely eat Makika because they have poisonous skin.[3] Their skin is also resistant to the volatile juices of Madu fruit.[5]

Set Information

The Makika was part of the 10023 BIONICLE Master Builder Set. It used 53 of the set's 102 pieces. Squeezing its back caused it to open its mouth.


  • BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts erroneously refers to this species of Rahi as "Mahika."
  • In Issue 2 of Nintendo Power Advance, the Makika are referred to as "Makika Cave Toad".


A Makika from BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows
A Makika in BIONICLE: The Game
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