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"Surely you still have the Board that I gave you, for that was a special gift. Lava Surfing is a difficult skill, and no Matoran other than those that dwell in Ta-Koro have knowledge of it."
Turaga Vakama, Mata Nui Online Game

Manufacturer Ta-Matoran Crafters
Users Matoran of Mata Nui
Function Surfing lava, Ignalu
Status Out of use
Location Ta-Koro

A Lavaboard or Lava Surfboard is a tool used to surf across lava and in the Ta-Matoran sport of Ignalu.


Lava Boards were developed by the Matoran of Mata Nui in order to cross the dangerous lava flows created by the Mangai Volcano.

Takua bursting from the side of the Mangai on his Lavaboard

During the early travels of the wandering Av-Matoran Takua, he was given a board by Turaga Vakama, and used it to take part in a game of Ignalu in Ta-Koro. Later, when he was examining a mysterious contraption in the cave that previously held Toa Mata Tahu's Toa Stone, an eruption rocked through caverns, causing the floor beneath Takua to collapse. He dropped down towards a lava river, but was able to land on his Lavaboard. Trapped in one place, he used his Volo Lutu Launcher to grab onto a Rahi fleeing the eruption and pull himself into the main river. Avoiding falling stones and lava currents, he eventually burst out the the side of the Mangai Volcano.

Takua flew through the air and landed at the Kini-Nui, where all six Turaga were waiting. After placing the Toa Stones on the Amaja-Nui, Takua was caught in a beam of energy that carried him to the Ta-Wahi beach, the impact leaving him with no recollections of his adventures. Vakama took custody of the Lavaboard and entrusted it to a Lava Surfer who would hand it over to Takua in the event of his return.

Takua crossing the lava river

When Takua did return to Ta-Koro, he retrieved the Lavaboard from the Ta-Matoran and used it to surf across the lava spill that was obstructing passage to the Cavern of Light to reroute it and restore access to the Cavern.

While he was exploring cave networks near Ta-Koro, Takua brought with him his Lavaboard to investigate a warning totem across a river of lava. Although he did not use it to cross the river the first time across, the stepping stones he had used sank into the river when a wave of lava appeared at the end of the tunnel. Takua made a running jump and attempted to cross the lava river on his Lavaboard using his own momentum, but he was unsuccessful. Only the timely arrival of Toa Nuva Tahu saved Takua, leaving the board to be swept up by the oncoming lava.


Lavaboards are used to cross lava streams, while protecting the rider from the dangerous material.

Takua riding his Lavaboard across the burst lava flow

Lavaboards were made of tree trunks from the Charred Jungle, which were extremely resistant to heat, with some heat-resistant Protodermis for reinforcement or decoration. Lavaboards were created by Ta-Matoran Crafters.


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